New Years Resolutions for Opera Characters:

Salome-           Ich vill nicht shtripen

Wotan-    I will finally use birth control because I do not want any more noisy daughters. (Besides, I can't pronounce their names.)

Iago:    I will act like a cutesy little Teddy Bear.

Tristan-     I respect older people in the theatre with bladder problems so I will take only 10 minutes to die.

Violetta-    I will only take the E  flat in Sempre Libera if They triple my salary.

Andrea Chenier    I will be calmer lest I lose my head.

Amfortas-    I will stop being such a big baby and stop kvetching

Tosca-      The next time I will NOT hit the trampolin.

Witch in Hansel and Gretel     I will go on a total vegetarian diet

Lucia    I will stop imitating that Australian girl and clean up my diction.

De Grieux    The next dude who calls my girlfriend a hooker has to deal with me!

Falstaff    OK, I will cut down on 10 pizzas a day to only 9.

Elsa        I will mind my own business and stop asking people for their name.

OK...add more.............................Charlie (not even drunk)

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As we look back on 2014, we must remember with affection so many celebrities who gave the world so much.

 Magda made it to age 104. She is a "baby" here at 83 in 1993.  Who else could achieve this????? Bless her memory forever. Riposa in Pace.



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Vet or Met???
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Love and best wishes to you all!! You make my life a pleasure and a treasure!!!!

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Giordani, said to me once...., "I know Piotr is your favorite tenor...I love him too....." I did not respond..although Piotr,who was born Dec.28,1966, IS the best thing to come along in many years...Not the size or a lot of squillo..but beauty,style,elegance..No wonder his fav.tenors are Gedda and Wunderlich.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


He's the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Charlie

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Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin

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Do you now realize why I was almost NEVER home as a new opera lover?

 This is Zinka at her greatest..Note the "ferma" offstage and coming onstage..and the section that follows is for my sensational!!!!!

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Amazing lady....a bit "eccentric" vocalism,but still a legend and still performing. Dec.23, 1946 birthday.

  I LOVE the "scooooops" into the high notes!!!

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May all of you have a wonderful Holiday wherever you are!!!!!!!!!

Tauber is such a great guy!!!!!!


               Love,   Charlie

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Happy Holidays

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!!!!!!!

                      Charlie Handelmaniac

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Jussi wishes you a wonderful Holiday Season,as do you wonderful people!!!!!

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  • I had posted on “learning a language through opera.” If all you know is what you know from opera, you surely can uses these phrases (and produce hilarity for the natives.):

    1. Lousy meal: “Eh cameriere…questo piato puzza di rifritto.”

    2. Nasty Hotel Clerk: “Va….fuggi”

    3.Very angry at someone “Cruda, funesta smania”

    4.Crying at a film in Paris: “Pleurez,pleurez,mes yeux”

    5. Trying to make out with someone: ” Du bist der Lenz”

    6. Homesick: “O Patria mia”

    7. During sex with “Cortesan”(I didn’t say “Putana”): ” Basta,Roberti” OR”Basta,Roberta.”

    8. Bad food: “Ohime, morir mi sento.”

    9. Fire in your hotel room “Di quella pira.”

    10. Hating a mean landlady: “Maledizione” OR “A terra…e piangi” OR
    ” Man tote dieses Weib”

    11. Kept up by orchestra on the plaza: “Nessun Dorma”

    12. Departure: “Addio,senza rancor.”

    13. They came into your hotel room and robbed some furniture:
    “Adieu,notre petite table.”

    14. I can’t sleep in this dump. “Ich habe nicht gute Nachte”

    15. Bad service at Easter GUESS!! (a te,la mala Pasqua.”

    Come on..nutcases like me..Let’s hear some of yours!!!!

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Let us celebrate the birthday of Giacomo Puccini,born Dec.22, 1858 .We would need  5000 towels to catch all the tears he makes us shed in a lifetime. Diana Soviero sings the Suor Angelica Finale here.


