I just wrote Grace to tell her how Obama inspired this!!!!


Computer BACK!!!!!

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Got new computer (HP).It cooks Lasagna!!!! I am happy with it..windows 8.1. As soon as I learn it, I will send you more podcasts than the number of all the CD's and DVD's made by Placido. 

   I will have to keep up, because in 2047. he will record every Fischer-Dieskau song, which DFD recorded from when they built the Pyramids.


Loveya  and patience!!!!!!

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   First singer I ever met. I can feel the greasepaint on her hand, after 60 years. We had a club for her and went to her home every year. This is the last meeting,around 1960. (I had hair!!)

   She made it to 99. I celebrate her June 11 birthday as I remember this beautiful person!!!


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   Rise Stevens, a great Octavian, was born in 1913 on the SAME DAY that Richard Strauss was born (1864).

What a wonderful coincidence!!   This was my first trio and I could not stop sobbing!!!!!

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  Those who listen to Met Sirius radio mourn the death of beloved commentator Margaret Juntwait, who passed away of cancer last week.

  May she always be remembered by the "Met family" and her many fans.


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   My "new" computer was inadequate..PLEASE hold on till new one comes!!! I want to get back to sending you things!!!!!


    Love  Charlie


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  Since I never hear my own tapes, a friend played Olivia's Nabucco aria (over the phone) years ago. I flipped out!!!! I did not recognize my own tape! She does just what we want...great singing that thrills me.

 On May 30,she celebrates her birthday (1940) and we wish her a great day. We have become friends, as she is a wonderful as a human being as she is onstage. She works in California with inner-city kids, whom she inspires.

Love to you,dear Olivia!!!!  

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   Beverly at 8!!!!!  Not bad!!!!!

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Beverly Sills and Carol Burnette at the Met. It was such fun!!!!

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   Celebrating the birthday of the amazing Beverly Sills, who said she would "rather have 5 years of Callas than 5 years of me!" She was amazing on stage. and as I always state, "better than the sum of her parts.


NEW COMPUTER COMING, so I can do my usual audio podcasts.

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