NO ONE can tell me that Caruso

was not the GOD of singing. My

teacher,Jerry Lo Monaco,told me

That his teacher,Mr.Stanley,said

we only get 1/3!!!!!!!   If he had

lived,imagine  LIVE stuff!!!!

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I met Diana Soviero on 3/13/77

and to this day I still say

she is Tebaldi TWO! She turns

80 on Mar.19 (my mother's

birthday!!)...Still has a  voice

and renowned teacher.

  My life has been so treasurable

knowing her!!!

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Many years ago, a student in

my Spanish class said that

his aunt sang opera.(BIG DEAL?)

It turned out to be a wonderful

singer and later a friend.I miss

her...wonderful lady!!!!

One of my many many groups

deals with singers not really

that well-known.Want the URL?

I will send

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  I am in touch with Magda's

caretaker..He says she sang

around the house after 100.

She made it to 104, and I feel

she was one of the all-time

opera miracles!!! I called her

every birthday to hear that

"Verismo Italian."

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My dear friends,

Those computer glitches

had plagued me, but I

think things are better. You have

been so loyal over the years

(over 2 million hits) and I wish

to keep going. The Pandemic

is to blame for my creating

many facebook groups.Also,

you may get in touch by going to

If you wish to chat,I can tell you the

URLS of some of the groups.

Stay Safe..and MASKED!!!!


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Computer glitches delayed

me in celebrating the 100th

birthday (2/1/22) of my darling

friend and LEGENDARY  artist.

Little did we her Met debut

on 1/31/55..that when we met her,

it was he BIRTHDAY. I called Italy

on Feb.1...Words fail me....My second

madre...Mom met her and she always

said, "Com'e la madre?" The last high

note in the Butterfly addio once caused

a friend to accidentally hit me in the

ribs in standing room..I almost fell!

She broke the roof of the MET! I

could go on beloved

Renata....adored forever!!!!!

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