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  • Rita Gorr, at a Dallas I rehearsal, yells at Mario del Monaco for being out of costume.
  • The famous "Dristan und Isolde" -- where Jon Vickers tells the audience (Dallas again..maybe it is the climate?) to "shut up with your damn coughing!"
  • Franco Bonisolli, famous for his outbursts, calls for "Wasser" just before he takes the first high C in "Di Quella pira" in a Hamburg performance. I guess they brought it to him, because he then unleashes a mighty one! (after some booing)
  • Montserrat Caballé faints halfway through a rendition of "Addio del passato" in 1972 at the Paris Opera. But give her credit at least for trying! Five years later, when she canceled the opening night of Turandot at La Scala, Maestro Zubin Mehta had to go out and announce the bad news to the audience.
  • The funniest soprano in the world (yes, even funnier than Florence Foster Jenkins), Mari Lynn, of public access television fame, reads the letter from La Traviata..which sounds much closer to La TraviYENTA! I played this for Diana Soviero, telling her this was a "Violetta the likes of which she had never seen before" and she almost fell off the couch!
  • More inimitable performances: Madame Lynn sings "Sempre libera"
  • An insane lady in the City Opera audience lets out a blood-curdling "primal scream" just before tenor Henry Price begins act two Traviata aria.Worse than Klytaemnestra being murdered!
  • And speaking of screams, here's a re-engineered version of the final scene from Tosca...

  GUESS THE SCREAMS and you get to bring a U-Haul to my house and take.please!!!!!!! all my lp's that are never played....ORRRRORE!!!!


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In the old Met we stood all the way down near the orchestra..Boxes hardly were overhanging. One night when Renata hit the high A on "amore,addio" (and you cannot tell from the video) my friend standing next to me lost control,hit me in the ribs, and I almost ended up like Cio-Cio San.....NO ONE here could imagine...Think of a jet plane landing in your living room

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What nostalgia as Renata returns to us in 1995. Piangero per sempre!!!!!!

  Ten years since she left us on Dec.19, 2004. Never to be forgotten!!!!!


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  Ten years ago, on Dec.19, 2004, our beloved Renata Tebaldi departed this world, but those of us who knew her can never forget what she meant to us on and off stage.

 My mother's first opera was a Traviata in 1957, and I spoke Spanish to her,since I had not yet learned my operatic Italian and her English was limited. Every time we met she would say, "Carlos, com'e la mamma??"  (Carlos...not Carlo,because I started with her in espanol.)

We spoke on many birthdays in later years. You know we first met her oin Feb.1, 1955, after her Met Desdemona debut,which was Jan.31.Little did we know it was her birthday!!!!!

Non posso scordare la mia Renata..Sempre nel mio cuore!!!











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One of the STARS of the Internet is "Coloratura Fan," who compiles an incredible number of material, and who is a STAR of the opera-loving Internet world. Here is an example. Just go to his page and enjoy!!

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Happy Dec.15 birthday to a marvelous soprano who showed so much emotion and who could thrill audiences for so long!!!!!!

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I am just thinking about Tebaldi a lot this week...I recall she went to Phila. for a perf...the Met used to go there. We saw her off in the last car...the baggage handler opened the door and she said, "Spoletta, CHIUDI." 

At a big affair once she was cutting the cake,held the knife up, and said, "Questo il bacio di Tosca."
   See how much fun we had with her.......

Also, at a Bell Carnegie, we sat in the first row..She looked down at us "kids", winked...and then launched into "Inflammatus." She made us feel so important."
 Ten yearsthis week (Dec.19),Renata has been gone........and anyone who knew her from 1955 will treasure her memory..

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Wolfgang!!!! I hope you do not have Internet. This is not boring. Some love the "crazy" productions for their "entertainment." value...but others curse like mad!!!

On the old Met standee line, we killed time (freezing)  by making up crazy opera scenes. Little did we know what was to come!!!!!!!


This clip sent to me by baritone (Marcello) David Bizic.



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These two are for me the best pair in this scene. as never able to capture Taddei's "Entrate" in my Marcellos....Well,who can?????

Carteri's declamations are for me the most effective..and I love many Mimis..

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Another great singer the Met never engaged.......My favorite Mimi.....will post her in Boheme.

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Dec.11, 1892....I bet his first words were "All'armi."

Here he is at calm as always!!!!!

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88 years old here...Born Dec.11,1892

Slightly egoista....un po pazzo!!!!! But I would love to have heard him live!!!!!

