I see so much love and appreciation on Facebook,etc. for dear Renata Tebaldi, I thought I would tell you a few PERSONAL experiences with her:

      I am aware I have posted some of these previously, but I know some of you have not seen them;those who have seen them, you can see them again...

1. After she signed every program (despite the cold), she got into the limo, and as it drove her up 40th St.,she yelled "Ciao" out the window, with us "Tebaldiani" running after her. Remember, this is where little Charlie forgot there was a fire plug,and almost became the last castrato.

2. At one of huge affairs,as she cut the cake, she waved the knife and said,
"Questo e il bacio di Tosca." This might have been the same party where she said to me, "Dammi il braccio,mio piccino,and since I knew Boheme even at a tender age, I responded,"Obbedisco,signorAAA" and someone snapped the photo of us, a treasure for me. You have seen it on Facebook.
   She also sang at one of the affairs,accompanied by my "maestro" Armen Boyajian, and we sat on the floor a few feet away....so you see why the rest of my life has been an anti-climax....well,sort of.

3.  Before she left on the ill-fated Andfea Doria, we saw her off, and then my friends gave me the London Forza, a gift to me on my 20th birthday.(She almost came to my surprise party.)

4.The Met went to Philadelphia on Tuesdays, and we saw her off on the train. She stood in the open last car,and when the baggage handler opened the door, she said, "Spoletta,chiudi."

   5. After dad died,I brought ma to her first opera, Traviata. Tebaldi held her hand backstage, and every time we met,she always asked, "Carlos, com'e  la madre?"  (The reason for the "Carlos" rather than "Carlo" is because I spoke Spanish at that time and not Italian, and her English was limited.)

7. At the Carnegie Bell Telephone Hr. around 1957 she looked down at us kiddies sitting in the first row, winked at us and then out came "Inflammatus" like a jet plane.

       O sante memorie.....Her performances were EVENTS and never could any of us forget what she meant to us in our misspent youth. Non possiamo scordare questa donna chi ha dato tanto a tutti noi e alla arte vocale.(opera Italian.....That is how I learned it....non ridere!!!! Carlos <

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  Yes, I know there are subtle and calm moments in opera to be treasured, but what is wrong about being lifted out of your seat,as I was 40 times by Franco??

 Nothing today compares to this kind of singing!!!!!

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You all know that there are so many singers,that sometimes it takes time to recognize what they have contributed. When I joined Facebook, and also at a friend’s recommendation, I discovered the Mar.31 birthday diva, Nelly Miricioiu.

She,like Leyla Gencer and a precious few other divas, lets it “all hang out,” and I once asked Zeani if the AIR in Romania causes some divas (Cotrubas,Zeani,etc.) to possess a special quality that is rare.

She also is the sweetest lady,and we love her, as evidenced by the Facebook posts.
So,a wonderful Happy Birthday to Nelly!!!!!

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OFFICIALLY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DEAR SAM!!!!!! When Sam one saw Norman Treigle early on....did he dream he would someday "inherit" some of the great man's famous roles...and the Olin Blitch scene here is RIVETING and represents an incredibly great artist..Love to dear Sam on his bithday..and my best to his lovely family....


We go back 45 years to our Anna Bolena,and we sang in Barbiere,Hoffmann,etc.

LOVE to dear Sam,one of opera's greatest artists!!!!!!!!!

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Close to 90 here!!!!!!  Magda just thrills the opera world with what she has accomplished!!!!!

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First year I cannot "call" her on her birthday...but she will NEVER be far from me.    Imagine that breath control and all the depth of emotion...a lesson to all!

 Buon compleanno 105 al miracolo!!!!!!

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At the "Loris,ove sei" near the end,I got thrills and chills..Happy birthday,dear Magda....Keep coaching those divas!!!!!!

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Remember tomorrow!!! Baby Magda at 65 made her Met debut in 1975..We cried all night...I have used this clip constantly to illustrate vocal control,breath support, emotional delivery,LOVE of singing,etc....Ovation is cut...it went on forever.

No room in bathroom stalls to change tapes....

Listen to the end..Rimuuuuuuuneri cosi....Most divas cannot SWELL there.
O say that if Magda ONLY sang that....we would know what she represented.....My candle is ready..Gee.I wish I had a Menorah with 105!!!!!

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NON SCORDARE....Light your candles (even a Jewish one like mine) for Mar.25 Magda's birthday (would have been 105.)
   I once asked her about the way she says "Nina Micheltorena in act 2 of Fanciulla...in a nasty way..showing her jealousy... Only special artists make DECISIONS that are especially effective....
I also love the glottal attacks..Amazing to have what we call an "old voice" and be a miracle!!!!!

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Over the years,I always told Zajick (born Mar.23 1952) that she was a unique throwback to the kind of “belt-it-out” voices we rarely have. I guess she realized I had fairly good taste, and invited me to do a mini-master class for her students…She has always been a “force of nature” and she feels there is nothing so rare as having a big voice..in an era where much of it is “pleasant.” Brava to her!!!!!

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