Highlights from a stunning performance of Elektra from Syracuse,New York in 1977. Christopher Keene is the conductor and the magnificent soprano Olivia Stapp is the Elektra. Natalie Costa is Chrysothemis, Lili Chookasian is Klytaemestra, Richard Cross is Orestes, and Alan Crabbe is Aegisth.  I know this performance will thrill you.   (65 min.)


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   In memory of the late Joan Sutherland, here are scenes from a live 1970 Traviata under Richard Bonynge with Mme.Sutherland,Sherrill Milnes, and Giacomo Aragall. The Flora is a newcomer named Frederica Von Stade.    (72 min.)

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    Happy birthday, March 28, to my old buddy Sam Ramey, one of the greatest singers in ANY opera era. Dorothy may have wanted to return to Kansas, but millions of opera lovers for 40 years are glad Sam left there to thrill the opera world with his great voice.
      I was privileged to sing with Sam at the start of his professional career, and those of us who knew him were positive he would make a great success!
Sam has been an operatic icon for so long, and I send him all my best for a happy day.(I keep asking him if his son has a high G yet, but I didn't get an answer yet.)
                                            Love always   Charlie, a lesser basso.

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    Act three of the glorious 1956 Tosca.  (30 min.)


              I hope you have enjoyed one of the greatest performances in my memory.

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                                ACT TWO OF THE FABULOUS 1956 TOSCA   (45 min.)

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The first of three podcasts featuring the complete  Jan.7, 1956 Tosca under Dimitri Mitropolous and starring Renata Tebaldi, Richard Tucker, Leonard Warren, and Fernando Corena.   (48 min.)

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 As I do each year, I wished the wonderful Magda Olivero a happy birthday today,Mar.25th, and she sends her "abbraccio" to all of you. This podcast contains live material from Amsterdam between 1962 and 1972 and is testament to the miracle of her art. I do hope you enjoy it and will search Youtube for much more material.(68 min.)

Manon Lescaut ,Tosca,Iris,Risurrezione,Adriana, Mefistofele, Iris, Manon Lescaut (1964),Turandot, Gianni Schicchi, Boheme, La Rondine, Fanciulla del West

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  A most exciting performance (exc.) of Samson et Delilah from 1964 Dallas with Rita Gorr, Mario del Monaco, and Enzo Sordello. The sound is a bit distant, but I feel the level of the performance will compensate. After the exc. you get a bonus, where in a rehearsal, Gorr admonishes poor Mario for not being in costume. (55 min.)

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Highlights from a glorious 1975 Tosca in Barcelona with Virginia Zeani,Placido Domingo, and Piero Franci, conducted by Giuseppe Morelli.  (72 min.)

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Dear Joseph Calleja, who has been brilliant recently in the Met Lucia,in some arias from his albums.Included are:  Paris Entrance from Le Belle Helene, Butterfly Addio, Maristella's "Io conosco un giardino," Pourquoi me reveiller, O mio rimorso, and the Finale of Lucia.   (21 glorious minutes)


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