Tebaldi Farewell Pt.1

Part One of Tebaldi NY  Feb.19, 1976 Farewell

(Acc.Martin Katz)


Sarti:Lungi dal caroi bene

Scarlatti: Se Florindo e fedele

Rossini:  Anzoleta avanti la regata

Bellini:  Vanne,o rosa fortunata

Verdi:  Otello "Ave Maria"

Rossini:  L'invito

Gluck:  Alceste aria

Puccini:  Mimi Addio

Wolf-Ferrari:  O miei sospir





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This was 1970..OK the very top was going..BUT it was a sensation....The "tre assi e un paio" in the house was as if ten cannons went off.....

  We ripped up programs........confetti!!!!

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We were 18..First row Carnegie Hall. She winked at us..and then....here it is!!!!!

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Happy Birthday to my adored Renata Tebaldi, 2/1/22

    Happy Birthday to one who will remain forever in our hearts.


Click the word "General" to see photo. She said, "Dammi il braccio,mio piccino." I was 18, but knew enough to respond,



More to follow..

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Happy Jan.21 birthday to at least one famous guy, but the other one is also a star(in my own mind.)

 Tannhauser,Luisa Miller (where he gets to sing, "Quando le sere al PLACIDO"),and duet w.Pilar Lorengar.

                        Un abrazo fuerte,Placido!!!!

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Slezak's international career commenced in London at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, where he sang Siegfried (a punishing role that he would soon drop from his repertoire) and Lohengrin in 1900. (He would return to Covent Garden in 1909 after undertaking further vocal studies in Paris the previous year with a great tenor of a previous era, Jean de Reszke.)

Slezak secured a three-year contract with the New York Metropolitan Opera in 1909. Met audiences acclaimed him in performances of works by Wagner and Verdi. Along with Italy's Giovanni Zenatello, he became the most famous Otello of his generation, famously performing the role at the Met with Arturo Toscanini conducting.

He was a convivial person, and many anecdotes reveal his amiable sense of humour. The best-known example is as follows: during a performance of Wagner's Lohengrin, a stage hand sent the swan out too early, before the tenor could hop aboard. Seeing his feathered transportation disappear into the wings, Slezak ad-libbed to the audience: "Wann fährt der nächste Schwan?" ("When does the next swan leave?").

Slezak had a versatile repertory which embraced 66 roles. They included notably Rossini's Guillaume Tell, Manrico, Radames, Walter, Tannhäuser, Hermann and, as we have seen, Otello and Lohengrin. He sang 44 roles in Vienna alone, where he chalked up 936 appearances in 1901-12 and 1917–27 and became an idol of audiences.


Dame Blanche,Euryanthe,Queen of Sheba

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Come to NY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Fine young tenor from Barcelona...Follows in great company.....you know who??????

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Some people  are offended at stuff like this.However, if you get up in front of people, you have to take the consequences.

   If you are a young artist and make an error...OK...BUT you must have some semblance of technique.

  I do like crazy stuff...not to be mean...but look, if you are SERIOUS about singing..you cannot do this!!!!

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Zinka and Ethel loved each other...That figures!!!!


I taught at the high School (Bryant) where Ethel Zimmerman attended.....My friend was in her class and at 16, she could BELT!!!

 Born Jan.16, 1908...I saw her first when I was 12.(Annie Get Your Gun),Dolly, Gypsy, and revival of Annie.

  The brass and the wobble (more pronounced here..it is late Ethel) meant nothing live..She was a thrill!!!!!!!!

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  Hi..I must apologize..every time I start an audio podcast..something goes wrong..so doing some videos.


I do not want to lose my BUDDIES....I will work on it this week..... OK?


 Love Charlie

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Superb!!!!  By t he way,the Poliuto was a rehearsal..so that is why you have no audience reaction.

  This guy is the real stuff.  He is BUSY!!!!!




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Supern tenor...Pretti does the aria uncut and adds some notes....Superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SQUILLANTE!!!!!  More to come....

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I did this when I was normal..Guess the Tosca screams and you get my entire collection..postage free.

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Nice to find exciting new talent. I hope you enjoy Jamison as I do.

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Opera Resolutions...but not the boring,mild ones I just read on Facebook.They never read MAD magazine:

1. Samson-Stop the steroids.Your boobs are bigger than Hedy Lamar's. Grow up and get more Mature.

2. Wotan/Gurnemanz/King Marke- Ask sleeping friends to give you gifts if you can tell your stories in one minute, plus in the case of Tristan, just take a quick-acting dose of arsenic so Isolde does not have to wait 3 hrs.

3. Any Manon- if you sing with Grigolo, tell him that if he screams in your ear at the end, you will make him a castrato.

4. Tosca- make sure in act 2, you kick Scarpia..not your train.They do that only in Zagreb

5. William Tell- if you think the Jemmy is a nasty singer, get Bocelli to shoot the apple.

6. The 8 Walkyries before your sister runs in- just lipsynch to Angela Gheorghiu;it's quieter that way.

7. Arturo (Puritani)- audition tenors who wish to sing you, making sure they can F like Larry Brownlee or Eric Owens.

8.  Macbeth- if any tenor tries to sing you, don't make his life peaceful.

9. Rigoletto- I don't care if Herheim tells you to hump Gilda..just lay off girls.....unless the Giovanna looks like Netrebko.

10. Queen of the Night- stick to your F's and stop watching Richard Simmons' shows.

11. Don Giovanni-if it lasts more than 14 hrs., go see Dulcamara.

12. Azucena- marry a good fireman.

13. Simpleton- Run on a third party. You can beat Trump and the rest of them.

14. Klytaemnestra- Join Facebook. We need at least one normal person.

15. Salome- Aw..grow up and use your head.

16. Tosca Shepherd.-if you want to sing Mario some day, ask A-Rod for some good stuff.

17. Violetta- Stay out of the Met.We have enough coughers, and that is Too Bad (TB)

18. Octavian-better see a therapist to find out what gender you prefer ("Why is that lady singing a man,dressing like a lady?")

19. Gutrune- You are really a nice girl.Don't believe Anna Russell when she calls you a Gibitch.

20.  Lousy Manrico- Groucho,Harpo, and Chico will replace you with Michael Fabiano.

I am sure you can add others, unless you are off the same drugs I take.
Carlo Pazzo, nel giardino

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