Since I never hear my own tapes, a friend played Olivia's Nabucco aria (over the phone) years ago. I flipped out!!!! I did not recognize my own tape! She does just what we want...great singing that thrills me.

 On May 30,she celebrates her birthday (1940) and we wish her a great day. We have become friends, as she is a wonderful as a human being as she is onstage. She works in California with inner-city kids, whom she inspires.

Love to you,dear Olivia!!!!  

Category:general -- posted at: 4:30 PM

   Beverly at 8!!!!!  Not bad!!!!!

Category:general -- posted at: 12:11 AM

Beverly Sills and Carol Burnette at the Met. It was such fun!!!!

Category:general -- posted at: 12:07 AM

   Celebrating the birthday of the amazing Beverly Sills, who said she would "rather have 5 years of Callas than 5 years of me!" She was amazing on stage. and as I always state, "better than the sum of her parts.


NEW COMPUTER COMING, so I can do my usual audio podcasts.

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   The Gods of the voice were in a great mood on May 17 (and I will send clips later today) because they decided that May 17 would feature the birthdays of Zinka Milanov(1906),Birgit Nilsson (1918), and Gabriel Bacquier (1924).

  Their great contributions to opera are treasured, and I am glad that those Gods were feeling good on that day,whatever the year.

 You see,some days are special:  Gigli and Melchior on March 20 BOTH in 1890, and we all know two important dudes celebrate on Jan.21.

   Clips coming up!!

                           Nostalgic Charlie

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You all know I have heard the greats. I now feel that dear Michael Fabiano,born on May 8,1984, is a RARE singer in the opera world.

  He stepped in with short short notice for this Boheme at the Met, and I hope you enjoy him as much as the audience did.

  He also loves my crazy tapes.So I have ONE fan.


P.S.Will return to my audio podcasts as soon as I rob a bank and get a new computer.

       Regards Charlie

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Time for a new computer. I have been sending videos only, but when I am settled (and poor),I can resume my regular podcasts.

  Non mi scordare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Charlie

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   Renata will live in our hearts forever!!! She was the sweetest,nicest artist I ever knew. This Tokyo audiences goes ballistic,and deservedly so.

   The low tones are SCARY, especially the end,bringing chest voice up so high. Yes, as the years past, the top could get a bit "under pitch" but so WHAT!!!!


In the theatre it was as if 10 jet planes flew over. It was just so amazing!  I miss her so much,as true opera lovers do!


Still some computer problems,and sending videos until I can do podcasts again......




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  Warren was born on Apr.21, 1911 and at 6:36 on this clip you will hear the exact moment where we saw him die on stage on Mar.4,1960.

   We were devastated,but I will remember this great man forever!!!

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"Hello,mom," said Jan Kiepura Jr.(by cell phone) in Piotr's dressing room. It was about 2 years ago, and the legendary Martha Eggerth,born Apr.17, 1912, answered her son... It was as close as I came to this wonderful lady!!!!

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