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    Hi all,
         I may have mentioned my huge opera cassette/cd/dvd/vhs catalogues previously, but just a reminder that if you wish to peruse my material, over 10,000 items, please feel free to E-mail me at Please provide full name and mailing address.
           I do not send the cassette catalogue unless you specifically request it, because it is enormous, and the postage costs are quite high;however, if you want it ALL, do not hesitate to request the whole collection.
             In this way, you will better understand why there is no room in my house for even ME!

                                   My best   Charlie

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Lucia Aliberti

Soprano Lucia Aliberti in scenes from Beatrice di Tenda, La Traviata,
Aroldo, and Il Pirata.
   I hope they are to your liking.   My best   Charlie

                              (63 min.)

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Meta Seinemeyer  (redone)

  With new material, here is the promised podcast of the marvelous
  Meta Seinemeyer, who left us tragically at only age 33. I am sure you
will enjoy it. The four cd album on the Preiser label is still available from Amazon,at a greatly reduced price of $40.00,if you wish to sample even more of her art.

                                  My best   Charlie

                                         (73 min.)


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French Tenors-2

The second podcast that features some superb tenors of the French school. They are as follows, in order of the podcast:

Emile Marcellin, David Devries, Agustarello Affre, Jose De Trevi,
Jean Anzani, Paul Goffin, Guy Cazavena, Cesar Vezzani,
Jose Luccioni, Raoul Girard, Gaston Micheletti, Rene Verdierre,
Louis Delaguerriere,Eugene De Creuse, Maurice Capitaine,
Edmond Rambaud, Josef Rogatchewsky, Miguel Villabella (in photo),
and Georges Thill.

                     I sincerely hope you enjoy these wonderful artists!

                                  (73 min.)

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Congratulations to Placido Domingo!

  A tribute to the remarkable Placido Domingo on the occasion of his 40th anniversary at the Met, as well as recognition for a career that has emerged as one of the greatest in music history.

Selections are from:   Cavalleria Rusticana, Rienzi, Lohengrin,
   Elijah, Samson et Delilah,Adriana Lecouvreur, Andrea Chenier,
   Manon, Carmen (w.Resnik), Iris, Otello, Luisa Fernanda, El Trust ,     and a beautiful rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

       Our most sincere congratulations to Mr.Domingo for all he has
        achieved in the music world.


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Piotr Beczala, a magnificent tenor,in highlights from his latest album.

     I sincerely hope you enjoy the voice and artistry of the superb Piotr Beczala, one of our very great singers. Here are some excerpts from his new album "Salut" plus the Land of Smiles aria from the complete recording.
       Inspired by the great Fritz Wunderlich, Mr.Beczala surely is a
"logical successor" to the man, and there are some similarities. The tone is so lush and his musicianship is impeccable. I also realize that there have been other"smart tenors" like Gedda,Bergonzi,Kraus, Tucker, and Gigli who had long illustrious careers because they had the good sense to
carefully choose proper repertory, and therefore I am not worried that Mr.Beczala will be essaying Otello or Tristan!!!!!

                     I know you will enjoy this album as much as I did. If you have any comments, please forward them to me and I will forward them to Mr.Beczala.                         My best   Charlie

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I Due Foscari

Highlights from various performances of Verdi's "I Due Foscari"(1844).
Featured are some of the fine singers who appeared in this work:

Renato Bruson, Gian-Giacomo Guelfi, Carlo Bergonzi, Mirto Picchi, Leyla Gencer, Margarita Castro-Alberty, and Linda Vajna. (71 min.)


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Twenty "Rarer" Tenors

Twenty Tenors who may not be as well-known as others, but who nevertheless sang beautifully and had major careers, mostly in the earlier part of the 20th century:       Contents as follows:

1.Silvano Isalberti  "Stelle d'oro" (Denza)
2.Carlo Dani   "Le Reve"  (Manon)
3.Giulio Crimi  "O mio picciolo tavolo" (Zaza)
4.Carlos Mejia  "Ecco ridente"   (Barbiere)
5.Wilhelm Herold   Fra Diavolo Aria  (Auber)
6.Bjorn Talen    Barber of Bagdad aria  (Cornelius)
7.Carl Martin Oehmann  "Prize Song" (Meistersinger)

 8.Karl Jorn     "Ah quel plaisir"  (La Dame Blanche)
 9.Karel Burlan (in photo)  "My colleague Caruso" (Burlan)
10.Stanislaw Gruszczynski  "Eternamente"  (Mascheroni)
11.Petra Raitscheff     "E canto il grillo"
12.Ignacy Dygas    Aria from "Haunting Manor"     
13 Giuseppe Krismer   Damnation of Faust Aria (Berlioz) 
14.Tadeusz Liliwa       Aria from "Halka" (Moniusko)
15.Andrei Markovitch Labinski    Dubrovsky Song
16.David Juzhin     Le Prophete aria  (Meyerbeer)
17.Alexander Bogdanovich   "Love is a delightful dream (Bleichman)
18.Alexander Davydov         "Leave me"  (Davydov)
19.Modest Menzinsky          "Barcarolle"
20.Ivan Erschov          Tannhauser Act One Aria  (Wagner)

  (If you can spell every name without looking, I will give you a gift of
     all my Sarah Brightman CD's.)


.                                   (74 min.)

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Reminder of my Videos on Google


Just to remind some new members of my videos on Google (Handelmania)

My best  Charlie

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Charlie has returned with "Si pel ciel."


          I am happy to be back with you after some problems with the new computer,and I promise to make it up to you. I think you will enjoy these 17 versions of the Otello act two final scene featuring some of the great artists who sang Otello and Iago.

                   I sincerely thank you for your patience.

                             ( 62 min.)

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