Fedora part One

The first part of the Freni/Domingo Fedora and then highlights from a commercial recording of the opera with Gilda Dalla Rizza (pictured) and Antonio Melandri.  (73 min.)

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  I CRY my eyes out!!!! One of the greatest singers I ever heard!!!!! The beloved Shirley Verrett.

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Heart's Delight  samples

Three samples from Piotr Beczala's new album!!!!

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   A  preview pf the beautiful album "Heart's Delight," that honors the great Richard Tauber, who would be thrilled to have the wonderful Piotr Beczala sing his material. I just received this album, and I sincerely recommend it to you. Piotr is fast becoming one of our "opera icons," and he is to be highly praised.

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  You never know when the emotion will strike you;I just played this Arabella scene, perhaps George London's greatest role as Mandryka. My eyes just did fill up with tears, thinking of this great man, who might have had a longer career.

  There is a foundation for young artists in his name. The man will never be forgotten.

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Born May 30, 1919, George London was one of opera's greatest stars. His career was somewhat shortened by a herniated vocal chord, but he had a fabulous career.On stage he was a true DYNAMO!!!!!! We adored him!!!

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Mme.Calabro is pretty good for over 80......

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You sopranos out there....Watch out or you may end up like this...and of course,you can learn good Italian from Mari.

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  DEAR lady and great singer...Olivia Stapp.born May 29, 1940. We became friends over the years, and tell me if ANY dramatic soprano today compares....Love her.

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Del Monaco holds it 5 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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