Virginia Zeani in "Il Console"

   As per request, I am offering you another mini-podcast. This is my adopted sister Virginia Zeani singing the great "To this we've come' (Da questo di) from a Spoleto performance of Menotti's "Il Console.". It is an example of the amazing emotion she exhibited.  It also demonstrates that you could sing in healthy chest voice and still have a huge career. Nowadays few singers are able to blend the lower voice with the middle, resulting in some very "empty' tones in the lower range.hould we blame the teachers? Do they consider chest voice "vulgar?" I get very angry when sopranos refuse to use the lower part of the voice, even in a mixed chest;so much of the music is lost!

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  May I remind you that now that I can make "minipodcasts" I can cater to your wishes so if you have a special aria,scene,singer,etc. in mind, e-mail me at and I will do you the favor..I can eventually remove the post after you have downloaded it. 

      Young singers may wish to take advantage of this feature and request something they are studying.

       I just got a webcam/Skype and so if anyone wants a visual singing lesson, let me know but you must warn me so I put my pantalones on.

  As ever  Charlie

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I tried!!!!

I ain't a Ramey, a Plishka, not even a Pinza...and surely not a real basso, but I think this is not bad. You do not have to be kind.I still love you all.   Charlie

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   In the 1960's, we discovered the great LA PUMA opera New York. We usually had to sit in the back and keep hankies over our faces because we had to try to hold back getting hysterical.They finally threw us out one night. What can I say about this?? I miss it so much...but at least we have our memories. (Did they have DEPENDS at that time??)

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Anyone who collects "Opera oddities" will recognize this as the craziest thing EVER! I attended Ashley Putnam's Traviata debut at City Opera in 1977, and suddenly, as Henry Price started his aria, a lady in the orchestra let out a GESCHREI!!! To this day we never exactly found out why she did this..but some of us guess that a rival tenor did it!! When I wrote Henry Price that I was there..he wrote back, "So was I!!!"

               Make sure no little kids or furry animals are in the room when you play this!~!!!

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The Great Norman Treigle as Boris

I can now make single podcast scenes which I send to various other sites (Facebook,etc.) Here is the great Norman Treigle as Boris.  If you have some favorite arias or scenes, let me know (Placido21@aol.) and if I have the material on CD, I can bow to your wishes!!!

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Battaglia Di Legnano Exc. from La Scala

This is a most exciting performance of Verdi's "La Battaglia di Legnano" from Dec.7, 1961 at La Scala, conducted by Gianandrea Gavazzeni and featuring Antonietta Stella, Franco Corelli, and Ettore Bastianini. (68 min.)

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La Rondine with Licia Albanese

Highlights from a live 1961 performance of "La Rondine" with Licia Albanese and Daniele Barioni. The conductor is Giuseppe Bamboschek. The sound is on the distant side, but it is a wonderful performance.(51 min.)


In the photo, Licia kisses the stage of the old Met in 1966, as this was the last performance. I was there, and it was a very sad night.

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The Final Scene From Salome in Comparison

Six great divas sing the final scene from Salome:

Inge Borgkh, Maria Cebotari, Marisa Galvany, Birgit Nilsson, Leonie Rysanek, Ljuba Welitsch  (68 min.)

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 This is a truly exciting performance of Bellini's "i Puritani." It is from Vienna, 1994 under Placido Domingo and features Edita Gruberova, Marcello Giordani, Roberto Scandiuzzi, and Dmitri Hvorostovsky. (70 min.)  ENJOY!!!

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Roberto Devereux Exc.With Nelly Miricioiu

Highlights from an exciting performance of Roberto Devereux from London, 2002 under Maurizio Benini and featuring Nelly Miricoiou,Jose Bros,Sonia Ganassi, and Roberto Frontali.  (68 min.)

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A bi-lingual presentation of highlights from Aida and Otello from French Radio 1948, conducted by Jules Gressier. It features Jose Luccioni,Maria Vitale, Charles Gambon.  (71 min.)

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Renata Tebaldi, born Feb.1, 1922

How could we know, on Feb.1, 1955, meeting Renata for the first time after her Desdemona debut on Jan.31, that it was her BIRTHDAY!!!!  No one was as loving and friendly...her performances were "EVENTS......and we kept up a telephone relationship on every birthday for many years. Bless the memory of someone who changed my life!!!!!!

P.S. The evenings ended with her screaming "Ciao" out the limo as we pursued her up the street. One night,I was almost impaled on a fire plug...and luckily I did NOT become a castrato.

                              With treasured memories    Charlie.

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