Renata will live in our hearts forever!!! She was the sweetest,nicest artist I ever knew. This Tokyo audiences goes ballistic,and deservedly so.

   The low tones are SCARY, especially the end,bringing chest voice up so high. Yes, as the years past, the top could get a bit "under pitch" but so WHAT!!!!


In the theatre it was as if 10 jet planes flew over. It was just so amazing!  I miss her so much,as true opera lovers do!


Still some computer problems,and sending videos until I can do podcasts again......




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  Warren was born on Apr.21, 1911 and at 6:36 on this clip you will hear the exact moment where we saw him die on stage on Mar.4,1960.

   We were devastated,but I will remember this great man forever!!!

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"Hello,mom," said Jan Kiepura Jr.(by cell phone) in Piotr's dressing room. It was about 2 years ago, and the legendary Martha Eggerth,born Apr.17, 1912, answered her son... It was as close as I came to this wonderful lady!!!!

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No WONDER she killed him....Just you wait!!!!!!!

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Perhaps the most mesmerizing singing we ever heard.

Note the B flat to B of Leonie at 3:30...We got SCARED!!!!!

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  Apr.12, 1933..when she showed up, Caballe was one of the greatest singers EVER!!!!


This verges on "camp" but we adore the final B!!!!!

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  Dear Aprile Millo celebrates her birthday on Apr.14.
She has been one of the last of what we call "old school" divas, respecting the art of singers such as Milanov and Tebaldi. I will always remember a statement she once made to me about my "covering an E Flat" as the Sacristan, for it showed that she understands vocal technique in great detail.

She is a dear,caring person, and those of us who know her in her operatic endeavors, as well as in a personal way, are so happy to wish her all our best wishes on this day.          
                                                                                      Sincerely,  Charlie

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After the show, we went back to Ramey's to count how long Galvany held the E flat  (My tape.)They were sensational!!!!!!

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Here are Zinka and Tucker in clip I promised.

Category:general -- posted at: 10:31am EDT

Talk about leaving a VOID,never yet to be filled..."No vun vill take my chair.". She sure was right, as Zinka and Tucker sang a fabulous Chenier on Apr.13, 1966. She sounded as fresh as this 1954 clip...Bless her forever...she gave me a treasurable youth....


Clip coming!!!!!!

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