The Ballad of Baby Doe

Scenes from a truly beautiful opera, "The Ballad of Baby Doe" by Douglas Moore. The conductor is Emerson Buckley and this recording features Beverly Sills in one of her great roles.It also features Walter Cassell and Frances Bible. I know you will enjoy it.   (69 min.).

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They cannot fire him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE what he did the other night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Di Stefano's Scala Debut

Highlights from the La Scala debut of Giuseppe Di Stefano on March 15, 1947. The Manon is Mafalda Favero. Mario Boriello sings Lescaut and Bretigny is sung by Michele Mainardi. The conductor is Antonio Guarnieri. As a bonus, we have the 1951 St.Sulpice aria with Di Stefano.    (52 min.)

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Here is a repeat of a few Slavic arias (from the CD) as sung by our wonderful Piotr Beczala, whose birthday is Dec.28. He has certainly endeared himself to audiences around the globe, and we look forward to his Met performances in Manon. He is also such a sweet, natural guy, and he has made us so happy to know him.

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Tristan und Isolde from 1950

The great Fritz Reiner conducts this 1950 Tristan und Isolde (exc.) with Helen Traubel, Ramon Vinay, Blanche Thebom, Paul Schoeffler, and Sven Nilsson.  ( 71 min.)

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Werther from Radio France

Highlights from a French Radio performance of Massenet's "Werther," under Jesus Etcheverry. The cast includes Albert Lance, Rita Gorr, Gabriel Bacquier, and Mady Mesple. (73 min.30 sec.)

Well, it is Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Love and Buon Natale from Magda

  The darling "miracle" of opera, Magda Olivero, who turns 102 in March, is so happy she is remembered, and wishes you all a wonderful Holiday Season. She still sounds as wonderful as always (and I get to practice my operatic Italian, not heard on earth since Dante.)

                                       Buon Natale a Tutti


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La Boheme from Vienna 1963

Here is a "Christmas" opera. This is a beautiful La Boheme from Vienna,1963 under Herbert Von Karajan. It features Mirella Freni,Gianni Raimondi, Hilde Gueden, Rolando Panerai, Giuseppe Taddei (Schaunard), and Ivo Vinco.  (71 min.)


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Die Frau Ohne Schatten from Vienna

From Vienna in 1943 under Karl Bohm (pictured), we present highlights (often badly abridged) from this great work. The cast features Torsten Ralf, Hilde Konetzni, Else Schulz(Dyer's Wife), Elizabeth Hoengen, and Josef Herrmann. ( 61 min.)


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This was really awful!!!!

How could these  "blank" cartridges do this terrible thing?

I know Fabio recovered well since I saw him a few years ago....

By the way, where were these guys when we had BAUM??????

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Liping Zhang

You all know I have seen tham ALL, but rarely in recent years have I been as moved as hearing Mme.Zhang as Mme.Butterfly today. For the supposedly jaded me (I saw Scotto, Tebaldi, Kirsten,De Los Angeles, Stella, Albanese)

One special element of her singing today was what I term an "authoritative" attack, or slightly "glottal" attack a la Diana Soviero, on certain phrases, making the line all the more important. Have a look at her on youtube and of course I just ordered the album you see in the photo.    

      Funny in life.....sometimes you never realize what you have heard in opera and what effect it can have, and I burst into tears at the end, not only at her performance, but thinking of the love I had for Renata Tebaldi, our beloved friend for many years.         Love from cry-baby Charlie

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The Great Giulietta Simionato

Born on Dec.15, 1910 (almost made it to 100), the great Giulietta was one of the most amazing singers in opera history. Here are highlights from Cavalleria, Anna Bolena,  Aida, and Il Trovatore.

Except for the likes of dear Dolora Zajick, they do not make them like this anymore. (73 min.)

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THE NEW LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mamma mia!!!I just found that they added a new look to my site "Mr.Friend of Opera."

There are zillions of hand-picked videos from yours truly!!!!!!! ( OPERA FIEND!!!!)

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Season's Greetings to You All!!

 To all you lovable opera fans:

     All my best for a joyous Holiday Season.

      As ever    Charlie

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An Exciting Tosca

 A Tosca from 1959 under Kurt Adler, here is a most exciting Tosca with Eleanor Steber, Carlo Bergonzi, George London, and Allessio de Paolis.   You will LOVE it!!! (71 min.)

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The Magnificent Tenor, Georges Thill

Thill was born on Dec. 14, 1897, and was one of the great tenors of all time.We present arias from Lohengrin, Lakme, Meistersinger, Les Huguenots, and Herodiade. (27 min.)

                        Mon DIEU!!! Quelle Voix!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Rosanna Carteri as Mimi

On the Dec. 14 birthday (1930) of Rosanna Carteri, we hear scenes from her Cetra Soria recording of La Boheme, with Ferruccio Tagliavini,Giuseppe Taddei, and Cesare Siepi. The conductor is  Gabriele Santini. This is a perfect example of the most beautiful phrasing in the true Verismo style that Carteri exemplifies.   (37 min.)

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Dear Tony Amato Passes Away

Anthony Amato, co-founder of the Amato Opera, died on Tuesday morning at the age of 91. The news was initially posted to Facebook this afternoon by former Amato employee and director of the Amore Opera, Nathan Hull.

For over six decades, the Amato Opera, formed by Amato and his wife Sally Bell Amato, was a fixture on the Bowery and in the East Village arts scene. After its inaugural production of The Barber of Seville in Our Lady of Pompeii Church on the corner of Bleecker and Carmine Streets in 1948, it had stints at the 92nd Street Y, the Fashion Institute of Technology, the Washington Irving High School, 159 Bleecker Street and the Town Hall. The company finally settled in a postage-stamp–sized building next to CBGB's in 1964, where it operated continually until it closed in 2009.

Against the posh spaces of City Center and Lincoln Center, the Amato Opera was a feisty diamond in the rough, making grand opera thrive in a theater that seated 107 and contained a mere 20-foot stage. Entrances and exits were often made by running around the building from lobby to stage door entrance and back again and costume changes were known to take place in the theater’s adjacent gas station. It was part of the draw of the company—you couldn’t help but feel a warm, tingly glee in the Momus scene of La bohème, sitting mere inches away from the bohemians, no

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Birgit Nilsson in Denmark

Scenes from the Kongelige Theatre in Denmark (1969-1978) with Birgit Nilsson. Included are scene from Fidelio (w.Willy Hartman) from 1966, Tosca (w.Ragnar Ulfung from 1969 and w.Peter Lindroos from 1978-in third act duet). Finally,we present the final scenes from a Tristan und Isolde from 1973 with Helge Brilioth, Leif Roar(Kurvenal) Ulrik Cold, and Inger Paustian.

    As a bonus we present a live "In questa reggia"   (total 58 min.)

       WARNING: You may play this podcast ONLY if you live in a private house at least one mile from your neighbors.

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Die Fledermaus with Joan Sutherland

  Here are highlights from a 1973 San Francisco Die Fledermaus under Richard Bonynge. The cast features Joan Sutherland, Judith Blegen, Nolan Van Way (Eisenstein), Ragnar Ulfung,  and Huguette Tourangeau.

   I must make special mention of the wonderful baritone Bruce Yarnell as Dr.Falke. His tragic death in a plane crash shortly after this performance was a great loss to opera, and he had done extensive work on television and in a wonderful revival (which I attended) of Annie Get Your Gun with Ethel Merman. May we always bless the memory of this fine artist.    ( 70 min.)

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AIDA from 1929

The very first recording of opera I heard and still my favorite opera. This 1929 commercial recording under Carlo Sabajno with the Scala orchestra and chorus brings back so many fond memories.(Despite my having to lug all those 78 r.p.m. discs home from the library.)

     The cast features Dusolina Giannini,Aureliano Pertile, Irene Minghini-Cattaneo, Giovanni Inghilleri, and Luigi Manfrini (Ramfis.)    (72 min.)

   If not for this recording, I would have been a normal human being.

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Showing 1 Result

GO TO AMAZON!!! This is already a big seller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   ALSO:

      I have seen all Mme.Resnik's programs and believe me, they are absolutely glorious!!!!

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Shakeh Vartenissian,my friend

In 1954, we became acquainted with a lovely lady,soprano Shakeh Vartenissian. Unfortunately, the Met never gave her large roles (What else is new??) but she had a magnificent,velvety voice, not unlike her teacher, Rosa Ponselle. Shakeh would sing "D'amor sull'ali rosee" in my ear on the train, and we all had such great times with her. After a brief stint at the Met she went to Europe where she shone in operas like Aida,Macbeth,Ernani,etc.

