Happy Birthday to my beloved friend and great artist,Virginia Zeani,Oct.21. Since the Tebaldi days,no singer has touched my heart as dear Virginia.

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In anticipation of my darling Virginia's 89th birthday on Oct.21.

I am finally at the opera..and feel better...so more podcasts to come!!!!!

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The wonderful collection by "Coloratura fan" gives us so much pleasure.e

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My darling "sorella" Virginia Zeani turns 89 On Oct.21. Listen to the emotion in that voice and the richness of the low tones. Bless this wonderful artist and dear friend.

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Oct.12, 1935...the great man was born!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ADORE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wherever she is,she will teach them about CHEST!!!!

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Olimpia Boronat (1859 or 1867[1] – 1934) was an Italian operatic coloratura soprano, noted for her performances of the soprano roles in the bel canto repertory.

Boronat was born in Genoa, and made her debut either there or in Naples during 1885. She sang around the world, particularly the Spanish-speaking world, but was particularly associated with Russia; she first sang there at St Petersburg in 1894. She married a member of the Polish aristocracy, and retired from the stage for six years from 1896 to 1902. After her hiatus, she sang initially in Russia; it was not until 1909 that she returned to her native Italy to sing.

Boronat was noted for a voice of great beauty and clarity, and exceptional technical ability, coupled with sensitive musicianship. She was particularly associated with the roles of Rosina in The Barber of Seville, Violetta in La traviata, Elvira in I puritani, and Ophélie in Hamlet.

After her retirement, Boronat founded a singing school in Warsaw.

Puritani,Don Pasquale,Rigoletto, Martha, Huguenots,Sonnambula, Olga (Gianelli),Nightingale, 2 Ave Marias (Bach)

....and speaking of BACH,I hope my fuguing BACH gets better. If you do not get the pun, you are not missing an anything)

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 My dear buddies from Angola to Zanzibar,

   Please bear with me since I have had a rough time sitting and hope you will "back me up"...Love you all............

Charlie (not the guy in the photo,but I feel like him.)

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Sorry for not posting much.

Gettng massages  (Polish lady)  maybe O will soon sound like PYOTR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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nO ONE SINGs LIKE THIS....................

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