My sincerest best wishes to my dear friend Regina Resnik,celebrating her birthday on Aug.30. I present scenes from her Bayreuth 1953 Sieglinde with Ramon Vinay and Hans Hotter, under Clemens Kraus and her 1961 Bayreuth Fricka with Jerome Hines under Rudolf Kempe.

    Not only did Regina have an illustrious career as both soprano and mezzo, but she has been a veritable ICON in the music world as director,producer,filmmaker,coach and teacher. I know you will join me in wishing her a very happy birthday and i know you will enjoy the selections. (64 min.)


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A most riveting performance of Elektra from 1978 under Erich Leinsdorf. Featured are Daniza Mastilovic, Eva Marton, Norman Bailey, Ragnar Ulfung, and my dear late friend Gwynne Cornell as Klytemnestra. Those of us who knew and sang with Gwynne miss her so much.She had succumbed to Leukemia at 50, a tragic loss to the opera world.     (72 min.)

(In the photo she is seen in Elektra with Claire Watson)

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Pilar Lorengar and Placido Domingo sing Zarzuela Excerpts, from a 1985 Salzburg Concert under Garcia Navarro.   (Selections announced.)   (48 min.)

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 A very happy birthday (Aug.25), to my friend and superb artist, Ta'u Pupu'a, who is fast becoming one of our finest tenors,with upcoming engagements in several countries, and a San Francisco Opera debut. When he opened his mouth on "Questa o quella' about 5 years ago, I said, "WOW!" Then he said, "Is the Duke hard??? I never sang an opera before!!!"   So,from football to opera...he is making it BIG!!!!

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 An exciting compilation of arias as sung by many famous Russian artists. Although I have announced them, I wish to list them in order of vocal appearance on this podcast.They are:

Pavel Lisitsian, Ivan Petrov, Galina Vishnevskaya, Zurab Andzhaparidze (say it 5 times), Vladimir Atlantov, Irina Arkhipova, Elena Obratsova, Alexander Pirogov, Georgi Nelepp, Mark Reizen, Sergei Lemeshev, Ivan Koslovsky, Antonina Nezhdanova, Grigori Pirogov, and Leonid Sobinov. (68 min.)

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On Aug.6, 2011, there was a concert in Vienna featuring Mr.and Mrs.Schrott (Anna Netrebko and Erwin Schrott), and Jonas Kaufmann, conducted by Marco Armiliato. Let me tell you it is GORGEOUS, and I know you will appreciate it!!!!    (67 min.)

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You know that at times I "discover' a new voice. Here is the Youtube link to a marvelous soprano, Alexandra Lo Bianco. She is marvelous and hope she has a great future!! We NEED sopranos like her!!

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Highlights from an exciting performance of Macbeth from Vienna 1970 under Karl Boehm.The cast includes Sherrill Milnes, Christa Ludwig, Karl Ridderbusch, and Carlos Cossutta.

   Note that the opera concludes with the death of Macbeth and this version does not conclude with the chorus as usually it does. (73 min.)

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In 1966, Placido Domingo sang with the Met, but not yet in the house (that was in Adriana in 1968).He sang in Cav/Pag at the well-known (no longer existing) Lewissohn Stadium in New York,where we opera lovers used to enjoy "Music under the stars." I think you will enjoy this.   

(30 min.)

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Highlights from a brilliant performance of Boito's "Mefistofele" from Houston, 1992 under John DeMain. Featured are two superb singers whom I have known for so many years, Sam Ramey and Diana Soviero. Also the role of Faust is sung by Franco Farina, and Elena is sung by Elizabeth Holleque. I know you will love this one!!   (73 min.)

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