          Go to Youtube and you will find her Donna Elvira arias and scenes from the Verdi Requiem. It was my pleasure today to speak with her aunt, and we recalled some of the beautful qualities she had, both as artist and friend. Shakeh was born in 1924 and we believe passed away around 2003. I still have a photo of her when we went to the beach. (The only singer I ever saw in a bathing suit, because Zinka just wouldn't try one on.)

    The trip down nostalgia lane was for me a happy and also sad one, but we do have our fond memories of this great artist and dear human being.

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Dorothy Kirsten sings popular music

Not many opera singers are successful in "crossover" material, but the famous American soprano, Dorothy Kirsten, was successful in being able to modulate her voice in such a way as to sound "pop" and so here are 15 selections from live radio shows with the likes of Al Jolson,Bing Crosby, and Frank Sinatra.   ( 43 min.)

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Attila from Rome, 1970

 I love this opera, my favorite of the early Verdi works. This is from Rome, 1970 under Riccardo Muti (Senza acuti.).It features Antonietta Stella, Ruggero Raimondi, Giangiacomo Guelfi, and Gianfranco Cecchele.   (72 min.)

Many thanks for all your enthusiasm!!!!!

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Giovanni Martinelli as Canio

We present highlights from 2 performances of Pagliacci with the great Giovanni Martinelli as Canio. The first is from 1934 with Lawrence Tibbett,Queena Mario, and George Cehanovsky completing the cast, under Vincenzo Belleza. This is followed by highlights from a 1941 performance with Tibbett again, and Norina Greco and Frank Valentino in the cast, conducted by Ferruccio Calusio. I hope you will enjoy memories of this great tenor and all of the artists.  (66 min.)

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Maria Callas, Born on Dec.2, 1923

 What more need we say about Maria Callas, born on Dec.2, 1923?  She may have left us early, but her stamp upon the world of music is indelible, and will remain so through the ages. Yes, we know of her vocal flaws, especially after 1957, but what she gave to opera made the lives of true opera aficionados so rich and rewarding. Bless her memory!

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La Gioconda, Florence 1956

Highlights from a 1956 Florence Gioconda under E.Tieri. The cast includes Anita Cerquetti, Ebe Stignani, Ettore Bastianini, Gianni Poggi, and Giuseppe Modesti. The "Stella del Marinar" was not performed, but I gave it to you in another brief podcast.  (66 min.)

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Stignani Stella del Marinar

Since they chose to cut Stignani's aria in Gioconda,in my latest podcast, here it is from another perf.

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Rest in Peace, Sena Jurinac,wonderful soprano

Opera singer Sena Jurinac, one of the most celebrated sopranos of the post-war period, has died aged 90.

Born in Travnik in Bosnia in October 1921, the Austrian star studied in Zagreb, and made her debut there 1942 as Mimi in La Boheme.

She made very few recordings across her career, although the BBC recently issued a CD of her 1961 Proms show.

The Vienna State Opera, of which she was an honorary member, confirmed the singer had died in southern Germany.

In a statement, it said it was mourning the loss of a "legendary artist who shaped not only the Vienna State Opera but also the entire opera world".

Jurinac first sang for the company in 1944, playing Cherubino in The Marriage Of Figaro, and remained a member until 1983, when she made her farewell as Marschallin in Der Rosenkavalier.

She appeared at the Salzburg Festival in 1947, and soon after made her London debut, singing Dorabella at Covent Garden.

Jurinac went on to become a favourite at Glyndebourne, and was renowned for her interpretation of Mozart.

Scholar Peter Branscombe described her voice as "beautifully pure, rich and even throughout its range".

Austrian news agency APA reported that Jurinac died Tuesday at her home near Augsburg.

From other news sites

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Eugen Onegin Letter Scene

A comparison of five Eugen Onegin Letter Scenes:

   Sena Jurinac (Rest in Peace), Makvala Kasrashvili, Margaret Price, Theresa Zylis-Gara, and Gallina Vishnevskaya.     (65 min.)

Mme.Vishnevskaya is in the photo

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Hi all,

           Not everyone in the universe celebrates Thanksgiving as we do in the U.S.A. However, it really does not matter, because we all have a lot to be thankful for, and we must also think of those who may have less than we do, and reach out to them always.  I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving, and all my sincere thanks for your support.

             Hey, when we get to a million downloads, I will have to think of a special podcast.  Maybe Justin Bieber singing the Winterreise????

 My best,


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A compilation of material as sung by the magnificent Robert Weede. Included are his Verdi album,scenes from Most Happy Fella, Milk and Honey, and A Cry for Us All.In addition, from a 1951 radio broadcast, he sings Gounod's "Nazareth." 


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Opera Lovers in China

  We have now about 954,000 downloads over 6 years. The U.S. leads with 211,322 and the SECOND country, with 24, 853 is China. Of course the podcasts seem to go all over the world, but I just wanted to congratulate the opera lovers in China for being number 2...not in any way forgetting the rest of the world.

          By the way, I was most surprised to see some downloads from Mars. I wonder if their sopranos used chest voice.

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  A fine performance (in Italian) of Tchaikowsky's Eugen Onegin from RAI Milano 1953 under Nino Sanzogno. The cast features Giuseppe Taddei, Cesare Valletti, Rosanna Carteri, Eugenia Zareska, and Rafael Arie.   (68 min.)

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Here is part two of the 1961 Forza del Destino (51 min.)

Direct download: Forza_Farrell_pt.2.mp3
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Part one of an abridged Forza del Destino from 1961 under George Schick. The brilliant cast features Eileen Farrell, Richard Tucker, Robert Merrill, Jerome Hines, and Fernando Corena.  (63 min.)

Direct download: Forza_Farrell_pt.1.mp3
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   A HOT Cavalleria Rusticana

You want excitement?  Here is a blazing hot Cavalleria from 1970(?) with a cast that includes Fiorenza Cossotto,Carlo Bergonzi,Anselmo Colzani,Jean Kraft (Lucia), and Nedda Casei. Christopher Keene conducts. (52 min.)

Direct download: Cav_Cossotto.mp3
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Beverly Sills Only Aida

Here is an interesting oddity,as the 26 year old Beverly Sills sings her only Aida. Walter Schroeder is the conductor of this concert version of scenes in Paterson,New Jersey in 1955. Our dear late Irene Kramarich is the Amneris, with Vincent Donato as Radames, and Victor Mincielli as Amonasro. I think you will enjoy this historica treasure.   (68 min.)

Direct download: Aida_Sills.mp3
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Mignon from Mexico, 1949

Highlights from a fine performance of Thomas' Mignon from Mexico, 1949, under Guido Picco. Sadly, the three principles passed away fairly recently, and we honor their memory. The cast features Giulietta Simionato, Giuseppe Di Stefano, Cesare Siepi, and Verdad Luz Guajardo.   (70 min.)

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This is a great performance of Boito's Mefistofele. The 1931 recording,under Lorenzo Molajoli,features Mafalda Favero,Nazzareno de Angelis, Antonio Melandri, Giannina Arangi-Lombardi, and Ida Mannarini. This is true verismo singing.   (71 min.)

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Nabucco from La Scala, 1966

Highlights from a most exciting Nabucco from La Scala, 1966, under Gianandrea Gavazzeni.The cast includes Giangiacomo Guelfi, Elena Suliotis, Nicolai Ghiaurov, Gianni Raimondi, and Gloria Lane.  Added is a bonus of the fabulous high E flat Maria Callas hits in her 1949 Naples Nabucco, with Gino Bechi.  (72 min.)

Direct download: Nabucco_Suliotis.mp3
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Ta'u and Samantha

   In  the past I have mentioned my friend, tenor Ta'u Pupu'a and have spoken of how we met at our Rigoletto several years ago, and I could not believe he had never sung an opera before. After a few years, having now graduated from Juilliard, he is surely destined for a wonderful professional career (following a professional career as a pro football do not mess with him!!).
      Last evening at the Good Shepherd-Faith Church on 66th Streeet (down from a theatre where I hope he will some day debut),he and a lovely soprano, Samantha Jeffreys, sang a recital, and it was one of the most exciting events I have had the pleasure of attending. Ms.Jeffreys has a very large and resonant lyric voice, almost too powerful for a church setting. She is so musical, and was able to excell in both popular and opera material. I noted a cute touch during the Mimi aria,when she got to "ma prego assai il signor," and made the sign of the cross.This shows she knows what is going on! It is hard to scale a large voice down in an acoustical live setting, and I hope in the future she  can lighten up somewhat in some of the material( e.g. the "Sombre Foret" from William Tell), but you know they call me "Picky Charlie."
        Ta'u was amazing! His first selections, "Tu che non chiagne" and "Non ti scordar di me' were in some parts of the middle and upper middle voice almost "Wagnerian" in tone, and he places every note so beautifully, with a brilliant easy top range.(Well,he has done Bacchus in Ariadne). He also has the ability to shine in popular music and sang so romantically  songs from Romberg's New Moon, and with Mme.Jeffreys, some West Side Story selections. He also did a "Corelli" by holding the high B flat at the end of the "Recondita Armonia' a couple of seconds longer, his big brilliant voice roused the audience to many bravoes.
           Ta'u  sang,as an encore, a beautiful song from his native Tonga, and the two ended with "You'll never walk alone." This was a divine evening, and we all hope for many future successes for these young artists.
           Since I am also the President of his non-existant fan club and his totally unpaid agent, I always feel such joy that I "discovered'' a guy who asked me if the Duke in Rigoletto was HARD??? Yup!!!!
             Love and best wishes to these marvelous young artists!