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  I was 15.....I saw them together in my first opera ever..Zinka's lows are so gorgeous......Just fabulous.

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Nice to find a new singer..great Marcello last week at the Met!!!!

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Just experimenting and so here is the late great Magda Olivero in Manon Lescaut.

Direct download: 01_-_Magda-Morbide.mp3
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Trying to use new Libsyn format.

Direct download: Callas_Tur.mp3
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For Maria's Dec.2 birthday, an AMAZING recording.

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Ed Rosen and Carlo Handelmania attempt to sing Puritani Duet. (He always holds the last note LONG!!!)

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On her Dec.2 (or 3) birthday, we must bless her for what she did for opera!!!!!!!!

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Wonderful voice

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Not great sound, but an amazing Callas recording for her upcoming birthday (Dec.2 or 3)

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Happy Thanksgiving

Whether or not you celebrate this holiday in your land, be most thankful for music in your lives, not to forget friends and family, and I thank you all for allowing me to bring opera into your lives, as it was brought to me.

Most sincerely,    Charlie



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The kid might be good some day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Category:general -- posted at: 3:28pm EDT

This may not be opera, but I was just totally captivated by this "kid."  AMAZING!!!!!!!

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    Zeani,Cotrubas,and now.........................Something about that land that is so conducive to emotion!!!!!!!

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What a thrill to hear my dear Marisa Galvany (one of her fake names),friends for 50 of the most exciting singers in my experience....and when we did Bolena, I did check to see if there was some microphone down her throat.  What a treasure she has been.

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Bruce Burroughs never did her book....What tales he could tell!!!!!!

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NEW DISCOVERY!!!! Go to Youtube for more of this superb baritone, and/or buy the DVD Attila from Parma.

  Remember how many baritones I have heard!!

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Mario walked across the stage..we went NUTS!! Get the stopwatch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Category:general -- posted at: 8:03pm EDT

How wonderful to discover a new talent!!!!!  Mme. Branchini is the Odabella on the Parmi DVD Attila. She has the excitement, attention to the word and phrase..great attacks..and mixed chest voice........We could use her HERE. I hope she has a huge career.......I was thrilled, especially since I have heard so many superb sopranos in my life.

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....and she knew death was near...I weep so much at this.......God Bless Her!!!!!

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GOD BLESS the memory of our beloved lady...We miss her so!!!!!! Yes, Moedl,Jones, and Gencer..she had her flaws....But what a great great lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Category:general -- posted at: 11:22pm EDT

In order to remain a member of this forum,each member (who cares what gender??) must send me his/her/its recording of this aria .I cannot myself do it anymore..Quel dommage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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One of the most sensational singers of all-time..Yes, I know she wrote one of the world's shortest books,"Diction for sopranos."    BUT who is perfect..Live...we went NUTS!!!!!!

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Nov.7, 1936..Could be VERY flawed..but fabulous lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (like Moedl)

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Mediterranean Opera Studio will hold its New York City Winter Intensive this
year from January 12-24. We were incredibly impressed with the quality of
teaching and the advances made by attendees in Caltagirone, Sicily this
Summer 2014, and so we are bringing instructors Nelly Miricioiu and
Salvatore Fisichella to New York.

These exceptional teachers, together with MOS director Jack Li Vigni, will
help participants advance in their technical abilities and put them much
closer to their artistic goals as operatic performers. Both advanced and
intermediate singers will be accepted. The deadline to apply is December 20,

I just got really turned on to Nelly.  For NewYawkers.she will give me specifics.....

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WHY???? They do not make them anymore like this...The incredible,versatile lady!!!!!

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Tosca from Atlanta,1963

Under Silvio Varviso in Atlanta,Georgia in 1963. I present a glorious (somewhat distant) Tosca with Milanov,Tucker, and Colzani.  I miss them so much!

Direct download: Tosca_Atl.mp3
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Lucrezia Bori

Very famous soprano. Speeches, Exc.From Manon With Richard Crooks(1935-6),Exc.from Rondine w.Mario Chamlee (1934)

Direct download: Bori.mp3
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Cavalleria Rusticana

Cossotto and Bergonzi sure light up the stage in this 1970's Cavalleria under Christopher Keene. Also featured are Anselmo Colzani,Jean Kraft, and Nedda Casei (Lola)

Direct download: CavCos.mp3
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Inge Borgk

Oberon,Gotterdamerung,Consul,Macbeth  SUPERB!!!!!!!

