Blanche Thebom Tribute

   We mourn the passing of the superb mezzo, Blanche Thebom. Here are scenes from Aida, Norma, Samson et Delilah, Don Carlo, and Tristan und Isolde. She was a wonderful singer and artist, with a beautiful rich voice.  Rest in peace.

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Magda Olivero is 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 How can anyone adequately describe the miracle of the today 100 year old Magda Olivero. I spoke to her this morning and she gives you all "un abbraccio!!"

     CENT'ANNI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Listen to the selections and thrill to this great great lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    (66 min)


Correction:The Fedora I mentioned was in New Jersey, not in New York as I stated.



and when I called her and a friend called her she said the entire (new) covered w.Flowers......
GOD BLESS HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ballo 1944 Met

Ballo in Maschera highlights from 1944 under Bruno Walter. The cast includes Zinka Milanov,Leonard Warren, Jan Peerce, Frances Greer, and Kerstin Thorborg (67 min.)

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 Tito Schipa

Songs and arias as sung by the legendary tenor, Tito Schipa, a master of exquisite phrasing and the "love of the vocal line." His singing is a true vocal LESSON in how to phrase with beauty and delicacy.   (68 min.)

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Gigli/Melchior Birthdays 3/20/1890

Celebrating the birthdays of the great Beniamino Gigli and the equally great Lauritz Melchior, both born on March 20, 1890. I guess the Gods were smiling on that day!           (45 min.)

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Adriana Olivero 1959

 You want a fabulous cast?????? Listen to this Adriana Lecouvreur from Naples, 1959 under Mario Rossi.

Magda Olivero (100 yrs.old on Mar.25),Franco,Corelli, Giulietta Simionato, Ettore Bastianini   (67 min.)

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Happy Birthday to Diana Soviero

  March 19, 2010 marks the birthday of my two favorite divas:
        First, my darling friend and great opera star, Diana Soviero, heard here in Puccini roles, and then my adored mother, who couldn't sing, but she did a mean fox-trot and was in the Follies. I would add that while mom never met Richard Tucker, she did know Sophie!

     A beautiful happy birthday to dear Diana, someone who captured my heart over 30 years ago. I have heard them all (well, after Melba), and she remains for me one of the greatest sopranos and a beautiful human being!

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Soviero Debut Juliette

 Enjoy highlights from the 1986 Romeo et Juliette, marking the Met debut of my dear Diana Soviero and the marvelous Alfredo Kraus, with Paul Plishka and Brian Shexnayder under Placido Domingo.  (57 min.)

Gee, the photo shows we were young once-upon-a-time.

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Irina Rindzuner

You like divas???????????????


So go here and sample the art of the marvelous Irina Rindzuner, and also I placed clips on my site:

  What a great lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cortigiani Compilation

A compilation of baritones (and one lady) singing the Rigolettto "Cortigiani."

Included (in order) are:Riccardo Stracciari, Giuseppe Danise,Michael Bohnen, Heinrich Schlusnus, Paolo Silveri, Piero Cappuccilli, Franz Grundheber, Louis Quilico, Thomas Tipton, Cornell MacNeil, Robert Merrill, Leonard Warren, and in a Julliard coaching  session in 1971 with baritone Sung Kil Kim, MARIA CALLAS!
                                                           (74 min.)


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