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Don Carlo with Nicola Rossi-Lemeni

In tribute to the late Nicola Rossi-Lemeni, born Nov.6, 1920 and the husband of dear Virginia Zeani, I present highlights from the 1951 Cetra Don Carlo under Fernando Previtali. The other artists are Ebe Stignani, Maria Caniglia, Mirto Picchi, Paolo Silveri, and Giulio Neri  (72 min.)

Direct download: Don_C.Cetra.mp3
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The second of two podcasts with scenes from the Covent Garden Boris of 1958 under Rafael Kubelik. The great Regina Resnik is the Marina, with Josef Gostic as Dmitri and Otakar Kraus as Rangoni.   ( 45 min.)

Direct download: Resnik_Marina.mp3
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Boris as Boris

 The first of two podcasts of scenes from Boris Godunov, Covent Garden, 1958 under Rafael Kubelik. Boris Christoff appears in the Clock Scene and the final scene,with John Lanigan as Shuisky and Joseph Rouleau as Pimen.  ( 42 min.)

Direct download: Christoff_Boris.mp3
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Happy Birthday in Honor of Victoria de los Angeles

A birthday tribute to one of the greatest singers in opera history. Victoria de los Angeles was born on Nov.1, 1923. I present a selection of arias from Martha, Traviata, Carmen, Manon, Faust, La Serva Padrona, Le Nozze di Figaro, plus Ravel's Sheherezade and two songs.  (72 min.)

   Bless the memory of this artist who defined the word "lovable" to millions of opera lovers.

Direct download: DeLos.2011.mp3
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Happy Birthday to Jon Vickers

 The famous tenor,Jon Vickers, turns 85 on Oct.29. Here are some scenes from Walkure,Parsifal, and Peter Grimes, plus a little "bonus" to celebrate his great career  (60 min.)

Direct download: Vickers_Birth..mp3
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Birgit Nilsson in Elektras

Scenes from Elektra featuring the remarkable Birgit Nilsson. We begin with her very first Elektra on May 14, 1965 under Berislav Klobucar, from Stockholm. In the cast are Berit Lindholm and Barbro Ericson.  This is followed by a performance from 1966 under Thomas Schippers with Leonie Rysanek, and finally the last opera she ever did-also Elektra, from1982 in Frankfurt,under Ralf Weikert.  (73 min.)

   Let us celebrate the career of a "miracle" in the world of opera.

Direct download: Nilsson_Elektras.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:25am EDT

The Wonderful Alain Vanzo

A compilation of material as sung by the superb French tenor, Alain Vanzo  (announced)     (60 min.)

Direct download: Vanzo.mp3
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Katharine is GOLD!

Katharine Goeldner sang her first Met Jayne Seymour in Anna Bolena last Friday. This is a magnificent voice and a consummate musician and artist. If you go to Youtube, you will hear a Waltraute scene to DIE FOR!!!

 I finally saw a show where everyone was superb,and you know what a crab-apple I am!!    Charlie

Category:general -- posted at: 5:46pm EDT

Angela Meade

 GO to the Youtube page of soprano Angela Meade!! Her first Anna Bolena on Friday was stunning....The voice is big and rich, with an easy top...but the astounding thing for this Milanov lover was that she has pppppianissimi from HEAVEN!!!  She received HUGE ovations, and I say that she will be our newest diva star!!!     

 Hey Charlie...Tell us what you think!

Category:general -- posted at: 5:39pm EDT

Carlo Bergonzi's Return to New York in 1999

The 75 year old Carlo Bergonzi returns to New York in 1999. This recital is one that exemplifies his incredible artistry, his joy in the phrasing of songs and arias,and in total, he has remained one of the icons in opera history.  (68 min.)

Direct download: Bergonzi_1999.mp3
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Happy birthday to my darling Virginia Zeani,one of the greatest divas in opera history. (No fooling.). In this tribute we present arias from Mefistofele, Turandot, Adriana Lecouvreur,Traviata, Lucia, Don Carlo, Maria di Rohan, Thais, Zelmira, La Boheme, and the Elisir duet with Nicola Rossi-Lemeni, her beloved husband.   (72 min.)

Direct download: Zeani_2011.mp3
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Camilla Williams

   Camilla Williams, now 92, was my first Butterfly when I was about 16. Virginia Zeani's birthday is Oct.21,(tribute coming later) and she told me they were friends from Bloomington,Indiana, where they both taught. Williams had called her on her birthday, and I was so happy to remember her.I called her and told her I would do a little podcast for her. What a sweetheart;so sad that prejudice did not allow her and other Afro-American artists to appear at the Met for so long. I know you will enjoy this and go to Youtube for some of her material.   (14 min.)

Direct download: Williams_Bess.mp3
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Diana Soviero In Traviata

A wonderful Traviata from 1990 under Rico Saccani featuring Diana Soviero, the dear late Jerry Hadley, and Brian Schexnayder..(72 min.)

Diana and I go back 35 years.Remember,I do not love her because I know her. Many of us love singers onstage FIRST, and in some cases we get to know them (and are even MORE critical.)

Direct download: Soviero_Traviata.mp3
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Ernani from Florence, 1957

An abridged Ernani from Florence, 1957, under Dimitri Mitropolous. The exciting cast includes Mario Del Monaco,Anita Cerquetti, Ettore Bastianini, and Boris Christoff.   (70 min.)

Direct download: Ernani_Cerquetti.mp3
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Mefistofele with Norman Treigle

An abridged performance of Boito's Mefistofele, featuring Norman Treigle, one of the greatest singing actors in opera history. Julius Rudel conducts this 1970 performance which features also Gilda Cruz-Romo  and Robert Nagy. I heartily recommend the book as pictured in the photo. (68 min.)

Direct download: Mef.Treigle.mp3
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How can I thank you enough???

  Hi all,

     As of this moment there have been 938,450 hits on this site over 5 plus years. I wish to thank you all,in all corners of the planet, for your support. I hope some of you (or maybe ALL) have become better acquainted with the great treasures that the vocal art affords to us mortals.

                                           My best,


P.S. For those of you who never learned Italian from opera (like me), the photo reads:  "A simple word that comes from the depths of my heart."

Category:general -- posted at: 1:40am EDT

Marisa Galvany as Salome

An abridged performance of Salome from Cincinatti, 1982 under Christopher Keene. Marisa Galvany(who else?) is the Salome, with William Justus,Ticho Parley, Rosalind Elias, and Michael Talley             (68 minutes)

             Please be aware of the fact that the lady in the photo is NOT Marisa Galvany.

Direct download: Galvany_Salome.mp3
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In Memory of Luciano

 Despite some of the extra-hype, how could we deny the incredible voice of Luciano Pavarotti, born Oct.12, 1935...We lost him all too soon.

       When he sang, "Nessun dorma."   Bless his memory!

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La Dama Di Picche

A Queen of Spades performance in Italian from Florence in 1952.The conductor is Arthur Rodzinsky and the cast includes David Poleri, Sena Jurinac, Ettore Bastianini, and Gianna Pederzini. (67 min.)

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Birthday Tribute to Leyla Gencer, 2011

   A special birthday tribute (Oct.10) to the great soprano Leyla Gencer. Included are scenes from Anna Bolena, Saffo (Pacini), and Roberto Devereux. I have always considered her one of the most interesting and versatile artists.  (67 min.)  (Photo is from 1972 when I was young.)

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A Sample of Rene Pape's New Wagner CD

   A brief scene from Act Three of Parsifal (with Placido Domingo), sung by the great basso Rene Pape. I thought you might like to hear a sample of his superb new Wagner CD.

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Lucia from La Scala 1954

Highlights from a brilliant 1954 Scala Lucia under Herbert Von Karajan. The incredible Maria Callas is in great voice, and Giuseppe Di Stefano, Rolando Panerai, and Giuseppe Modesti complete the cast  (72 min.)

