Pace,Pace Vol.2

Vol.2 of the "Pace,pace" sopranos. Here we listen to the voices of:

Maria Caniglia, Maria Nistor Slatinaru, Carla Martinis, Aprile Millo, Antonietta Stella, Leyla Gencer, AND two of the greatest "party tape divas" (Proceed at your own risk), Olive Middleton and Vassilka Petrova.

   The podcast concludes with three versions a sung by my all-time favorite singer, Zinka Milanov (1952, 1953, 1956).  (70 min.)

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Pace,Pace Vol.1

NO PEEKING!!!!!    (If you wish to use this podcast as a quiz for yourself and/or others. This is volume one of the "Pace,pace" podcast with 11 sopranos and I hope you enjoy it.Here they are:

Eileen Farrell, Elizabeth Barbato, Stella Roman, Raina Kabaiwanska, Gre Browenstijn, Monserrat Caballe, Elinor Ross, Maria Callas, Leontyne Price, Adriana Guerrini, and Renata Tebaldi.   (71 min.)

                   More to come!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tenors who loved to belt it out!!

A thrilling compilation of tenors who had the reputation of being able to knock  your socks off with brilliant top notes. I know you will enjoy them, as long as you do not expect The Dichterliebe.

Mario Gilion, Eduardo Garbin, Antonio Paoli, Giovanni Zenatello, John O'Sullivan (pictured), Leon Escalais, Giacomo Lauri-Volpi, Bernardo De Muro, Galliano Masini, Mario Filippeschi, Gino Penno, Mario del Monaco, and Franco Corelli     (73 min.)

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A BLAZING Rigoletto with Maria Callas

You will be thrilled by this superb HOTTT Mexico City 1952 Rigoletto under Umberto Mugnai, and featuring Maria Callas in one of her rare appearances as Gilda. Also starring are Giuseppe Di Stefano and Piero Campolonghi.   (70 min.)

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...and even more Virginia Zeani

By popular request (ME), here are some more wonderful excerpts featuring the beloved Virginia Zeani.I hope you enjoy the scenes from:

Piccolo Marat (w.Giuseppe Gismondo), Elisir d'amore (with Nicola Rossi-Lemeni),Mefistofele, La Boheme, La Rondine, Forza del Destino, Il Console, Tosca, and La Sonnambula, plus a brief interview.  (72 min.)

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Louise (FIXED!)


Highlights from Charpentier's "Louise." Featured are the following artists:

Georges Thill and Ninon Vallin (commercial recording) of act one opening.

Grace Moore and Raoul Jobin and Beverly Sills and John Alexander in act three scenes.

Grace Moore, Ezio Pinza, and Doris Doe In act four material.
Renee Fleming and Sam Ramey in the final scene.   (69 min.)

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A lyric soprano compilation for Beverly

OH!!! Did you think I meant Beverly SILLS????  Although the great Beverly Sills is represented on this podcast, I did this one for a fine young lyric soprano by the name of Beverly Thompson, one of the talented Dolora Zajick students.
   This is the third podcast for one of these young artists, where I ask them about their repertory and their favorite artists and, adding some of my choices, I offer them an opportunity to sample some of the beautiful performances that are out there.

   Included here are selections  by:

      Beverly Sills, Leontyne Price, Renata Scotto,Kiri Te Kanawa, Elizabeth Grummer, Irmgard Seefried, Virginia Zeani, Diana Soviero, Renee Fleming, Renata Tebaldi, Mirella Freni, Eleanor Steber, and Bidu Sayao.
       I sincerely hope Beverly and all of you enjoy them.(65 min.)

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Russian  Bassos of Renown

A compilation of mostly Russian bassos (or bassos who sing in the Russian mode):

Maxim Mikhailov  (Sadko)
Len Sibirjakov      (Prince Igor)
Fyodor Chaliapin   (Don Quixote)
Yvgenyi Nesterenko  (Life for the Czar)
Nicolai Ghiaurov (None but the lonely heart)
Paul Plishka   (Eugene Onegin)
Boris Gmyria   (Yolantha)
Mark Reizen (in photo)  Walkure
Alexander Kipnis (Tannhauser)
Alexander Pirogov (Tsar's Bride)
Sergei Aleksashkin  (Mazeppa)
                       (74 min.)

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The Exciting Soprano, Adriana Guerrini

Opera scenes featuring the exciting Italian soprano, Adriana Guerrini (1907-1970). Mme.Guerrini. Featured are arias and scenes from:

Il Trovatore, Mme.Butterfly, Manon Lescaut (with Beniamino Gigli at 60), La Forza del Destino, and many scenes from her recording of La Traviata with Paolo Silveri and Luigi Infantino.   (72 min.)

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Summary of Charlie's Sites
Dear friends,
     Since lately I have added to my various sites, I thought I would summarize the links: (the newest site for great videos I upload from my own collection and also favorites from Youtube)     My podcast site   My site for discussion but mostly for a huge number of audiofiles from my collection.
Handelmania on Google. Google no longer allows uploading, but if you type in "Handelmania" on Google, there are the remaining 80 plus videos for you to watch.
   What was life like before computers??????       Charlie
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A birthday tribute to dear Regina Resnik

    Each August 30th, I present my special tribute to Regina Resnik, one of the greatest artists in the world of music. As I have previously stated, not only had Mme.Resnik sung as both soprano and mezzo with remarkable success.(This year is the 65th anniversary of her Met debut), but as teacher,coach,filmmaker,producer, director, she has distinguished herself in the opera world in a totally unique way.
     In this podcast I present to you some extended scenes from some of her greatest roles:

Klytaemnestra in Elektra with Inge Borgkh
Sieglinde in Walkure with Ramon Vinay and Astrid Varnay
Fricka in Die Walkure with Jerome Hines
Ulrica in Un Ballo in Maschera
        I am happy to present this podcast in honor of dear Regina Resnik"s birthday, and I know you will enjoy it as you have enjoyed my previous celebrations of her art.   (70 min.)



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