Viva La Cabaletta-part One.

    A compilation of exciting cabalettas from various
    operas as sung by some of the great artists of the past:

Shirley Verrett, Montserrat Caballe, Virginia Zeani,
Virginia Zeani, Elena Suliotis, Beverly Sills,Mado Robin
Giulietta Simionato, Marilyn Horne, Christa Ludwig,
Antonietta Stella, Joan Sutherland, Nicolai Gedda,
Luciano Pavarotti, Alfredo Kraus, Franco Corelli,
Piero Cappuccilli, Nicolai Ghiaurov,Sherrill Milnes,
Carlo Bergonzi, and Richard Tucker

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The Great Norman Treigle


   In tribute to this great artist, I present scenes from:
        Mefistofele, Boris, Coq D'or, Susannah, Faust,
                           and Markheim.


If you are interested in Brian Morgan's fine new book,
   which is entitled, "Norman Treigle, Strange Child of Chaos, " 
   it may be obtained from or call the store at:


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For Fans of FEDORA!!!!

Many selections from the Giordano opera,featuring:

Beniamino Gigli, Jussi Bjoerling, Daniele Barioni,
Giacinto Prandelli, Ferruccio Tagliavini, Piero Pauli
Giuseppe Di Stefano, Galliano Masini, Saturno Meletti,
Giuseppe Giacomini, Diana Soviero, Renata Tebaldi, 
Mirella Freni, Magda Olivero,  and Elena Nicolai

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Early Verdi Operas, Part One


 Exciting music from some of Verdi's early operas such as:

   Attila, Aroldo, Stiffelio, Alzira, Il Corsaro,Oberto,
   I Lombardi,Gerusalemme,Un Giorno di Regno,
   I Masnadieri, I Due Foscari,Giovanna D'Arco,
    and La Battaglia Di Legnano.

Among the artists featured are:

  Renata Tebaldi, Marisa Galvany, Leyla Gencer,
  Luisa Maragliano, Montserrat Caballe, Justino Diaz,
  Piero Cappuccili, Renato Bruson, Renato Cioni,
  Aprile Millo, Antonietta Stella, and Angeles Gulin

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Rolando Villazon LIVE!!!!


 Songs and arias as performed live by the brilliantly
    talented young tenor, Rolando Villazon, who has 
endeared himself to so many operalovers,
by nature of his brilliant voice, ans his
totally captivating personality.

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The Joys of British Opera

        A historical look at some of the great stars of British Opera:

Eva Turner, Janet Baker, Josephine Veasey, Heddle Nash,
Isobel Baillie, Kathleen Ferrier, Tano Ferendinos,
Florence Austral, Miriam Licette, Gerald Davies,
Muriel Brunskill, Gerald Davies, Peter Dawson
Alexander Young, Lisa Perli (aka Dora Labette),
Elsie Suddaby, and Redvers Llewellyn


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Verdi Soprano/Baritone Duets


Giuseppe Verdi wrote some of his most remarkable music
for baritone and soprano. This podcast features duets from
eleven of his works, and features baritones such as:

Cornell MacNeil, Piero Cappuccili, Leonard Warren,
Roberto Frontali, Gino Bechi, Sherrill Milnes,
Antonio Boyer, Ettore Bastianini, and
Gian-Giacomo Guelfi.

The sopranos include:  Montserrat Caballe, Virginia Zeani,
Zinka Milanov, Leyla Gencer, Renata Tebaldi,
Renata Scotto, Maria Callas, Shirley Verrett, &
Sondra Radnovsky

(Photo: Maria Guleghina and Renato Bruson in Nabucco)

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Zinka Milanov 100th Anniversary Tribute-Part Two


   Part Two of the 100th anniverary tribute to the
      great Zinka Milanov,born on May 17,1906


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Zinka Milanov 100th Anniversary Tribute-Part One.

   Part one of a tribute to the very great Zinka Milanov,
   born on May 17th, 1906. She meant more to me than
   any other singer I ever heard live, and I continue to
   cherish her memory.

        (Photo: Zinka and guess who? circa 1960)

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Ernani on Cetra


   Highlights from one of the most exciting recordings
   of Verdi's opea. The cast includes Caterina Mancini,
   Gino Penno, Giuseppe Taddei, and Giacomo Vaghi,
   conducted by Fernando Previtali   (1951)

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Finale of Act One of the Menotti opera, featuring Catherine Malfitano, Sandra Walker, and the late Enrico di Giuseppe.

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The Strauss Four ( 16??) Last Songs.


