Bear with me...12 hrs.,on a gurney in hospital........Will hope to see you soon,,Back is injured

Category:general -- posted at: 11:39am EST

Our Beloved Renata

Tebaldi arias  Louise,Forza,Wally,Forz.Boheme,Lescaut,Chenier,Mefistofele,Adriana,(Alli Live)

Exclude the small print.

I have been ill (BACK!!~) .Hope I do more.

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Cesare Siepi  Rossini

Italiana,Barbiere,Maometto,Tancredi,Cenerentola,Donna del Lago

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Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:49pm EST

Agnes Baltsa Sings Rossini

Italiana, Barbiere, Maometto, Italiana,Tancredi, cenerentola,Semiramide,dona del lago

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Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:34pm EST

Parsifal Finale

Placido Domingo, Falk Struckman   cond. Christian Thielemann

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Martha Moedl

Wagner's Wesendonk Lieder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greatest lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Number 19 for you

1.NAPUKO.....The greatest basso ever. (I sang with him....hard not to laugh)

2.Tagliavini   Amor ti vieta (Fedora)

3. Richard Tucker   Celeste Aida

4. Ernani Ensemble..Milanov,Warren,Del Monaco (I saw all of them)

5. Olive Middleton recites (?) Adriana Phedre Scene

6.Gabriel Bacquier   Damnation of Faust aria

7.Dino Borgioli   Una furtiva lagrima

8. Piotr Beczala    Macbeth aria  (My fav.tenor)

9.  Caruso  Duca D'alba aria   (LORD!!!!)

10.   Fedora Barbieri   Trovatore  "Condotta)

11.Rita Hunter  Trovatore (In English)

12.Fanciulla finale (I cry every time) Dorothy Kirstem Clifford Harvuot (Sonora's lines get to me every time..

13. Marisa Galvany (as mezzo)  Aida act 4 scene

Direct download: 19th_comp.mp3
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Dr.Emil Schipper

Iphigenie in Aulis,Lohengrin, Siegfried, Rigoletto

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1.JUSSI in Romeo

2. Carlo Bergonzi (Bless him)

3. Olive Middleton (about156 yrs..old.)

4. Joel Berglund

5. ZINKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Category:general -- posted at: 1:55pm EST

Paolo Silveri

Don  Giovanni,Favorita,Barber, Tell, Rigoletto, Trovatore

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Birgit Nilsson in Gotterdamerung,Elektra,Frau     OH BOY!!!!

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Paul Schoeffler

Tannhauser,Dutchman,Meistersinger (w.Seefried)

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Tino Pattiera

Aida,Ugonotti,Rigoletto, Trovatore

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Eduardo Garbin


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Georgy Nelepp

 Verstovsky(3), glinka, moniuszko,smetana

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Maureen Forester


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Giovanni Martinelli 1926

Aida,Faust,Trovatore,Juive,Carmen,  Folk Song      ADORED MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Umberto Urbano


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