Not great sound, but an amazing Callas recording for her upcoming birthday (Dec.2 or 3)

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Happy Thanksgiving

Whether or not you celebrate this holiday in your land, be most thankful for music in your lives, not to forget friends and family, and I thank you all for allowing me to bring opera into your lives, as it was brought to me.

Most sincerely,    Charlie



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The kid might be good some day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This may not be opera, but I was just totally captivated by this "kid."  AMAZING!!!!!!!

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    Zeani,Cotrubas,and now.........................Something about that land that is so conducive to emotion!!!!!!!

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What a thrill to hear my dear Marisa Galvany (one of her fake names),friends for 50 of the most exciting singers in my experience....and when we did Bolena, I did check to see if there was some microphone down her throat.  What a treasure she has been.

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Bruce Burroughs never did her book....What tales he could tell!!!!!!

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NEW DISCOVERY!!!! Go to Youtube for more of this superb baritone, and/or buy the DVD Attila from Parma.

  Remember how many baritones I have heard!!

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Mario walked across the stage..we went NUTS!! Get the stopwatch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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How wonderful to discover a new talent!!!!!  Mme. Branchini is the Odabella on the Parmi DVD Attila. She has the excitement, attention to the word and phrase..great attacks..and mixed chest voice........We could use her HERE. I hope she has a huge career.......I was thrilled, especially since I have heard so many superb sopranos in my life.

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