    A comparison of various renditions of Strauss' Four Last Songs,
   including the world premiere (1950) as sung by Kirsten Flagstad.

    Since many people like to test themselves on a podcast  
like this, I am deliberately not listing the
artists here. The artists' names will be
provided after each group of three selections.



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Simon Boccanegra For Collectors.

 Many scenes and arias from Verdi's sometimes neglected masterpiece
 featuring the following artists:

Zinka Milanov, Antonietta Stella, Leyla Gencer, Josela Ligi,
Christina Gallardo-Domas, Elizabeth Rethberg, Carlo Bergonzi,
Richard Tucker, Giovanni Martinelli, Lawrence Tibbett,
Leonard Warren, Giuseppe Valdengo, Jose Van Dam,
Cesare Siepi, Leo Nucci, Frank Guarrera, Tito Gobbi,
Nicolai Ghiaurov, Sesto Bruscantini, Franz Grundheber,
Giuseppe Taddei,Andre Turp, and Gwynne Howell

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Opera in the "wrong' language

   You now have access to ARCHIVES as noted to the right of the page,by month. Therefore you can begin to download anything from the past that you might have missed.


These are Italian operas sung in German and German operas sung in Italian:
(1-9 in German.Rest in Italian)


1. Cavalleria Duet:Astrid Varnay,James Pease

2. Figaro Finale: Erich Kunz, Hilde Gueden,
Elizabeth Grummer, Paul Schoeffler

3/4. Tosca act two scene: Hildegard Ranczak and Georg Hann and then Leonie Rysanek and Josef Metternich

5. Forza Duet:Gottlob Frick and Carla Martinis

6. Rigoletto Duet:Rita Streich and Josef Metternich

7. Turandot: Gertrude Grob-Prandl

8. Macbeth aria:  Martha Moedl

9.Aida Nile Duet:Leonie Rysanak and George London

10. Rienzi aria:Francesco Vignas

11. Brangaene's Warning: Cloe Elmo

12. Parsifal Act Two Scene  Maria Callas and Africo Baldelli

13/14. Renata Tebaldi in Tannhauser and in Lohengrin(w.Gino Penno)

15. Edward Johnson(Former Met General Manager) in Parsifal Finale.

Sorry for the problem.All will be resolved soon.

NOTE: On earlier podcasts,you will see a note at the end of the podcast that you click on so you can download it.




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Opera Stars go POP!!!!

     This is a podcast in which famous opera stars sing
 popular music. Since I have not revealed the names
 of the artists until AFTER the selections, as a kind of
 guessing game, I am not listing them here.
        Have fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   (Photo: The Very Great Karita Mattila) 

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 A pot-pourri of selections that have in common the letter "Z."

Included are scenes from Zaira, Zaza, and an opera by
Zandonai, plus scenes and arias as sung by:

Zeani, Zamboni, Zajick, Zednik, Zschau, Zanasi,
Zinetti, Ziliani, Zenatello, Zylis-Gara, Zakharova,
plus Zinka Milanov, Zarah Leander, and even
Zubin Mehta conducting.

I zinzerely hope you will not fall azleep while
lizening to these zelections.

                     Zounds like fun!!!!!


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The Magnificent Voice of Cesare Siepi

One of the all-time greatest bassos, Cesare Siepi,
is heard in arias and scenes from Salvator Rosa,
Nozze di Figaro, Forza del Destino, Ernani, Vespri,
Don Carlo,La Favorita, Italiana in Algeri, in a selection
of Italian songs, and in his renditions of some of the
songs of Cole Porter.


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La Fanciulla Del West, A Beautiful Opera

A series of excerpts from Puccini's superb opera.
Included in these scenes are the following artists:

Franco Corelli, Richard Tucker, Anselmo Colzani,
Giuseppe Taddei, Nino Puglisi, Mario Chingari,
Daniele Barioni, Gian-Giacomo Guelfi, Clifford Harvuot,
Renata Tebaldi,Aprile Millo, Magda Olivero,
Dorothy Kirsten,Gigliola Frazzoni, Antonietta Stella,
 and Johanna Meier.




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A Tribute to the Great Christa Ludwig

Selections from the opera and song repertory of this
very great artist;included are scenes from:

Frau Ohne Schatten,Tristan und Isolde,Walkure,
Macbeth, Lohengrin, Nozze di Figaro, and songs
by Wagner and Mahler.

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                  RICHARD TUCKER

  (Photo: Mario del Monaco as Otello)

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