Tribute to Martha Moedl (1910-2001)

  My beloved tribute to Martha Moedl, one of the greatest artists in opera history. All selections are announced (73 min.)

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Happy to Be Back!

Glad we ironed out problems and will be doing more podcasts for you, when I am not at the Met. ( I am amazed I have 35 Met tickets this season...maybe I am not as jaded as i thought, but the repertory is better, and i do have some singers I love so much  (Piotr and Netrebko in Onegin Tuesday,Oct. 2)

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  The Met never recognizes the great young talent that is available in world-wide bathrooms....I feel they are so ignorant of what is there.....We need to help them to understand that such talent cannot be ignored.

  NON MANGIARE before you watch this..and get rid of little kids and small animals!!!!!

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Mefistofele Scenes with Zeani and Olivero

  I present the Garden Scene and the Prison Scene from Boito's Mefistofele, featuring two of the greatest verismo sopranos, Magda Olivero and Virginia Zeani.

The Olivero performance is from Macerata, 1972, and features Cesare Siepi and Giorgio Merighi.

The Zeani performances is from Trieste, 1970, and features Nicola Rossi-Lemeni (Virginia's husband) and Umberto Grilli.     (61 min.)

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Jonas Kaufmann Sings Verdi

Just to see if these podcasts are FINALLY working, here are arias from Luisa Miller and I Masnadieri, from the wonderful new Jonas Kaufmann Verdi album. He is superb!!!!

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   When I see two Normas this year, with Sondra Radvanovsky and Angela Meade, I will be very let-down, because NO ONE can compare with Mme.Lynn.Oh well, tutto declina!!!!!!

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  Cornell MacNeil, born Sept.24, 1922, caused a FUROR every time he sang his sensational high notes. It was breathtaking!!! Bless this man, not just for high notes, but for his great singing.

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  The night after we saw Warren pass away on stage, the great Bastianini, born Sept.22, 1922, sang a magnificent Gerard in Andrea Chenier. It was March 5, 1960 and we were not in a very good mood;however, at least we did hear another great baritone. We lost him too soon of throat cancer, but he will always be remembered as one of the great baritones.

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I heard this great man shortly before his passing. He sang this aria and "La donna e mobile."He sounded as brilliant always. Born Sept.24, 1927, he was a model of taste,style,technique.One of the greatest tenors ever!

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  One of the most famous sopranos, Elizabeth Rethberg, born Sept. 22, 1894. I am told that we just do not get the gorgeous "overtones" on recordings, whichhappens very often.

  Repairman due tomorrow so hold your breath and hope to resume regular podcasts soon.

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  Here is an example of Rise's great versatility. They showed some clips from her films tonight at the tribute.

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I was 16 and sneaked into the backstage area at the old Met. I suddenly found myself in a hallway on the way to the dressing room of the first singer I ever met, Rise Stevens, who had just sung Carmen. To this DAY I can see her smiling face and actually feel the "greasepaint on my hand" I joined her music club and went every year to her home, where we had a beautiful time always.
    I have just returned from a breathtaking memorial tribute to Rise at the Danny Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College. I was in the lobby and I perceived someone who might have been Nicky Surovy because I recalled him from a TV show;I had not seen him since he was about 15, and went over to him, my eyes beginning to fill with tears, because of what Rise was and what a life she had enjoyed with her fans, and Nicky was a "connection" to her.
   We spoke briefly and then I entered the sold-out theatre, to witness a truly heartwrenching tribute to Rise, who came close to 100, but passed away a few months ago. The hostess was Federica Von Stade and we had speeches by Rosalind Elias, Harolyn Blackwell,Ann Ziff, and of course Nicholas Surovy.
   The number of film clips, some never before available, was astounding, including a remarkable dance sequence with Ray Bolger, and she KEPT UP with him. There were arias, family photos and just so much that it was something extraordinary to behold. Her whole life passed by us and in many ways she "was there" tonight.
  Elias told a funny tale about how she adored Rise and STOLE Rise's Chesterfield cigarette poster once (They allowed those ads then.). Nicky told many tales of their lives and he was as charming as anyone could be. They showed selections never before seen, like the Jean of Arc aria and other material from various TV shows. This was a "class act" and no one deserved it more than the beloved lady whpo brought opera to so many including yours truly.
    I saw Nicky again at the end of the show, shook his hand, and again felt that same "connection" and left the theatre reflecting on the life of this dear lady, who made my young life so joyous.
     There so many tales and so many clips that I could go on and on but I have given you a fairly good idea of this evening at it will stay with me forever. Bless Rise, the beautiful Rise , who shook this teenager's hand so many years ago.  With all my deepest feelings  Charlie
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  Sept. 16, 1977 was the sad premature passing of someone who contributed more to opera than perhaps any other individual, even for a relatively short time. Callas had her flaws, but here in Norma you hear the Maria who took the opera world by storm!!  Bless her memory!