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Aida on Cetra

Highlights from the exciting Cetra Soria Aida, recorded in the studio in 1951.The conductor is Vittorio Gui, and the cast features Caterina Mancini, Giulietta Simionato, Mario Filippeschi,Rolando Panerai, and Giulio Neri   (71 min.)

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Don Pasquale 1940

Highlights from a fine performance of Don Pasquale from 1940 under Gennaro Papi. The cast includes Salvatore Baccaloni,Bidu Sayao, Nino Martini, and Frank Valentino  (73 min.)

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Eugene Onegin with Dmitri!!

Highlights from a fine performance of Eugene Onegin under Valery Gergiev from 2007. The cast includes Dmitri Hvorostovsky, Renee Fleming, Ramon Vargas Sergei Aleksashkin, and Elena Zaremba (68 min.)

Direct download: Onegin_hv.mp3
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20 tenors sing the beautiful Tosca aria, "Recondita Armonia." In order,they are:

Giacomo Aragall, Carlo Bergonzi, Jose Carreras, Renato Cioni, Franco Corelli, Jose Cura, Giuseppe Di Stefano, Placido Domingo, Giuseppe Gismondo, Hans Hopf, Luciano Pavarotti, Neil Shicoff, Richard Tucker, Eugenio Fernandi, Ferruccio Tagliavini, Mario Filippeschi, Franco Tagliavini, Giuseppe Giacomini, Helge Roswaenge, and David Poleri. (60 min.)

Almost all are from live performances.

PLEASE NOTE: Those of you who have "Apple TV" can hear all these podcasts in excellent sound, and of course Apple TV allows you to watch Youtube on your TV as well. If you are not acquainted with it, you might investigate.

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Should we re-name this opera "Mario"?

Not to neglect the excellent Virginia Gordoni and Attilio D'Orazi but Franco Corelli, despite his being provincial,self-indulgent,unmusical,hammy, and some other words that I cannot express in mixed company, he is WILD!! The Parma 1967 audience goes ballistic, making him sing "Core'ngrato" as an encore. The conductor is Giuseppe Morelli (Not Muti?????).  Get your stopwatches out!  (71 minutes)

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Songs by Edvard Grieg

A collection of songs by Edvard Grieg.(Announced).The soloists include: Kirsten Flagstad, Birgit Nilsson, Ernestine Schumann-Heink, Lucy Isabelle Marsh, Povla Frijsh, Lauritz Melchior,Jussi Bjoerling, Helen Traubel, and Richard Crooks.(67 min.)

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A compilation of arias as sung by 14 famous sopranos of the past.Included are:

Frida Leider, Elizabeth Rethberg, Lotte Lehmann, Tina Lemnitz,Maria  Cebotari, Maria Reining, Pia Tassinari, Eileen Farrell, Eleanor Steber, Hilde Gueden, Lisa della Casa, Astrid Varnay, Gre Brouwenstijn, and Sena Jurinac.    (60 min.)

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Scenes from Meyerbeer's "Les Huguenots," featuring Nicolai Ghiaurov, Tancredi Pasero, Nicolai Gedda, Sergei Lemeshev, Herman Jadlowker, Lili Lehmann, Joan Sutherland, Rita Shane, Marcel Wittrisch, Margarete Teschemacher, Marisa Galvany, Enrico di Giuseppe, Maria Llacer, John O'Sullivan, Franco Corelli, and Giulietta Simionato.  (71 min.)

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    Maria Callas left us on Sept.16, 1977 at only 53,but her legacy remains as one of the most stupendous examples of vocal and histrionic artistry in music history. The voice may not have held up for a very long time, but in the great years, she made an indelible impression in the music world. Here we present arias from Norma, Macbeth, Nabucco, Seraglio, Tristan und Isolde, plus the Proch Variations and the legendary finale of Act Two Aida.   (55 min.)

      May she never be forgotten!     R.I.P.

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La Gioconda with Tebaldi,Tucker,MacNeil

 A truly brilliant Gioconda from 1967 under Fausto Cleva, featuring Renata Tebaldi, Richard Tucker, Rosalind Elias, Cornell MacNeil, Bonaldo Giaiotti, and Belen Amparan.

   You wanna hear some chest voice?????? (68 min.)

  I do not know which "New" the poodle is.She had several, named after "New York." That is fitting, since she was the toast of the town.

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La Favorita w.Luciano

 Highlights from a Scala 1974 Favorita under Nino Verchi, with Luciano Pavarotti, Fiorenza Cossotto, Piero Cappuccilli, and Ivo Vinco.   (65 min.)

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Virginia Zeani's Met Debut

Here are highlights from dear Virginia Zeani's Met Traviata debut in 1966, under Georges Pretre,with Bruno Prevedi and Robert Merrill in the cast. I hope you enjoy one of her total of  648 Violettas.

                                                         (71 min.)

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Highlights from Massenet's rarely heard "Herodiade," featuring Montserrat Caballe, Jose Carreras, Juan Pons, and Dunja Vejzovic. This is from Barcelona in 1984, under the direction of Jacques Delacote.   (67 min.)

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An exciting live studio performance of the rarely heard Donizetti opera, "Marin Faliero." The cast includes Cesare Siepi, Marisa Galvany, Licinio Montefusco, and Giuliano Cianella, conducted by Elio Boncompagni, with the Orchestra and Chorus of RAI Turino.  (72 min.)

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Plot of Marin Faliero

Since this opera is so rarely done, here is the plot, and the podcast will follow.

Elena, the wife of Marin Faliero, Doge of Venice, is continually subjected to attacks on her reputation by the patrician Steno whose advances she has rejected. Steno then insults Israele Bertucci, the chief of the Venetian Arsenal in front of his workers. Steno is punished for these offenses, but Faliero is infuriated by the leniency of the punishment. Israele convinces Faliero to join a conspiracy against the Council of Forty, of which Steno is a member.

Meanwhile, Elena is in love with Faliero's friend Fernando, who wants to leave the city to save her from dishonour. During a masked ball, Fernando challenges Steno to a duel for having insulted Elena once again. When Fernando is found dying in the place where the conspirators were to meet, Faliero vows to avenge his death.

The conspiracy collapses following a betrayal by one of its members and the Doge is condemned to death. Before his execution, Elena confesses her love affair with Fernando to him. Faliero begins to curse her, but sensing that his death is imminent, pardons her instead. Faliero is led off. Alone on the stage, Elena hears the sound of the executioner's axe, screams and faints.[2]

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In Loving Memory of the Late Salvatore Licitra

  This week the Opera World lost,at only 43, a wonderful tenor, Salvatore Licitra, who died as a result of an accident with his motorscooter. I present some arias as a tribute to him and hope you will enjoy them,while thinking of how much he did give of himself to opera.   (14 min.)

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Birthday tribute to  Daniele Barioni, Sept.6

  Another tribute (but longer than the 2007 tribute) to one of my favorite tenors, Daniele Barioni, one of my all-time favorite tenors.   (56 min.)

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A Julia Varady Birthday Tribute

One of the most versatile artists,who was heard far too little in this country, is Julia Varady, Born on Sept.1, 1941. She is heard in material from Macbeth,Nabucco,Forza del Destino,Traviata,La Rondine, Tosca, Manon Lescaut, Mme.Butterfly, Pique  Dame, Yolantha, Ariadne, Arabella (with husband Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, and Traume from Wagner's Wesendonck Songs.  (72 min.)

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    My sincerest best wishes to my dear friend Regina Resnik,celebrating her birthday on Aug.30. I present scenes from her Bayreuth 1953 Sieglinde with Ramon Vinay and Hans Hotter, under Clemens Kraus and her 1961 Bayreuth Fricka with Jerome Hines under Rudolf Kempe.

    Not only did Regina have an illustrious career as both soprano and mezzo, but she has been a veritable ICON in the music world as director,producer,filmmaker,coach and teacher. I know you will join me in wishing her a very happy birthday and i know you will enjoy the selections. (64 min.)


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Elektra with Daniza Mastilovic

A most riveting performance of Elektra from 1978 under Erich Leinsdorf. Featured are Daniza Mastilovic, Eva Marton, Norman Bailey, Ragnar Ulfung, and my dear late friend Gwynne Cornell as Klytemnestra. Those of us who knew and sang with Gwynne miss her so much.She had succumbed to Leukemia at 50, a tragic loss to the opera world.     (72 min.)

(In the photo she is seen in Elektra with Claire Watson)

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Domingo and Lorengar in Zarzuelas

Pilar Lorengar and Placido Domingo sing Zarzuela Excerpts, from a 1985 Salzburg Concert under Garcia Navarro.   (Selections announced.)   (48 min.)