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To all my scary opera buddies...May I wish you a wonderful Halloween.I am trick or treating dressed as Zinka Milanov.

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No.20 for you

1 Lauritz.Melchior                    Walkure "Walse"  (get a stopwatch)

2. Mario Filippeschi     PIRA!!!!

3. Renata Scotto                         Luisa Miller aria

4. Vera Galupe-Borszkh    In questa reggia    (Ira Siff -better than most Turandots)

5. Piero Cappuccilli                        Attila Cab...B FLAT!!!

6.  Joseph Schmidt                            Ma Parri

7. Diana Soviero                              Mefistofele aria

8.Christine Goerke               "Come scoglio" (Cosi)

9. Sergei Lemeshev              May Night Aria

10. Georges Thill                    Saffo aria

11.Maria Caniglia                   "Pace"

12. Marilyn Horne                   "Or la tromba"

13. Joseph Rogatchevsky     Oberon aria

14. Antonio Cortis                    PIRA

15. Lucine Amara, Richard Tucker,Martial Singher   Hoffmnn Trio

16. Meta Seinemeyer            Liebestod  (great  singer,died at 33)

Direct download: 20_comp.mp3
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  Peter Grimes scene.He is remarkable!!!!!

Category:general -- posted at: 6:54pm EDT

Oct.29, 1921..The tough guy,Jon Vickers was born. Did you ever drink DRISTAN for a cold???????

  GREAT MAN!!!!!!!!!

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I can do it the basso key...................

Galvany at 3:30

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Another great compilation by "Coloratura Fan." His contributions are amazing!!!!!

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Leonce Escalais

Léon Escalaïs (August 8, 1859, Cuxac-d'Aude – November 8, 1940, Cuxac-d'Aude) was a prominent Gallic tenor, particularly associated with French and Italian heroic roles. His lean, nimble and powerful voice was noted for the ease and brilliance of its upper register.

Life and career

Born Léonce-Antoine Escalaïs, he commenced his vocal studies as a young man at the Music Conservatory of Toulouse, where he won prizes for singing and opera performance. He continued his studies at the Paris Conservatory with two well-known teachers of the day, Crosti and Obin, prior to making his professional debut at the Théâtre du Château (Paris) in 1882, in Sardanapale by Jean-Baptiste Duvernoy.

Escalaïs was offered a contract by the Paris Opéra. His first appearance with the Paris Opéra at the Palais Garnier occurred in 1883, as Arnold in Guillaume Tell. (Arnold would become one of his signature roles.)

Two years later, he sang for the first time at the Théâtre de la Monnaie in Brussels, and he made his debut at La Scala, Milan, in 1888. He left the Paris Opéra in 1892 after a dispute with management and accepted engagements in Dijon, Lyon, Marseille and Italy. Among the taxing roles which he undertook were Eléazar in La Juive, Robert in Robert le diable, Raoul in Les Huguenots, Vasco in L'Africaine and the title parts in Le Cid and Sigurd.

Between 1892 and 1908, Escalaïs sang more often in Italy (this is wrong, he sang once in Milan and it was a fiasco) than he did in his native land. He added to his repertoire such Verdi roles as Manrico in Il trovatore, Radamès in Aida and the title part in Otello' (Escalais never sang Otello)'. Consequently, he was sometimes described as "the French Tamagno" (after Francesco Tamagno, the Italian heroic tenor).

Escalaïs rejoined the Paris Opéra in 1908. The following year, he sang as a guest artist at the New Orleans Opera House. These would be his only performances in the United States. He retired from the stage in 1912 while still in good voice and was appointed to the Legion of Honour by the French Government in 1927. In retirement, he gave private singing lessons. One of his students was José Luccioni, an outstanding dramatic tenor of the 1930s and '40s. Escalaïs died in Cuxac-d'Aude during the Second World War, aged 82.

