Ramon Vinay as Otello

In celebration of the birthday (August 31, 1917) of Ramon Vinay, we present a fabulous 1948 Otello under Fritz Busch and featuring Licia Albanese in her prime, Lepnard Warren,John Garris, Nicola Moscona, and Martha Lipton.  (70 min.)

 This is the brand of performance that can lift you up by nature of its excitement and the total commitment of these artists to their roles.

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Falstaff for Regina Resnik's Birthday

 In honor of and in loving memory of dear Regina Resnik, whose would have turned 91 on August 30, I present a fine Falstaff from Covent Garden 1961, under Carlo Maria Giulini. Dame Quickly was one of the famous Resnik "signature roles," and she is joined by Geraint Evans,Mirella Freni, Luigi Alva, John Shaw, and Josephine Veasey.    (71 min.)

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 Tucker and Tebaldi make you THRILL like nothing imaginable today!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A Collector's Herodiade

   Material from Massenet's "Herodiade" as sung by many famous artists, and some lesser-known but quite fine. I have divided this into three sections and here is the order of each section as to artists.The selections are announced, as you hear.

1. Ninon Vallin, Germaine Cernay, Geori-Boue and Jose Luccioni, Charles Cambon, Maryse Beaujon

2.  Cambon, Cesar Vezzani, Vezzani and Jeanne Guyla, Emma Calve, Edouard Rouard,Fernand Ansseau.

3. Paul Lanteri, Lise Charny, Leon Campagnola, Vallin, Mattia Battistini.    (67 min.)

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Richard Tucker's 100th Anniversary

  The beloved tenor, Richard Tucker, was born on August 28, 1913. Of all the tenors I have seen, he remains the greatest! It was a glorious voice, and to quote Regina Resnik, "He left his blood all over the stage." The selections (announced)  are from recitals in New York of 1972 and 1974, plus two Andrea Chenier excerpts and the "Rachel" aria from La Juive.

   Bless the memory of this great man!  I will never forget him!!   Charlie

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 Aug.28, 1913. One hundred years ago, the great Richard Tucker was born. He remains my all-time favorite tenor of those whom I saw live. He sometimes got a "bad rap" for chopping some phrases. Yes, this did happen at times, BUT listen to this glorious Andrea Chenier act two scene as an example of legato,and the thrilling "hook' into the top notes. In the theatre it was something sublime!

   Bless his memory forever!  There will never be another!!!!

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Anna in Verdi

 Two selections from Anna Netrebko's new Verdi album. They are from Vespri Siciliani and il Trovatore. See what you think!!  (7 min.)

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Che Gelida Manina vol.4

Another comparison podcast on the wonderful "Che gelida manina" aria as sung by the following tenors (in order):

Eduardo Garbin, Giacomo Lauri-Volpi, Giovanni Martinelli, Luigi Marini, Frederick Jagel, Armand Tokatyan, Giuseppe Giacomini, Peter Dvorsky, Francisco Araiza, Giuseppe Sabbatini, Frank Lopardo, Ramon Vargas, Richard Leech, and Marcello Giordani    (70 min.)

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Four Famous Bassos

Selections (announced) by four of the most remarkable bassos in opera history. The singers are: Adamo Didur, Tancredi Pasero, Nazareno de Angelis, and Jose Mardones  (50 min.)

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Attila-Nabucco w.Caterina Mancini

Highlights from a 1951 RAI Venice Attila w.Caterina Mancini,Italo Tajo, Giangiacomo Guelfi, and Gino Penno, under Vittorio Gui. This is followed by some Nabucco scenes from 1951 RAI with Caterina Mancini and Paolo Silveri.  (70 min.)

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