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 A very happy birthday (Aug.25), to my friend and superb artist, Ta'u Pupu'a, who is fast becoming one of our finest tenors,with upcoming engagements in several countries, and a San Francisco Opera debut. When he opened his mouth on "Questa o quella' about 5 years ago, I said, "WOW!" Then he said, "Is the Duke hard??? I never sang an opera before!!!"   So,from football to opera...he is making it BIG!!!!

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 An exciting compilation of arias as sung by many famous Russian artists. Although I have announced them, I wish to list them in order of vocal appearance on this podcast.They are:

Pavel Lisitsian, Ivan Petrov, Galina Vishnevskaya, Zurab Andzhaparidze (say it 5 times), Vladimir Atlantov, Irina Arkhipova, Elena Obratsova, Alexander Pirogov, Georgi Nelepp, Mark Reizen, Sergei Lemeshev, Ivan Koslovsky, Antonina Nezhdanova, Grigori Pirogov, and Leonid Sobinov. (68 min.)

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Anna, Jonas, and Erwin

On Aug.6, 2011, there was a concert in Vienna featuring Mr.and Mrs.Schrott (Anna Netrebko and Erwin Schrott), and Jonas Kaufmann, conducted by Marco Armiliato. Let me tell you it is GORGEOUS, and I know you will appreciate it!!!!    (67 min.)

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You know that at times I "discover' a new voice. Here is the Youtube link to a marvelous soprano, Alexandra Lo Bianco. She is marvelous and hope she has a great future!! We NEED sopranos like her!!

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Highlights from an exciting performance of Macbeth from Vienna 1970 under Karl Boehm.The cast includes Sherrill Milnes, Christa Ludwig, Karl Ridderbusch, and Carlos Cossutta.

   Note that the opera concludes with the death of Macbeth and this version does not conclude with the chorus as usually it does. (73 min.)

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In 1966, Placido Domingo sang with the Met, but not yet in the house (that was in Adriana in 1968).He sang in Cav/Pag at the well-known (no longer existing) Lewissohn Stadium in New York,where we opera lovers used to enjoy "Music under the stars." I think you will enjoy this.   

(30 min.)

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Mefistofele with Sam Ramey

Highlights from a brilliant performance of Boito's "Mefistofele" from Houston, 1992 under John DeMain. Featured are two superb singers whom I have known for so many years, Sam Ramey and Diana Soviero. Also the role of Faust is sung by Franco Farina, and Elena is sung by Elizabeth Holleque. I know you will love this one!!   (73 min.)

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La Fanciulla del West w.Kirsten and Corelli

A superb Fanciulla from 1964 with Dorothy Kirsten, Franco Corelli, and Anselmo Colzani. The late Paul Franke is Nick, and Clifford Harvuot as Sonora sings that gorgeous line at the end (makes me cry every time). The conductor might be Anton Guadagno, but I am not sure  (73 min.)

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   I had not intended to send you so many oddities, but at first I thought part one was defective;then I found it was alright so I gave you another one anyway. I hope it is not too much, but I do think it is lots of fun; it is not all craziness since there are some exciting and interesting "legitimate' selections. Enjoy!!  (65 min.)

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   Another group of unusual and often bizarre scenes from mostly opera and I hope you enjoy them (if you are as nutty as I am.)I announce each one.     (69 min.)

Donald Collup's page,where you can purchase some wonderful oddity cd's is at:

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Delilah will get you!!!!

A compilation of various Act 2 finales of "Samson et Dalilah." Featured are:

Ewa Podles and Tomasz Madej, Giulietta Simionato and Jon Vickers, Olga Borodina and Carl Tanner, Rita Gorr and Mario del Monaco, and Rise Stevens and Ramon Vinay  (66 min.)

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 Highlights from Wagner's Siegfried from a live 1955 performance in Bayreuth from 1955 under Joseph Keilberth.The cast includes Wolfgang Windgassen, Astrid Varnay, Hans Hotter, Josef Greindl, and Paul Kuen.  (68 min.)

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Luciano Pavarotti in Concert

 From 1973, most of  a recital given in New York by the celebrated tenor legend, Luciano Pavarotti. The selections are announced. May the great man rest in peace.  (64 min.)

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That devil of a guy, Sam Ramey, in arias from operas that deal with the devil (or with mean dudes): Faust,Damnation of Faust,Robert Le Diable, Rake's Progress, Tales of Hoffmann, Mefistofele, and I threw in Susannah as well. (50 min.)

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  A legendary cast under Bruno Walter in highlights from a 1941 Fidelio. The cast includes Kirsten Flagstad, Rene Maison, Alexander Kipnis,Julius Huehn, and Herbert Janssen. (71 min.)

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One of the great performances (well,almost) of "La Gioconda, under Fausto Cleva in 1953. The cast includes the remarkable Zinka Milanov,Leonard Warren, Kurt Baum, Cesare Siepi, and Jean Madeira. How many times have I heard Zinka's Gioconda,live or on tape, and I still cannot believe some of the phrasing, the beauty and richness of the voice. I hope you enjoy this perf.  (72 min.)

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Topi Lehtipuu sings Vivaldi

I discovered this lovely voice on a Troyens video, as the sailor Hylas.Mr. Lehtipuu was born in Australia of Finnish parents and seems to have now had a wonderful international career. I thought you might enjoy some excerpts from the new Vivaldi album and maybe even want to buy it.  Nice to know we have such fine artists with us.

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What an Otello this was!!!!

I think you will adore this fabulous Otello under Fausto Cleva from 1958. It has a Golden Age cast with Mario del Monaco, Leonard Warren, and Victoria de los Angeles.  Nicola Moscona, Rosalind Elias, and Paul Franke complete the cast. Now you see why I spent those freezing days on the old Met standee line. We were nuts, but it was worth it.   (72 min.)

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Ariadne Highlights

  Highlights from two performances of Strauss' Ariadne auf Naxos from 1954. First we have Lisa Della Casa, Hilde Gueden,Irmgard Seefried (Komponist) and Rudiolf Schock from Salzburg under Karl Bohm.  This is followed by a Salzburg performnce under Joseph Keilberth. It features Hilde Zadek,Rita Streich, Sena Jurinac (Komponist), and Hans Hopf.  (72 min.)

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Too much???????

I am sure the answer is a resounding "NO!" as i see how many individuals download my podcasts, and as you notice, I have been doing more and more. I am running out of ideas, so send your suggestions to me at If I do not get any suggestions, I will be forced to do RAP podcasts, and then you will (figuratively)throw rotten vegetables.   (Just kidding of course...I have enough material on CD for at least as long as Placido keeps singing.)

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Tribute to Cornell MacNeil

We have lost another great singer, baritone Cornell MacNeil.He possessed a voice of phenomenal power and was one of the world's greatest baritones. The operas represented are Pagliacci,Rigoletto, Luisa Miller, Ernani, and Simone Boccanegra.   (71 min.)

May the dear man rest in peace.

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Helen Traubel Sings Wagner

  That great lady, Helen Traubel, in scenes from live performances of Wagner material.Included is a scene from act 3 Walkure with Herbert Janssen from 1944 under George Szell. Then we have some Gotterdamerung scenes under Fritz Stiedry from 1951, with Set Svanholm,Janssen, and Dezso Ernster. This is followed by  a Liebestod from San Francisco 1951 under Pierre Monteux. I conclude with the Immolation Scene under Bruno Walter from Hollywood, 1947.  (69 min.)

         I also must mention her enjoyable TV appearances with the beloved Jimmy Durante, a close friend of my mother for many years. How many artists can go from Brunnhilde to Durante???

Direct download: Traubel_Wagner.mp3
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How Opera Destroyed New York!!!

  Here are some scenes from the (in)famous La Puma Opera Company from the 1960's. You are advised NOT to listen to this if you have any sensitive animals in your house, little children, or nice neighbors who might be frightened to death. The 75+ year old Olive Middleton is the leading soprano, and the chorus is imported from the losers on "American Idol."  (26 surreal minutes)

Direct download: Puma_Cav-Aida.mp3
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The Young Jose Carreras

A selection of arias as sung by the young Jose Carreras in the 1970's. They are all from live performances and show what a magnificent voice he had. He is a courageous man and I am paying tribute to all he has accomplished.  (67 min.)

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A Brilliant Parsifal

 Highlights from Wagner's "Parsifal" from 1954 with a magnificent cast that includes Set Svanholm, Astrid Varnay, George London, and Hans Hotter, conducted by Fritz Stiedry. It takes some time for some of us to appreciate this great work, but with a little patience I think you will come to love it as I do. (except for those annoying Flower Maidens.)  (71 min.)

Direct download: Pars.Met_1954.mp3
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The Young Diana Soviero

A compilation of the early career of dear Diana Soviero. The selections show that even at 17 and 22, the great talent is there, and I know you will enjoy this podcast.   All selections are announced. 

