Do you like the idea of my sending you to some sites to sample some of the great clips tht exist? Let me know,because it is a nice feature, and you get to become jealous of what I saw live!!!!
    Mario del Monaco had a "bronze column of sound" that in my view was unmatched by any tenor I ever heard. Bottom to middle to top...the man was a phenomenon;he never faked it, gave 1000%, and remains one of the great tenors of my generation.


P.S. He once almost deafened me for life when he came out the stage door and said, "Hello,boys!" Imagine what it was like to rehearse with him (without earplugs.)

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Singers of the Wagner Ring from the 1920's.

Commercial Recordings from the 1920's of some of the marvelous artists who sang in the Wagner Ring. Included are:

Frieda Leider, Lauritz Melchior, Friedrich Schorr, Emil Schipper, Margarete Klose, Florence Austral, Florence Easton, Walter Widdop, Germaine Lubin, Charles Rousseliere, Andre Verdiere, Ludwig Hoffmann, Ludwig Weber, Maria Olzsewska .
                               (69 min.)

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Fanciulla Poker Scene (Redone!)

The redone Fanciulla Poker Scene with the following selections:

1. Arlene Saunders/Gianpiero Mastromei
2. Olivia Stapp/Mastromei
3.Johanna Meier/Cornelius Opthof
4 .Eleanor Steber/Giangiacomo Guelfi
5. Marilyn Zschau/John Shaw
6. Magda Olivero/Guelfi
7. Aprile Millo/Marco Chingari
8. Gigliola Frazzoni/Tito Gobbi
9. Renata Tebaldi/Guelfi  (RAI)
10.Renata Tebaldi/Anselmo Colzani

Link to the Youtube video featuring Irina Rindzuner:

                   (59 min.)



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Reminder of my videos

A reminder of my video site for those who have not visited it.

                          As ever   Charlie

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Handelman's Three Great Tenors.

A comparison of three tenors who thrilled us in our opera-going days from 1951-1975.

     DelMonaco  1951-1960
     Corelli          1961-1976
     Tucker         1951-1975
    They sing in Tosca,Fanciulla,Trovatore,Turandot,and Pagliacci

                I saw them a total of about 150 times, and my memories are vivid and clear. I will tell you that audiences were astounded by their brilliant voices, and as much as I like many tenors of today, no one has come along with this "brand" of squillo!!!!!    (70 min.)

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The Three Tenors-Back- to Back -To Back

A comparison of arias as sung by our renowned three tenors, Carreras,Domingo, and Pavarotti. We were lucky to have had these fellows among us.

  The operas represented are:
     Werther,Luisa Miller, Rigoletto, La Boheme, Tosca.
                                    (71 min.)

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The Wonderful Mezzo, Margarete Klose

 The wonderful Margarete Klose is presented in arias and scenes from:

Orfeo,Tristan und Isolde, Alceste, Samson et Delilah, Don Carlo, Gotterdamerung, Il Trovatore, Un Ballo in Maschera, Lohengrin, Elektra, Die Walkure     (64 min.)

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The Lady Macbeth Letter Aria

An exciting comparison of various singers in the Macbeth Letter Aria from Act One. Included are:

Leonie Rysanek, Birgit Nilsson, Regina Resnik, Christa Ludwig,
Leyla Gencer, Shirley Verrett, Maria Callas, Rita Hunter, and
if you go to the following link, you can see the CBC video of this scene with Marisa Galvany.    (71 min.)

P.S. On the Marisa Galvany page,you will hear some excerpts from the soprano Maria Galvany, whose rapid-fire staccati are legendary, if also rather strange.

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