In the old Met we stood all the way down near the orchestra..Boxes hardly were overhanging. One night when Renata hit the high A on "amore,addio" (and you cannot tell from the video) my friend standing next to me lost control,hit me in the ribs, and I almost ended up like Cio-Cio San.....NO ONE here could imagine...Think of a jet plane landing in your living room

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What nostalgia as Renata returns to us in 1995. Piangero per sempre!!!!!!

  Ten years since she left us on Dec.19, 2004. Never to be forgotten!!!!!


Category:general -- posted at: 2:01 PM

  Ten years ago, on Dec.19, 2004, our beloved Renata Tebaldi departed this world, but those of us who knew her can never forget what she meant to us on and off stage.

 My mother's first opera was a Traviata in 1957, and I spoke Spanish to her,since I had not yet learned my operatic Italian and her English was limited. Every time we met she would say, "Carlos, com'e la mamma??"  (Carlos...not Carlo,because I started with her in espanol.)

We spoke on many birthdays in later years. You know we first met her oin Feb.1, 1955, after her Met Desdemona debut,which was Jan.31.Little did we know it was her birthday!!!!!

Non posso scordare la mia Renata..Sempre nel mio cuore!!!











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One of the STARS of the Internet is "Coloratura Fan," who compiles an incredible number of material, and who is a STAR of the opera-loving Internet world. Here is an example. Just go to his page and enjoy!!

Category:general -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Happy Dec.15 birthday to a marvelous soprano who showed so much emotion and who could thrill audiences for so long!!!!!!

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I am just thinking about Tebaldi a lot this week...I recall she went to Phila. for a perf...the Met used to go there. We saw her off in the last car...the baggage handler opened the door and she said, "Spoletta, CHIUDI." 

At a big affair once she was cutting the cake,held the knife up, and said, "Questo il bacio di Tosca."
   See how much fun we had with her.......

Also, at a Bell Carnegie, we sat in the first row..She looked down at us "kids", winked...and then launched into "Inflammatus." She made us feel so important."
 Ten yearsthis week (Dec.19),Renata has been gone........and anyone who knew her from 1955 will treasure her memory..

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Wolfgang!!!! I hope you do not have Internet. This is not boring. Some love the "crazy" productions for their "entertainment." value...but others curse like mad!!!

On the old Met standee line, we killed time (freezing)  by making up crazy opera scenes. Little did we know what was to come!!!!!!!


This clip sent to me by baritone (Marcello) David Bizic.



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These two are for me the best pair in this scene. as never able to capture Taddei's "Entrate" in my Marcellos....Well,who can?????

Carteri's declamations are for me the most effective..and I love many Mimis..

Category:general -- posted at: 12:25 AM

Another great singer the Met never engaged.......My favorite Mimi.....will post her in Boheme.

Category:general -- posted at: 12:15 AM

Dec.11, 1892....I bet his first words were "All'armi."

Here he is at calm as always!!!!!

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