What a VOICE!!!!!!   Wm.Tell, Robert le Diable, Huguenots,Prophete,Africaine,Juive,Jerusalem,Trovatore,Aida, Otello

Direct download: Escalais.mp3
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Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Category:general -- posted at: 12:48am EDT

OK guys..Go into the shower.....or do it in your car...or in the grocery store..and do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Category:general -- posted at: 4:57pm EDT

I hate those unemotional tenors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Category:general -- posted at: 2:18pm EDT

The great,darling man, with whom my friend studied was born Oct.22, 1885.Not always a voice for all tastes..BUT a sensational career!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Category:general -- posted at: 12:50pm EDT

Virginia has been one the phone all day;so many have called her to celebrate her birthday.  We bless this wonderful lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Category:general -- posted at: 1:05pm EDT

Happy Birthday to my beloved friend and great artist,Virginia Zeani,Oct.21. Since the Tebaldi days,no singer has touched my heart as dear Virginia.

Category:general -- posted at: 7:05pm EDT

In anticipation of my darling Virginia's 89th birthday on Oct.21.

I am finally at the opera..and feel more podcasts to come!!!!!

Category:general -- posted at: 12:37pm EDT

The wonderful collection by "Coloratura fan" gives us so much pleasure.e

Category:general -- posted at: 10:43pm EDT

My darling "sorella" Virginia Zeani turns 89 On Oct.21. Listen to the emotion in that voice and the richness of the low tones. Bless this wonderful artist and dear friend.

Category:general -- posted at: 10:34pm EDT

Oct.12, 1935...the great man was born!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Category:general -- posted at: 1:08pm EDT

ADORE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wherever she is,she will teach them about CHEST!!!!

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Olimpia Boronat

Olimpia Boronat (1859 or 1867[1] – 1934) was an Italian operatic coloratura soprano, noted for her performances of the soprano roles in the bel canto repertory.

Boronat was born in Genoa, and made her debut either there or in Naples during 1885. She sang around the world, particularly the Spanish-speaking world, but was particularly associated with Russia; she first sang there at St Petersburg in 1894. She married a member of the Polish aristocracy, and retired from the stage for six years from 1896 to 1902. After her hiatus, she sang initially in Russia; it was not until 1909 that she returned to her native Italy to sing.

Boronat was noted for a voice of great beauty and clarity, and exceptional technical ability, coupled with sensitive musicianship. She was particularly associated with the roles of Rosina in The Barber of Seville, Violetta in La traviata, Elvira in I puritani, and Ophélie in Hamlet.

After her retirement, Boronat founded a singing school in Warsaw.

Puritani,Don Pasquale,Rigoletto, Martha, Huguenots,Sonnambula, Olga (Gianelli),Nightingale, 2 Ave Marias (Bach)

....and speaking of BACH,I hope my fuguing BACH gets better. If you do not get the pun, you are not missing an anything)

Direct download: Boronat.mp3
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 My dear buddies from Angola to Zanzibar,

   Please bear with me since I have had a rough time sitting and hope you will "back me up"...Love you all............

Charlie (not the guy in the photo,but I feel like him.)

Category:general -- posted at: 8:53pm EDT

Sorry for not posting much.

Gettng massages  (Polish lady)  maybe O will soon sound like PYOTR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Category:general -- posted at: 10:32pm EDT

nO ONE SINGs LIKE THIS....................

Category:general -- posted at: 7:55pm EDT

She OWNED the role.....

Category:general -- posted at: 7:47pm EDT


Category:general -- posted at: 7:45pm EDT

I cannot do this anymore....

Category:general -- posted at: 7:27pm EDT

Miss her...................

Category:general -- posted at: 7:24pm EDT

Category:general -- posted at: 7:01pm EDT

Try this!!!!!!

Category:general -- posted at: 6:37pm EDT

Dearest Magda

Born as Maria Maddalena Olivero in Saluzzo, Italy, she made her operatic debut in 1932 on radio in Turin radio singing Nino Cattozzo's (1886–1961) oratorio, I misteri dolorosi.[1]

She performed widely and increasingly successfully until 1941, when she married and retired from performing. She returned to the stage ten years later, at the request of Francesco Cilea, who asked her to sing again the title role in his opera Adriana Lecouvreur.[2][3]

From 1951 until her final retirement, Olivero sang in opera houses around the world. Among her most renowned interpretations were the leading parts in Adriana Lecouvreur, Iris, Fedora, La bohème, La fanciulla del West, La traviata, La Wally, Madama Butterfly, Manon Lescaut, Mefistofele, and Turandot (as Liù).

