A Golden Age Richard Strauss Compilation

  A compilation of arias and scenes from Richard Strauss operas.(announced). Included are such artists as:  Lotte Lehmann, Maria Ivogun, Rose Pauly, Charles Kullmann, Barbara Kemp, Richard Mayr, Tiana Lemnitz, Viorica Ursuleac, Erna Berger, Margarete Teschemacher, and Gerhard Husch. (68 min.)

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La Traviata with Beverly Sills

  I recently found out that the San Carlo,Naples audience carried on so much after Sills' "Amami,Alfredo" that she had to return to the stage for a bow after she had gone into her dressing room. Sills gives her usual heart-wrenching performance and she is joined by Alfredo Kraus and Mario Zanasi. The conductor in this 1970 performance is Aldo Ceccato.  (73 min.)

Just a little aside from me: The many times I saw Sills, I always said that she was "better than the sum of her parts." One would not think of her in the Bolena or the Roberto Devereux, or even as Violetta with an essentially "coloratura" voice that excelled in operas such as Le Coq D'Or and Julius Caesar. However, what emerged was a phenomenal career and I am so thanksful  I saw her in just about all her roles.

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Fabulous Forza!!!

From 1956 Florence under Gabriele Santini we present an all-star Forza del Destino, with Renata Tebaldi in glorious voice, Giuseppe Di Stefano,Giulio Neri, and Giangiacomo Guelfi. (74 min.)

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More Divas of the era from 1906-1935

  A collection of arias as sung by some of the great divas of the past. The selections are announced but the list (in proper order) is as follows:

Luisa Tetrazzini, Nelly Melba, Adelina Patti, Frieda Hempel, Amelita Galli-Curci, Rosa Ponselle, Lotte Lehmann, Eva Turner, Nina Koshetz, Eide Norena, Maria Nemeth, and Claudia Muzio  (69 min.)

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Les Contes D'Hoffmann, 1955

Pierre Monteux conducts Offenbach's opera from 1955 with a cast headed by Richard Tucker and including Martial Singher, Roberta Peters, Rise Stevens, Lucine Amara,Mildred Miller, Norman Scott (Crespel), Alessio de Paolis (comic tenor roles), Clifford Harvuot (Schlemil), and Sandra Warfield (Mother's voice.)

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Two Pearl Fishers

Scenes from two performances of Bizet's "The Pearl Fishers." The first,in Italian,is from Milano under Armando LaRosa Parodi in 1960, featuring Alfredo Kraus,Giuseppe Taddei, and Pina Margarini.

The second performance is from French Radio under Manuel Rosenthal in 1959 with Alain Vanzo, Gabriel Bacquier, and Janine Micheau.   (69 min.)

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  This absolutely divine lady was born on June 20, 1892..Just the way she sings, "Oh Signor" is worth everything when you are so STARVED for this kind of singing..totally absent today.

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Susannah by  Carlisle Floyd

An exciting performance of Floyd's "Susannah" from 1999 under James Conlon with Renee Fleming, Samuel Ramey, Jerry Hadley, and John McVeigh. This has become one of the most famous of American operas.  (73 min.)

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Tristan und Isolde from 1955

  A superb Tristan und Isolde from 1955 under Rudolf Kempe with a great cast that features Astrid Varnay, Set Svanholm, Josef Metternich,Blanche Thebom, and Jerome Hines   (69 min.)

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Happy Birthday,Odabella

 To honor my dear Maria Galvany on her June 19th birthday, I present an Attila from 1979 featuring Justino Diaz, Enrico Di Giuseppe, and Cornelius Opthof from Cincinatti, conducted by Anton Coppola. This is a thrilling performance and we all wish Mme.Galvany a very happy birthday!! (68 min.)

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