Oh!! Those tenors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  A compilation of material involving tenors. Lots of bizarre stuff amidst some truly exciting singing....but get ready...this podcast is defintely not for purists like me.   (71 glorious minutes)

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 A Marvelous Carmen from 1957 A wonderful 1957 Carmen with my all-time favorite Carmen, Rise Stevens, and featuring Mario del Monaco, Lucine Amara, and Frank Guarrera. The conductor is Dimitri Mitropolous. (72 min.) Here is a link to a Youtube selection. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egEVbRy50JE
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I thought it might be fun (and you can use it as a quiz, as long as you turn down the volume when I introduce the selections) to select various files from the zillions I have and make up a pot-pourri for you. If you like the idea, let me know, and in the future I can do others.

Featured are:  (in order)

Paul Schoeffler, Dmitri Hvorostovsky, Dmitri Smirnov, Jussi Bjoerling, Franz Voelker, Virginia Zeani, Daniele Barioni, Shirley Verrett, Vassilka Petrova (oi vey!), Maria Callas, Leonard Warren, Anita Cerquetti, Mario del Monaco and Victoria de los Angeles, Jussi Bjoerling and Robert Merrill, and Zinka Milanov.   (71 min.)

  Let  me know if you like this idea.  as ever  Charlie


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Macbeth with the great Martha Moedl

   Even in "the wrong language" this magnificent 1950 Macbeth from Berlin in 1950 under Joseph Keilberth will thrill you, especially owing to the power and intelligence of Martha Moedl, one of the great divas of opera.
   Also in the cast is the superb Josef Metternich as Macbeth, Theo Hermann as Banquo, and Alfred Hulgert as Macduff.  (67 min.)

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Happy Birthday to Joseph Calleja

The happiest of birthdays (Jan.22) to the superb tenor (and lovable guy) Joseph Calleja. Mr.Calleja, who hails from Malta, is fast becoming one of opera's most renowned artists and here are some examples of his great voice:

 The arias are from:  Mme.Butterfly, Adriana Lecouvreur, Don Sebastiano, La Belle Helene, Romeo et Juliette, I Lombardi, and La Traviata.

   I also must mention that yesterday we celebrated (well, I did, anyway) the birthdays of two other great stars, Placido Domingo and Carlo Handelmaniac(Or is it EGOmaniac?)

Now do not shoot me for the following:

    "Were I the impresario of an opera house years ago, and heard boy soprano Calleja, I would cast him in "Die Frau Ohne Schatten" so we could therefore call him the "Maltese Falcon."

                         With all my best to a great guy!     Charlie

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Mascagni's Much-Neglected "Iris."

Highlights from Mascagni's "Iriis," a much-neglected work.

Featured, from four separate recordings are:

Magda Olivero,Clara Petrella, Ilona Tokody, Giuseppe Di Stefano,Placido Domingo, and Giulio Neri.  (72 min.)

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Mary Stuart with Janet Baker

These are highlights from the English National Opera 1982 performance (live) of Donizetti's "Maria Stuarda," sung in English under Charles Mackerras. Featured is the phenomenal Dame Janet Baker and as cast that also includes:

Rosalind Plowright    Elizabetta
David Rendall           Leicester
John Tomlinson        Talbot
Alan Opie                  Cecil
Angela Bostock           Hannah Kennedy
                       (55 min.)          

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Tosti in the Golden Age

Several great singers sing sings by Francesco Paolo Tosti.In order they are:

Mattia Battistini, Augusto Dianni, Tom Burke, Alfred Piccaver, Charles Dalmores, Fernando de Lucia, Giuseppe Anselmi, John McCormack, Richard Tauber, Enrico Caruso, Dusolina Giannnini, Adelina Patti, Emma Eames, Rosa Ponselle, and Luisa Tetrazzini.  (57 min.)

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Two Fine Figaros

Highlights from two performances of Mozart's "Marriage of Figaro."

First we have (in German) the 10/25/38 studio recording under Karl Boehm featuring:

Margarete Teschemacher  Countess
Maria Cebotari (in photo)  Susanna
Paul Schoeffler               Figaro
Mathieu Ahlersmeyer      Count
Angela Kolniak                     Cherubino

This is followed by a live Salzburg  8/11/37 performance under Bruno Walter with:

Aulikki Rautawaara  Countess 
Esther Rethy        Susanna          
Ezio Pinza    Figaro
Mariano Stabile   Count
Jarmila Novotna    Cherubino

            (73 min.)

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The Definitive La Boheme Recording

Many collectors consider this 1938 Boheme recording as the definitive performance of the work. See what you think as Licia Albanese and Beniamino Gigli thrill us with their magnificent singing. Others in the cast are as follows:

Marcello         Afro Poli
Musetta          Tatiana Menotti
Schaunard       Aristide Baracchi
Colline             Duilio Baronti

       Conducted by Umberto Berretoni     (71 min.)

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 La Fanciulla del West 1956 Scala

Next season the Met will feature the 100th anniversary of  the great Puccini work, "La fanciulla del West." My opera buddy's dad saw the 1910 premiere with Caruso, Destinn, and Amato. Imagine my friend's frustration when all his dad remembered was that "It was fine!" (He wanted to know exactly what Caruso did with every phrase)

 This blazing hot Scala performance with Gigliola Frazzoni,Franco Corelli, Tito Gobbi, and Enzo Sordello under Antonino Votto will thrill you (despite a few distorted moments in loud climaxes). ENJOY!
                                    (73 min.)

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Reminder of My Video Site!!

Hi all,

  Just a reminder that I have been putting up a great number of magnificent videos from my collection and from Youtube links (see under favorites) on my video site. I know you will appreciate them.


My best   Charlie

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 Mme.Butterfly  with Diana Soviero

Highlights from a superb performance of Mme.Butterfly from 1996, featuring my beloved Diana Soviero, Richard Leech, Juan Pons, and Wendy White, conducted by Julius Rudel.    (69 min.)

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Ballo 1957 Scala

Not too bad a cast for this 1957 Scala Ballo under Gianandrea Gavazzeni,

Maria Callas, Giuseppe  Di Stefano, Ettore Bastianini, Giulietta Simionato, Eugenia Ratti.               (73 min.)

WHY was I not born in Milano??????????????

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