Here are 37 examples of the great Rigoletto moment, courtesy of "Coloratura Fan," a marvelous contributor to our entertainment.

 Please get someone to do this with you, and forward the clip to me so I can play it for Lucic and Lungu.

   I still have the A the shower!!!

Category:general -- posted at: 3:05pm EDT

Michael Corvino sings this inspiring and heart-wrenching song from "The Most Happy Fella."

  Last thing (Robert Weede) my ma and dad saw before he passed it has a special nostalgic memory for me.

Michael is just magnificent here and we know him as a beautiful, warm human being as well!!!!!!

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Bryan Hymel Heroique Album

On occasion, a brilliant artist comes along and thrills audiences all over the globe. Here are three excerpts from tenor Bryan Hymel's Album entitled "Heroique."

The operas are: Vepres Siciliennes, Les Troyens (where he made a Met debut on short notice and was a sensation. See Youtube), and Queen of Sheba.

 Buy the whole album!!!!  As usual, I only give you excerpts, since I  would not want him to lose royalties. He is too nice a guy!

Direct download: Hymel_Fr.mp3
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GREATEST performance in my life.I have been to over 700 opera performances, The screaming at the end was FOREVER!!!!!!

Category:general -- posted at: 11:48am EDT

  I hope you enjoy dear Irina in Nabucco. Honestly, I think I pick the right divas.  Wonderful lady!!!!!

Category:general -- posted at: 11:37am EDT

Just got a call from dear Irina Rindzuner, on the way back to Europe, where she has been a brilliant success in Nabucco,Dutchman,Turandot,Aida,Trovatore,etc.

I "discovered' her as Santuzza in the now defunct City Opera, and we became friends.

  How can you eat with all that screaming? It should have been in a Chinese restaurant!!! She sure sings with plenty of MSG!!!!

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The MIRACLE of opera!!!!!!!!!   and FUN!!!!!


In person, she drowned out ten jet planes!!!!!

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Stockholm Opera 1978. Berislav Klobucar conducts:
Birgit Nilsson ( Färberin - Dyer's Wife)
Rolf Jupither ( Färber Barak - Dyer)
Barbro Ericson (Amme - Nurse)
Siv Wennberg (Kaiserin - Empress)
Matti Kastu (Kaiser - Emperor)



Great cast!!!!! I adored Ericson as Fricka..but she never stayed!!!!

Category:general -- posted at: 3:09pm EDT

Had not seen this in a while...She used to slowly rise out of the chair on "Ma,quando vien lo sgelo,"come forward slowly, and when she got to the top note, the Met SHOOK!!!

You cannot tell from records!!!!! My tears just started to flow,remembering what she was to me personally and to all of us "kids" Nostra MADRE!!!!

I carry with me the beautiful memory of Renata and will always remember how she was with her "children."

Category:general -- posted at: 10:47am EDT

Caro Daniele,

  Why don't you hold the last note longer????????????

That middle voice makes me crazy!!!!

Category:general -- posted at: 10:15am EDT

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