 (67 min.)

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Tannhauser with Renata Tebaldi

  Highlights from a 1950 performance (In Italian) of Tannhauser, conducted by Karl Boehm and featuring Renata Tebaldi,Hans Beirer,Carlo Tagliabue, Boris Christoff, and Lyvia Pery.  (71 min.)

Direct download: Tann.Tebaldi.mp3
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Highlights from Handel's "Alcina," featuring Joan Sutherland,Fritz Wunderlich, and Jeanette Van Dijck. Ferdinand Leitner is the conductor 1959 from Cologne Radio   (70 min.)

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An Exciting Stiffelio

 A most exciting live performance (abr.) of Verdi's early opera, "Stiffelio," the other version of his "Aroldo."

  The performance is conducted by Nicola Luisotti and was seen live in Trieste, 2000. The cast includes: Dimitra Theodossiou (Lina), Mario Malagnini(Siffelio), Marco Vratogna (Stankar),Giorgio Casciarri,(Raffaele), and Enzo Capuano (Jorg.)   (71 min.)

Direct download: Stiffelio_Theod..mp3
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Maria Gets Crazy

 I thought you might find a comparison of four Callas Mad Scenes from Lucia an interesting comparison, especially in the days when she was absolutely a phenomenon.

    First we have three from Mexico City under Guido Picco: June 6,14, and 26 in 1952, following by a Scala Mad Scene in 1954 under Herbert von Karajan. I hope you enjoy this tribute to one of opera's greatest artists. (70 min.)

Direct download: Callas_Mad_sc..mp3
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Beniamino Gigli in La Forza del Destino

From Rio de Janeiro, August 16, 1951, I present highlights from La Forza del Destino featuring the great Beniamino Gigli, age 61, and a cast that includes:

Elizabeth Barbato,Enzo Mascherini,Giulio Neri, and Giuseppe Modesti, under Antonino Votto.  (70 min.)

Direct download: Forza_Gigli.mp3
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Duke Bluebeard's Castle

  A performance of Bartok's "Duke Bluebeard's Castle," under Istvan Kertesz, and featuring the great pairing of Christa Ludwig and Walter Berry.  As an added bonus, the two appear in the duet from act three of "Die Frau Ohne Schatten" of R.Strauss.  (70 min.)

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   I have been looking at the statistics on this podcast site, and I wanted to express my gratitude for all of your interest. In five years, we are approaching one million downloads, and when I look at the various countries all over the globe where people have expressed interest, it is mind-boggling.

     Please do not hesitate to send me comments and/or suggestions to my E-mail address at:


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Tristan und Isolde Act Two

  Here is a cut version of the second act of Tristan und Isolde from San Francisco, 1937 under Fritz Reiner. It features the historical pairing of Kirsten Flagstad and Lauritz Melchior, with Kathleen Meisle, Emmanuel List, and Julius Huehn completing the cast. What more can one say about these phenomenal Wagnerian singers?  (61 min.)

Direct download: Trist.act_2_Flag..mp3
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Cavalleria Rusticana With Dolora Zajick

  An excerpted Cavalleria Rusticana with the great mezzo, Dolora Zajick as Santuzza and the fine tenor Fabio Armiliato as TuridduThe Alfio is Bruno Pola, the Lola is Wendy White, and the Mamma Lucia is Jane Shaulis. The conductor is Simone Young.   (70 min.)

Direct download: Cav.Zajick.mp3
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 Two magnificent German tenors,Marcel Wittrisch and Franz Voelker, in songs,opera, and operetta. There is a certain similarity in their voices, at least on recordings, but they still retain their individuality, and are truly superb artists.  (59 min.)

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A Traviata for Marisa Galvany's Birthday

I present highlights from a 1974 Traviata under Mario Bernardi in honor of dear Marisa Galvany's birthday. It features Pablo Elvira and Raymond Gibbs.  (69 min.)

  May we wish Mme.Galvany the happiest of birthdays. She has been a dear friend and I recall with affection all of her magnificent performances.

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Medea With Marisa Galvany

  An exciting live performance of Cherubini's Medea,featuring Marisa Galvany, Sam Ramey, Erik Townsend, and Frances Bible. The performance from 1982 is conducted by Giuseppe Morelli.  (70 min.)

Link to Video Medea Exc.

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Diana Soviero Award

Founded in 1969 by the internationally celebrated voice specialist Wilbur James Gould, M.D., The Voice Foundation is the world’s oldest and leading organization dedicated to voice medicine, science and education. Since 1972, The Voice Foundation has sponsored an annual, internationalSymposium: Care of the Professional Voice. These meetings are attended by hundreds of medical and scientific experts, speech-language pathologists, performing artists and teachers from all over the world. As part of the conference at this year’s Voices of Summer Gala Concert and Banquet,Ms. Diana Soviero was named a 2011 Voice Education Research Award Winner. This award is presented annually by the Voice Foundation to honor individuals selected for unusual interest in and contribution to the field of voice communication. Past award recipients include: Dame Julie Andrews, Jack Klugman, Teddy Pendergrass, Anthony Quinn, Dan Rather, James Earl Jones, Pattie Lupone, Anna Moffo Sarnoff, and Dr. Nancy Snyderman, among many others.

No one deserves it more than my darling Diana.

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HAPPY 98th to Dear Rise Stevens

  I wish to pay special tribute to dear Rise Stevens on her 98th birthday (June 11,2011). She was the first artist I ever met and we spent lovely times each year at the Rise Stevens Music Club at her apartment in New York. She inspired so many in her long life and I will never forget her.

   The selections are all announced  (71 minutes)

Direct download: Rise_98.mp3
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Happy Birthday to Fedora Barbieri

I got to know Barbieri, born June 4, 1920, after I made her some tapes and she came to New York for a master class. I thought she had one of the all-time greatest organ-like sound, and she OWNED Azucena.

           She used to sing her repertory for me over the phone (an octave down) and was a fun, if nutty, lady. She passed away a short time after I saw her when she was honored at a Licia Albanese Gala. She leaves so many wonderful memories for me, onstage and off.


Category:general -- posted at: 11:53pm EDT


 There had been a problem with my original Falstaff podcast and I hope this comes out all right, for it is a superb performance from 1949 with Fritz Reiner conducting.

The cast includes Leonard Warren, Giuseppe Valdengo,Giuseppe di Stefano,Regina Resnik, Cloe Elmo, Licia Albanese, and Martha Lipton.    (57 min.)

Direct download: Falstaff_Warren2.mp3
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God Bless Dear Renata

From my video site...and look at the rest of the videoos.

Category:general -- posted at: 5:30pm EDT


One by one, the greats of our past leave us. We called the late Giorgio Tozzi "Signor Legato" after we heard his Gremin in Onegin, and he was a remarkable artist for so many years. May he rest in peace and may we always remember what he contributed to the vocal art.

Category:general -- posted at: 8:25pm EDT


 A most exciting live performance of Verdi's Attila, (Charlie's favorite early Verdi opera) from Il Teatro Verdi di Trieste, 2000. It is conducted by Donato Renzetti and features the magnificent Ferruccio Furlanetto, Dimitra Theodossiou, Carlo Ventre, and Alberto Gazale (Ezio). (73 min.)

Direct download: Attila_Theod..mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 6:17pm EDT


RECITAR!!!!!     As I told you, I am not listing the 15 tenors because you would PEEK. See how many you can get.   My best   Charlie  (55 min.)

Direct download: Vesti_la_Giubba.mp3
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La Forza del Destino 1953

A fabulous cast in this 1953 Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Forza under Dimitri Mitropolous.The cast includes:

Renata Tebaldi, Mario Del Monaco, Cesare Siepi, Aldo Protti, Fedora Barbieri, and Silvio Maionica. (72 min.)

Direct download: forza_1953_Teb..mp3
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JUST YOU WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS IS PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

We always said that Maria was stubborn and her diction needed work!!!!

  If link does not work, go to Youtube and type in "Gobbi My Fair Lady"

Category:general -- posted at: 12:01pm EDT

A Fabulous Walkure

  A fabulous cast in highlights from a Met 1968 Walkure (just released on Sony) under Berislav Klobucar. The cast is:

Birgit Nilsson,Leonie Rysanek, Jon Vickers,Thomas Stewart, Christa Ludwig, Karl Ridderbusch.

                               Don't tell me they make them like this anymore!!!!!     (72 min.)

Direct download: Walkure_1968.mp3
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La Rondine With Diana Soviero

 Highlights from Puccini's "La Rondine" from a 1982 Philadelphia performance conducted by Angelo Campori. In the cast we have:

Diana Soviero,Giuliano Cianella, Silvia Baleani,James Hoback, Renato Capecchi, and Donald Collup.      (60 min.)