She sang in Cherubini's Médée at the Dallas Opera in 1967 and in Kansas City in 1968.[4] In 1975, Olivero made her début at the Metropolitan Opera House in Tosca. Her last performances on stage were in March 1981 in the one-woman opera, La voix humaine by Poulenc.[5] Her stage career ended at age 71, after spanning nearly 50 years. She continued to sing sacred music locally and, well into her eighties, made a recording of several arias.[citation needed] Recordings exist of many of her great performances of both full operas and arias and scenes.

GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Category:general -- posted at: 5:49pm EDT

I have NO WORDS!!!!!

My beloved Magda is gone................................I have no wprds..through my tears

Category:general -- posted at: 4:38pm EDT

Giuseppe Danise

Superb Voice!! Pagliacci,Chenier,Zaza, Faust

Direct download: Danise.mp3
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Licia Albanese-In Memorium

Bless Dear Licia,as we hear Suor Angelica,Rondine,Onegin, Louise

Direct download: Licia_Mem.mp3
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Bear with me...12 hrs.,on a gurney in hospital........Will hope to see you soon,,Back is injured

Category:general -- posted at: 11:39am EDT

Our Beloved Renata

Tebaldi arias  Louise,Forza,Wally,Forz.Boheme,Lescaut,Chenier,Mefistofele,Adriana,(Alli Live)

Exclude the small print.

I have been ill (BACK!!~) .Hope I do more.

Direct download: Tebaldi3.mp3
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Cesare Siepi  Rossini

Italiana,Barbiere,Maometto,Tancredi,Cenerentola,Donna del Lago

Direct download: Siepi_Rossini.mp3
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Agnes Baltsa Sings Rossini

Italiana, Barbiere, Maometto, Italiana,Tancredi, cenerentola,Semiramide,dona del lago

Direct download: Baltsa.mp3
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Parsifal Finale

Placido Domingo, Falk Struckman   cond. Christian Thielemann

Direct download: Parsifal_Placido.mp3
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Martha Moedl

Wagner's Wesendonk Lieder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greatest lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Direct download: Moedl_Wes.mp3
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Number 19 for you

1.NAPUKO.....The greatest basso ever. (I sang with him....hard not to laugh)

2.Tagliavini   Amor ti vieta (Fedora)

3. Richard Tucker   Celeste Aida

4. Ernani Ensemble..Milanov,Warren,Del Monaco (I saw all of them)

5. Olive Middleton recites (?) Adriana Phedre Scene

6.Gabriel Bacquier   Damnation of Faust aria

7.Dino Borgioli   Una furtiva lagrima

8. Piotr Beczala    Macbeth aria  (My fav.tenor)

9.  Caruso  Duca D'alba aria   (LORD!!!!)

10.   Fedora Barbieri   Trovatore  "Condotta)

11.Rita Hunter  Trovatore (In English)

12.Fanciulla finale (I cry every time) Dorothy Kirstem Clifford Harvuot (Sonora's lines get to me every time..

13. Marisa Galvany (as mezzo)  Aida act 4 scene

Direct download: 19th_comp.mp3
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Dr.Emil Schipper

Iphigenie in Aulis,Lohengrin, Siegfried, Rigoletto

Direct download: DR.mp3
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1.JUSSI in Romeo

2. Carlo Bergonzi (Bless him)

3. Olive Middleton (about156 yrs..old.)

4. Joel Berglund

5. ZINKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Paolo Silveri

Don  Giovanni,Favorita,Barber, Tell, Rigoletto, Trovatore

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Birgit Nilsson in Gotterdamerung,Elektra,Frau     OH BOY!!!!

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Paul Schoeffler

Tannhauser,Dutchman,Meistersinger (w.Seefried)

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Tino Pattiera

Aida,Ugonotti,Rigoletto, Trovatore

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