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Soviero and Galvany never paid

me a dime for being their

unpaid agent."


Join my Milanov forum.I gave you an article I just did.


never paid me a dime for being

their "unpaid agent."


Zinka Milanov in Opera Quarterly In the Spring Issue of Opera Quarterly in 1990, there are several articles on Zinka Milanov. I intend to quote some sections little by little, but I will start by listing the 34 opera roles she did, from 1927 (Trovatore) to 1956 (Ernani). Oh, to hear her in some of the ones we never heard would be a joy, especially to see her acting in Fanciulla! In order they are as follows: Trovatore,Faust,Butterfly,Tosca,Aida,L'Amore de tre Re,Lohengrin,Ballo,Turandot,Manon Lescaut,Walkure (Sieglinde),Tannhauser, ,Fidelio,Mefistofele,Boccanegra Juive, Tabarro, Ban Leget,Fanciulla,Rosenkavalier,Pique Dame,Libuse,Porin,Wm.Tell,Oganj,Chenier,Gioconda, Louise,Norma (first new role at Met 1939),Don Giovanni (Anna),Otello,Forza,Ernani. Mio Dio!!! I would go insane to hear so many, although I did prefer the vocal quality after 1950. I did see her in 12 of these roles, and half of the Verdi Requiem, plus some Ballo and Chenier rehearsals, totalling 90 and a half shows. Think of that voice in act three Walkure as Brunnhilde hands her the broken sword, or Elsa's Dream, or Depuis le Jour, or Minnie's Card Scene. (I vant to cheeeeat!),or jumping into a vat of Manischewitz VINE at the end of La Juive, or "Abscheulischer," or did she take the entrance D flat in Butterfly, and did she kick the Kimono??... . I will present eventually some quotes,but what a shame Bruce Burroughs never wrote the book. Also, could anyone actually PROVE a couple of the stories, except for the one I know,when she smelled the chickens and the butcher threw her out,or not signing my "unposed" but gorgeous Chenier duet with Tucker at the old Met closing. Especially, why she really cancelled the Leonora to allow Resnik to make an unscheduled debut...and she said, (as Resnik did her better than her) "I vas neyver seek." I heard two separate versions...but who knows??? I was trying to think of doing another forum, but I do not know anyone the way i knew her. The paradox is that she was in no way "lovable" like so many other singers, but look, how many artists of fame were like Joan Crawford??? n

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