Direct download: Rondine_Soviero.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 5:49pm EDT

Fernando Portari in La Rondine

I just discovered this fine tenor from Brazil. I am so glad to have still another superb tenor in our midst. I strongly suggest you buy the DVD Rondine (regular or Blue Ray).

He is also on Facebook (Who isn't???)

  The link below is to the "Nessun dorma" on Youtube.

Category:general -- posted at: 2:57pm EDT

I suggest you buy DEPENDS before you see this...

Category:general -- posted at: 2:36pm EDT

The Great Giulietta Simionato

Tribute to the late great Giulietta Simionato with scenes from Aida,Adriana,Carmen,Cavalleria,Italiana,Nozze di Figaro,Trovatore,Don Carlo,Cenerentola

                                                               (57 min.)

Direct download: Giulietta.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 1:30am EDT

An amazing Young Man

This is an amazing young man, son of my friend Justin Hayward. The world would be a better place if we had more like him.   Not opera...but I wanted to share this.....having taught so many wonderful students, I appreciate this so much.


Category:general -- posted at: 1:28pm EDT


 Scenes from the ENOC Gotterdamerung (In English,if you can understand it) under Reginald Goodall. The cast is as follows:

  Rita Hunter, Alberto Remedios, Aage Haugland,Katherine Pring, Norman Welsby

                                         (72 min.)

(Photo of Hunter,Remedios, Goodall)

Direct download: Hunter_Gotter..mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:05pm EDT

Michael Bohnen

  The wonderful baritone, Michael Bohnen, was born on May 2, 1887. We celebrate his birthday with highlights from:

       Barber of Bagdad, Der Freischutz, Rigoletto, Tosca, Parsifal, Walkure, Das Rheingold, Bartered Bride,Meistersinger, and a Kol Nidre.        (60 min.)

Direct download: Bohnen.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:08pm EDT


From the Nimbus "Prima Voce" series: 16 great baritones of the past:

Lucien Fugere, Victor Maurel, Mattia Battistini, Mario Ancona, Riccardo Stracciari, Giuseppe de Luca, Titta Ruffo, Pasquale Amato, Joseph Schwarz, Heinrich Schlusnus, Carlo Galeffi, John Charles Thomas, Lawrence Tibbett, Gerhard Husch, and Igor Gorin. (72 min.)

Direct download: Leg.Baritones.mp3
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A truly magnificent performance (highlights) from a Vienna 1960 performance of "La Forza del Destino" under Dimitri Mitropolous, and starring Antonietta Stella, Giuseppe Di Stefano, Ettore Bastianini,Walter Kreppel, and Giulietta Simionato. This surely is luxurious casting and i know you will enjoy it.  (71 min.)

Direct download: Stella_Forza.mp3
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 So very sorry to report the sudden death of tenor Vincenzo La Scola, age 53. He had a sudden heart attack while in Istanbul,Turkey. They leave us too soon...but they leave a beautiful legacy. Rest in Peace.

Category:general -- posted at: 4:49pm EDT

45 YEARS AGO Apr.16

  How I remember the sad day 45 years ago, when the gold curtain slowly fell as the old Met Opera House rang down the curtain for the last time..We all joined hands and tearfully sang "Auld Lang Syne." Little did i realize that NOTHING would ever be the same for me..even though the place was so antiquated and so many of the seats were cramped and mostly partial view

              It was my "home-away from-home as a teen opera lover and a "way-of-life" for us, as we froze outside on the standee line...but it was worth every moment of it. I often dream I am back there standing inside but sadly when I awake, I realize it is gone forever..except for my affectionate memories and my old tapes.

                                With affectionate, but sad memories.   Charlie

Category:general -- posted at: 4:01pm EDT


Highlights from a 1942 Bayreuth Flying Dutchman under Richard Kraus. Featured are Joel Berglund, Maria Muller, Franz Voelker, and Ludwig Hofmann. (72 min.)

Direct download: Dutch.Berglund.mp3
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Franco Corelli,  Born April 8, 1921

Lord!!!! What a sensation he was, although sometimes you wanted to beat him up (like his nutty wife Loretta), but the man had one of the greatest voices EVER.Go to Youtube and sample some material:


Bless his memory on his birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Category:general -- posted at: 11:17am EDT


  Highlights from a stunning performance of Elektra from Syracuse,New York in 1977. Christopher Keene is the conductor and the magnificent soprano Olivia Stapp is the Elektra. Natalie Costa is Chrysothemis, Lili Chookasian is Klytaemestra, Richard Cross is Orestes, and Alan Crabbe is Aegisth.  I know this performance will thrill you.   (65 min.)


Direct download: Elektra_Stapp.mp3
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   In memory of the late Joan Sutherland, here are scenes from a live 1970 Traviata under Richard Bonynge with Mme.Sutherland,Sherrill Milnes, and Giacomo Aragall. The Flora is a newcomer named Frederica Von Stade.    (72 min.)

Direct download: Trav.Suth..mp3
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Happy Birthday to Sam Ramey

    Happy birthday, March 28, to my old buddy Sam Ramey, one of the greatest singers in ANY opera era. Dorothy may have wanted to return to Kansas, but millions of opera lovers for 40 years are glad Sam left there to thrill the opera world with his great voice.
      I was privileged to sing with Sam at the start of his professional career, and those of us who knew him were positive he would make a great success!
Sam has been an operatic icon for so long, and I send him all my best for a happy day.(I keep asking him if his son has a high G yet, but I didn't get an answer yet.)
                                            Love always   Charlie, a lesser basso.

Category:general -- posted at: 8:01pm EDT


    Act three of the glorious 1956 Tosca.  (30 min.)


              I hope you have enjoyed one of the greatest performances in my memory.

Direct download: Tosca_1956_Teb.act_3.mp3
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                                ACT TWO OF THE FABULOUS 1956 TOSCA   (45 min.)

Direct download: Tosca_Teb.1956_act_2.mp3
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The first of three podcasts featuring the complete  Jan.7, 1956 Tosca under Dimitri Mitropolous and starring Renata Tebaldi, Richard Tucker, Leonard Warren, and Fernando Corena.   (48 min.)

Direct download: Tosca_1956_Teb.Act_1.mp3
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 As I do each year, I wished the wonderful Magda Olivero a happy birthday today,Mar.25th, and she sends her "abbraccio" to all of you. This podcast contains live material from Amsterdam between 1962 and 1972 and is testament to the miracle of her art. I do hope you enjoy it and will search Youtube for much more material.(68 min.)

Manon Lescaut ,Tosca,Iris,Risurrezione,Adriana, Mefistofele, Iris, Manon Lescaut (1964),Turandot, Gianni Schicchi, Boheme, La Rondine, Fanciulla del West

Direct download: Olivero_101.mp3
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  A most exciting performance (exc.) of Samson et Delilah from 1964 Dallas with Rita Gorr, Mario del Monaco, and Enzo Sordello. The sound is a bit distant, but I feel the level of the performance will compensate. After the exc. you get a bonus, where in a rehearsal, Gorr admonishes poor Mario for not being in costume. (55 min.)

Direct download: DelM_Samson.mp3
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Highlights from a glorious 1975 Tosca in Barcelona with Virginia Zeani,Placido Domingo, and Piero Franci, conducted by Giuseppe Morelli.  (72 min.)

Direct download: Tosca_Zeani.mp3
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The Superb Joseph Calleja

Dear Joseph Calleja, who has been brilliant recently in the Met Lucia,in some arias from his albums.Included are:  Paris Entrance from Le Belle Helene, Butterfly Addio, Maristella's "Io conosco un giardino," Pourquoi me reveiller, O mio rimorso, and the Finale of Lucia.   (21 glorious minutes)


Direct download: Calleja_2011.mp3
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Happy Birthdays to Diana Soviero and my mommy

Happy Birthdays on March 19 to the most lovable divas in my life:Diana Soviero and Sylvia Handelman. Well,mom was on the stage in the 1920's and did become an opera lover. They used to talk on their respective birthdays and when I think of mom and Diana, I am happy to have known them both. As to their cooking, it might be a toss-up,but mom had "chest" only on stage in those 1920's costumes.

     Bless the memory of my great mom and bless my dear friend Diana on this day!!!!


Category:general -- posted at: 7:45pm EDT

The Met debuts of Price and Corelli

 A historical evening as Leontyne Price and Franco Corelli make their Met debuts on  Jan.27, 1961. Also featuring Robert Merrill,Irene Dalis and a girl named Teresa Stratas as Inez. (Cleva conducting)  (67 min.)

