William Matteuzzi

 Like high notes???????????????????

Donizetti, Bellini, Rossini (L'ape musicale)

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Carlo Tagliabue

F0rza (w.Masini-love him), Traviata,Faust, Gioconda

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Alexander Sved


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Giuseppe Valdengo in Song

Mia sposa sara, Se, Vizione Veniziana, Occhi di Fata, Rondine al nido, E canta il grillo, Mattinata

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Teresa Stich-Randall

 Puritani Mefist,Traviata,Ernani


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Delia Rigal

Traviata, Tosca, Tu che non Chiagne,Passione

Great top, passionate, but sometimes her Verdi sounded like Berg.

A fun lady..Rest in Peace

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Guess 2

 HINT One of them made us hysterical.

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1. Callas Suicidio

2. Barbieri Trovatore act 3 scene

3.Baum  Norma aria (at least had a "c")

4.Schlusnus    Hamlet Drinking song

5. Bumbry   Turandot aria

6. L.Price Cleopatra aria

   I guess no one will go to the Justin Bieber recital where he lip-synchs Bach Cantatas sung by DFD.

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Carlo Bergonzi- Sempre nel mio cuor

Italian Songs  Acc.John Wustman.  Bellini,Verdi,Denza,Donizetti,Donaudy, Tirindelli, Rossini, Mascagni, Tosti,Buzzi-Peccia, De Curtis.

Plus aria from Edgar....and DI QUELLA PIRA....Your flame will never die!!!!

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For Carlo from Carlo

Please understand the emotion I bring to this rather unusual podcast.My heart is broken,and I never realized how much we adored him...until his passing. Rest his soul!!

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Never forget you

Crying too much..more later

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Tchaikowsky Competition Winners of the past!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jane Marsh, Simon Estes, Elena Obratsova, Evgenyi Nesterenko, Peter Dvorsky, Dolora Zajick,Nina Rautio

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Elena Nicolai

 I  found some flaws in my earlier podcast so here it is again.BOY!They said she was LOUD!

Aida W.Uzunov    Trovatore w. Nikolov

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Elena Nikolaidi

Semiramide, Macbeth (FAST!!)Don Carlo,Carmen,Trovatore,Ballo,Euryanthe,Elektra (w.Varnay)

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PRIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  137 tickets to next Justin Bieber Concert

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Walkure act One

Stuttgart 1938  (Leonardt) Reining, Manowarda, F.Kraus   2 tracks flawed  plus Manowarda aria

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Pag 1941

GREAT!  Martinelli,Greco,Tibbett,Valentino,De Paolis   (Calusio)     No Overture

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Here's No.18  (I dare you guess!!!

1.Rosenk.Trio  Stevens,Gueden,Della Casa   (At my first in 1956 I needed a towel)

2. Finale Act 2 St.of Bleeker St.  RIVETING!!

3. Attila Aria    Gilda Cruz-Romo

4."Marcella"    Titi Schipa

5. Tannh.Rome Narr. Peter Seiffert

6. Vissi D'arte  Meta Seinemeyer  (died at 33

7. Boccanegra Sc. Nucci/Siepi  (How to sing Verdi!!)

8.Adriana Aria   Simionato  (would not sing on same planet as Barbieri)

9.Leo Slezak    Queen of Sheba( with pppppppppp)

10.Signore Ascolta    Diana Soviero

11.Steber     Mignon aria

12.Adieu Forets (Jean D'Arc) Rise Stevens

13. If you can't guess it is Tebaldi in Louise, I will be FURIOUS!!

14.Panis Angelicus    Jacques Urlus

15.Alain Vanzo    Pearl Fishers aria

16. MY fav.basso of the olden days  Ludwig Weber as Gurnemanz

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My two Reginas

 In memory----- I knew her 55 years.     Here are TWO Reginas

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Benvenuto]Franci 1891-1985

Benvenuto Franci   Trovatore,Ballo,Forza,Aida, Otello,Africaine, Gioconda

Font size needs to be corrected

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Rudolf Rockelmann

Art and Politics.......The man had a wonderful voice...BUT was a member of the Nazi party..What to do?  He was not alone..Many voices we love were "controversial" to say the least.What a dilemma!

Tannhauser,Tristan,Meistersinger,The Ring (w.Melchior)

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Magda Sorel's marvelous scene from Menotti's The Consul."

1.Beverly O'ReganThiele

2.Virginia Zeani (In Italian-from Spoleto.)

3.Eileen Farrell   (One of my all-time favorite recordings.)

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Amy Shuard

Amy Shuard CBE (19 July 1924 – 18 April 1975) was an English operatic soprano renowned in such dramatic roles as Elektra, Turandot and Brünnhilde. She created both title roles in Janáček's Káťa Kabanová and Jenůfa in their respective British premieres. She has been described as "the best English dramatic soprano since Eva Turner" (her teacher). [1]


Amy Shuard was born in London. After studying at the Trinity College of Music, she had lessons from Eva Turner. In 1948 the Worshipful Company of Musicians awarded her a prize and she toured South Africa as the organization's representative.[2] She returned there in 1949 to make her operatic debut, in Johannesburg, in the title role of Verdi's Aida; during that season she also sang Giulietta in The Tales of Hoffmann and Venus in Tannhäuser. [3][2]

She sang at Sadlers Wells from 1949 to 1953, before undertaking more study in Milan[2] with Rosetta Pampanini, and then at Covent Garden from 1954 until her death. She also sang at Bayreuth, La Scala, Vienna, Buenos Aires and San Francisco.[3]

Her notable roles included the title roles in Káťa Kabanová (in the 1951 United Kingdom premiere), Jenůfa (in the 1956 UK premiere), Carmen, Tosca, Turandot, Elektra, Madama Butterfly and Aida; as well as Santuzza in Cavalleria rusticana, Eboli in Don Carlos, Tatyana in Eugene Onegin, Magda Sorel in The Consul, Lady Macbeth (in the first production of Verdi's Macbeth at Covent Garden), and Kostelnička Buryjovka in Jenůfa in 1972 and 1974.[3][1]

The latter part of the career saw her essay Wagnerian roles, and she was the first English soprano to sing Brünnhilde at Covent Garden. She also sang Isolde at Geneva, as well as Sieglinde and Kundry.

San Francisco was the only place she appeared on stage in the United States, firstly as Brünnhilde in Die Walküre in October 1963, then in 1966 as Elektra, 1968 as Turandot, and finally as Brünnhilde in Götterdämmerung in 1969.[2]

Amy Shuard was appointed a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE). She died in 1975, aged 50.


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The superb Eberhard Waechter

This superb baritone sings arias from Glucks's Iphigenie Auf Tauris,Favorita,Nachtlager in Granada (Kreutzer), Merry Wives (w.Kim Borg)n Tannhauser,Faust,Konigskinder (Humperdinck).

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Celestina Boninsgna 1877-1947

Another of the great sopranos:

Norma, Gioconda, Lescaut Ninna Nanna (Leoncavallo),Ballo, Vespri,Africaine, Trovatore,Forza, Aidam "Tu solo"

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