Happy Anniversary to the Rameys, Sam

and L:indsay.....two sweet people. Sam

and I go way back to 1970 Bolena, and

Lindsay gets a medal for marrying such

a DEVIL!!!! Love to them both.


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Virginia and MacNeil in

a truly great duet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Maria Galvany 1906  NOT SPEEDED UP!



    Can you do it??????????????????????

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The great Luisa Tetrazzzini, born on

June 29, 1871 singers w.Caruso!!!!!

I love this lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So sad she deteriorated so quickly. Anna

Moffo, 6/27/32 was so gorgeous and we

loved her...but it did not last!  A shame!!!!

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Not ONE of you could sit with us 

without falling on the floor hysterical.

They did finally throw us OUT! Note

the great tenor's PASSAGGIO!!! Are

there any companies in your area

like La Puma????

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Leonie knew the end was near. She

 was one of the most exciting singers

in memory, despite flaws (like Moedl,

Callas, Gencer, so many others. She is

terribly missed.!!!

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Diana and I had a long talk yesterday

about style and today's lack of divas

with kind of emotion of a Muzio,a Zeani,

a SOVIERO exhibited. SAD!!!!

    ....and do not yell at me for living in

the passato.

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Fine voice   6/25/40.People who

do not have access to these singers

miss a lot of unappreciated voices.

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Giuseppe Taddei, 6/26/16...A GREAT

baritone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Warm voice..

superb artist.


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