Direct download: Trov.Debuts_1961.mp3
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   A rather "unsubtle" La Boheme under Franco Mannino from Macerata, 1971. Franco Corelli,Luisa Maragliano, and Giangiacomo Guelfi must have "escaped' from Il Trovatore for this show. Completing the cast are Elvidia Ferracuti and Nicola Zaccaria.  If you favorite opera is Pelleas et Melisande, do not listen to this one.  (67 min.)

Direct download: Corelli_Boheme.mp3
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Highlights from a most exciting performance of Tannhauser from 1942 under George Szell.It features the legendary Lauritz Melchior, Helen Traubel, Herbert Janssen, Kerstin Thorborg, and Alexander Kipnis.  (67 min.)

Direct download: Tann.Melchior.mp3
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Virginia Zeani in "Il Console"

   As per request, I am offering you another mini-podcast. This is my adopted sister Virginia Zeani singing the great "To this we've come' (Da questo di) from a Spoleto performance of Menotti's "Il Console.". It is an example of the amazing emotion she exhibited.  It also demonstrates that you could sing in healthy chest voice and still have a huge career. Nowadays few singers are able to blend the lower voice with the middle, resulting in some very "empty' tones in the lower range.hould we blame the teachers? Do they consider chest voice "vulgar?" I get very angry when sopranos refuse to use the lower part of the voice, even in a mixed chest;so much of the music is lost!

Direct download: Zeani_Console_pod.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:37am EDT

  May I remind you that now that I can make "minipodcasts" I can cater to your wishes so if you have a special aria,scene,singer,etc. in mind, e-mail me at and I will do you the favor..I can eventually remove the post after you have downloaded it. 

      Young singers may wish to take advantage of this feature and request something they are studying.

       I just got a webcam/Skype and so if anyone wants a visual singing lesson, let me know but you must warn me so I put my pantalones on.

  As ever  Charlie

Direct download: opera_lovers_cartoon.jpg
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I tried!!!!

I ain't a Ramey, a Plishka, not even a Pinza...and surely not a real basso, but I think this is not bad. You do not have to be kind.I still love you all.   Charlie

Direct download: Handelman_Ramfis.mp3
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   In the 1960's, we discovered the great LA PUMA opera New York. We usually had to sit in the back and keep hankies over our faces because we had to try to hold back getting hysterical.They finally threw us out one night. What can I say about this?? I miss it so much...but at least we have our memories. (Did they have DEPENDS at that time??)

Direct download: Puma_Walkure.mp3
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Anyone who collects "Opera oddities" will recognize this as the craziest thing EVER! I attended Ashley Putnam's Traviata debut at City Opera in 1977, and suddenly, as Henry Price started his aria, a lady in the orchestra let out a GESCHREI!!! To this day we never exactly found out why she did this..but some of us guess that a rival tenor did it!! When I wrote Henry Price that I was there..he wrote back, "So was I!!!"

               Make sure no little kids or furry animals are in the room when you play this!~!!!

Direct download: Putnam_Scream.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 1:04pm EDT

The Great Norman Treigle as Boris

I can now make single podcast scenes which I send to various other sites (Facebook,etc.) Here is the great Norman Treigle as Boris.  If you have some favorite arias or scenes, let me know (Placido21@aol.) and if I have the material on CD, I can bow to your wishes!!!

Direct download: Boris_Clock-Treigle.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:37pm EDT

Battaglia Di Legnano Exc. from La Scala

This is a most exciting performance of Verdi's "La Battaglia di Legnano" from Dec.7, 1961 at La Scala, conducted by Gianandrea Gavazzeni and featuring Antonietta Stella, Franco Corelli, and Ettore Bastianini. (68 min.)

Direct download: Battag.Stella.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:34pm EDT

La Rondine with Licia Albanese

Highlights from a live 1961 performance of "La Rondine" with Licia Albanese and Daniele Barioni. The conductor is Giuseppe Bamboschek. The sound is on the distant side, but it is a wonderful performance.(51 min.)


In the photo, Licia kisses the stage of the old Met in 1966, as this was the last performance. I was there, and it was a very sad night.

Direct download: Rondine_Licia.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:01pm EDT

The Final Scene From Salome in Comparison

Six great divas sing the final scene from Salome:

Inge Borgkh, Maria Cebotari, Marisa Galvany, Birgit Nilsson, Leonie Rysanek, Ljuba Welitsch  (68 min.)

Direct download: Salomes.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 8:44pm EDT


 This is a truly exciting performance of Bellini's "i Puritani." It is from Vienna, 1994 under Placido Domingo and features Edita Gruberova, Marcello Giordani, Roberto Scandiuzzi, and Dmitri Hvorostovsky. (70 min.)  ENJOY!!!

Direct download: Pur.Grub..mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:22pm EDT

Roberto Devereux Exc.With Nelly Miricioiu

Highlights from an exciting performance of Roberto Devereux from London, 2002 under Maurizio Benini and featuring Nelly Miricoiou,Jose Bros,Sonia Ganassi, and Roberto Frontali.  (68 min.)

Direct download: Dever.Miric..mp3
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A bi-lingual presentation of highlights from Aida and Otello from French Radio 1948, conducted by Jules Gressier. It features Jose Luccioni,Maria Vitale, Charles Gambon.  (71 min.)

Direct download: Luccioni_operas.mp3
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Renata Tebaldi, born Feb.1, 1922

How could we know, on Feb.1, 1955, meeting Renata for the first time after her Desdemona debut on Jan.31, that it was her BIRTHDAY!!!!  No one was as loving and friendly...her performances were "EVENTS......and we kept up a telephone relationship on every birthday for many years. Bless the memory of someone who changed my life!!!!!!

P.S. The evenings ended with her screaming "Ciao" out the limo as we pursued her up the street. One night,I was almost impaled on a fire plug...and luckily I did NOT become a castrato.

                              With treasured memories    Charlie.

Direct download: Tebaldi_Desdemona.jpg
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Rest in Peace,Margaret Price

She left us too soon...A wonderful voice. I saw her Desdemona and Figaro Countess...Wonderful!!!


P.S. A few new glitches in the podcasts..Please be patient..Love Charlie

Direct download: Marg.Price.jpg
Category:general -- posted at: 7:10pm EDT

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Marcello Giordani

The happiest of birthdays (Jan.25) to dear Marcello Giordani, one of our great tenors...He is also as nice and natural a guy one could know....Bravo,maestro..Now try this:

Direct download: Giordani2.jpg
Category:general -- posted at: 12:56pm EDT

Happy Birthday to Dear Joseph Calleja

  As long as this weekend marks the birthdays of 2 1/2 artists, we should celebrate number 33 of the beloved Joseph Calleja (Jan.22), who will be singing in the matinee Met Rigoletto on his special day. If you go to facebook, you will behold a man who has endeared himself to so many of us off as well as on the stage. I have met many artists in my life, and they are as nice as can be, but Joe is something extraordinary!

  May I wish this magnificent tenor all my love for a happy birthday and many,many more.

                               Love   Charlie

Direct download: Calleja_Birthday_2011.jpg
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NO PUEDE SER!! Placido is 70 and the voice is still superb!!!

FELIZ CUMPLEANOS  to Maestro Placido Domingo, who turns 70 on Jan.21. How amazing to still sound wonderful, despite some lessening of range (well...whatyawant??) after over 50 years of singing onstage, rehearsing, practicing, not to mention running around the universe..

       May he enjoy many more years, just like that other lesser star (also Jan.21) who,compared to him, is on food stamps.(gg)

                                      Un abrazo al Maestro

                                                          Carlitos el Viejo

Direct download: Placidos_70th.jpg
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Manon 1951

A 1951 Manon w.Licia Albanese, Giuseppe Di Stefano,Martial Singher, Jerome Hines, and Allesio de Paolis under Fausto Cleva   (70 min.)

Direct download: Manon_1951.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 1:49pm EDT

Walkure Highlights from 1951

A stunning (stereophonic) performance by Kirsten Flagstad(age 56) with Astrid Varnay,Ferdinand Frantz,Blanche Thebom, and Gunther Treptow, conducted by Fritz Stiedry  (70 min.)

Direct download: Walkure_Met_1951.mp3
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The Evening Star

Compilation of 15 baritones singing the Tannhauser Evening Star aria. They are,in order:

Ramon Blanchart, Giuseppe de Luca, Mattia Battistini, Joel Berglund, Sigurd Bjoerling, Michael Bohnen, Joseph Schwarz, Eberhard Waechter, Thomas Tipton, Heinrich Schlusnus, Alexander Sved, Herbert Janssen, Gerhard Huesch, Lawrence Tibbett, and George London.   (68 min.)

Direct download: Evening_Star.mp3
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