Tribute to Martha Moedl (1910-2001)

  My beloved tribute to Martha Moedl, one of the greatest artists in opera history. All selections are announced (73 min.)

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Happy to Be Back!

Glad we ironed out problems and will be doing more podcasts for you, when I am not at the Met. ( I am amazed I have 35 Met tickets this season...maybe I am not as jaded as i thought, but the repertory is better, and i do have some singers I love so much  (Piotr and Netrebko in Onegin Tuesday,Oct. 2)

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  The Met never recognizes the great young talent that is available in world-wide bathrooms....I feel they are so ignorant of what is there.....We need to help them to understand that such talent cannot be ignored.

  NON MANGIARE before you watch this..and get rid of little kids and small animals!!!!!

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Mefistofele Scenes with Zeani and Olivero

  I present the Garden Scene and the Prison Scene from Boito's Mefistofele, featuring two of the greatest verismo sopranos, Magda Olivero and Virginia Zeani.

The Olivero performance is from Macerata, 1972, and features Cesare Siepi and Giorgio Merighi.

The Zeani performances is from Trieste, 1970, and features Nicola Rossi-Lemeni (Virginia's husband) and Umberto Grilli.     (61 min.)

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Jonas Kaufmann Sings Verdi

Just to see if these podcasts are FINALLY working, here are arias from Luisa Miller and I Masnadieri, from the wonderful new Jonas Kaufmann Verdi album. He is superb!!!!

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   When I see two Normas this year, with Sondra Radvanovsky and Angela Meade, I will be very let-down, because NO ONE can compare with Mme.Lynn.Oh well, tutto declina!!!!!!

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  Cornell MacNeil, born Sept.24, 1922, caused a FUROR every time he sang his sensational high notes. It was breathtaking!!! Bless this man, not just for high notes, but for his great singing.

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  The night after we saw Warren pass away on stage, the great Bastianini, born Sept.22, 1922, sang a magnificent Gerard in Andrea Chenier. It was March 5, 1960 and we were not in a very good mood;however, at least we did hear another great baritone. We lost him too soon of throat cancer, but he will always be remembered as one of the great baritones.

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I heard this great man shortly before his passing. He sang this aria and "La donna e mobile."He sounded as brilliant always. Born Sept.24, 1927, he was a model of taste,style,technique.One of the greatest tenors ever!

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