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  I just discovered the tenor whom I will see in "La Sonnambula" at the Met, This is Javier Camarena, still another of the huge array of present-day tenors who make life so happy! (However there are no Radameses or Manricos.)

   The guy is GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  Did you think I would ever let you forget  "the note"? Nothing compared to this moment, at which I used to "collapse' over the railing in the old Met standing room !!!

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 Hi all,

     When I started this podcast site, there was the ability to add comments by you;sadly, I realized that all kinds of ads...many many of them, intruded, and i had to cut out this feature.   I do like to get your feedback so I can learn if things are to your liking and if you have special requests. If you would be so kind as to send me some feedback (, I would appreciate it. You may write in Spanish,French, or Italian if you wish (I had Latin,but they do not write it any more since they knocked off Caesar.).

    I hope to get the regular podcasts running soon,but for now,I can send the videos.

                                                    Your friend  Charlie

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 This unfortunate lady, related to the Del Monaco family, had consumed too many tranquilizers prior to this performance. I know it is funny, but so tragic. They really should have halted the proceedings, because this is so sad, even in the hilarity it produced all over Youtube.

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  Just listen to Schipa saying,"Suzel,buon di" and you know what elegance of style means. The Favero/Schipa Fritz duet is an example of a style long gone from our opera scene;they are too busy giving us a "show," and I am sorry..I say this always, but I would like to know if there is ONE TEACHER who understands this brand of artistry.(Probably Soviero does.)

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  In the temporary absence of my podcasts, I can analyze some material the way I do on my podcasts. Here is a perfect example of how Maria Callas, despite vocal imperfections (although this is in her prime), could thrill us to no end by her knowldge of Italian style and remarkable phrasing. This is an example of what she was as a great artist. I always marvel at what she does with
"small moments"
in the opera repertory;as much as I love Anna Netrebko, her new Verdi album is lacking in this kind of detailed approach to phrasing.

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Our Facebook diva-friend, Elizabeth Blancke-Biggs in the Stefan Herheim Salome..Yes, he is "strange" but it seems to work. I am still conflicted about different productions these days because they are,on some level, entertaining, and even clever...but at the same time i often wonder if we are going too far!!!

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  In case you might not know that now they are putting on a tremendous number of COMPLETE operas on Youtube. Go to Google and click on "Complete Operas." Here is one of them:

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  Someone as delusional as I am decided to do a "Summertime Mix" and please do not let small children and any animals in the room when you play this, because we do not want to cause emotional disaster!!

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 I have already posted this Puritani duet as sung by Ed Rosen and myself years ago. We should have called it "The Pirates sing Puritani" or the "Pirate cantano" I Puritani."  As usual,Ed hams it up on the final A flat, but on a good day in my shower I can do it. We did have a lot of fun doing this at the Belle Epoque restaurant, and no one lost their meal.

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"Perle Nere" or "Black pearls' is the term often used for opera disasters. My feeling here is that singers are human (really??) and we expect so much of them.We do not realize that what they do is a "miracle" and with a few exceptions, what you will hear is just an example of how hard it is to get out there on a regular basis and perform. There are a few selections perhaps that are "accidents"(like the Carmen who overdosed on pills).

   Let's give them a break!!  I say this,remembering I once had to laugh at myself for cracking like mad as Monterone, when I just started singing and did not have the proper technique. I remember saying that if I was in the audience I would have laughed at this guy!!!

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I discovered this beautiful Tchaikowsky opera when I was Marisa Galvany's doctor in a production we did many years ago. I will see Onegin soon with Mme.Netrebko and Piotr Beczala and a later one with the happy return of Rolando Villazon. Here they are in the beautiful duet and i know you will enjoy it.

I hope you are enjoying these videos while I await the return of my "Computer Doctor."

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This 1920 Africaine aria drives me NUTS!!!!! Caruso died a year later. What a fabulous sound he makes..Note the combination of lyric and dramatic tone..and those "vowel sounds" in every part of the range, and when he goes above the passaggio, it makes me thrill every time!!!!

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  Thanks for your patience!! Still ome glitches but I will have things done soon..So, just a bit more time and thn will have the podcasts running again...

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 Yma Sumac, famous for her incredible range (born Sept. 10, 1927) gets mad and hits a high Q# and leaves the stage.

I am sending some videos to you while i wait to do podcasts again.  Charlie

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Magda Olivero (Manon aria) accompanied by Iris Adami-Coradetti.

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  Hi all,

    I am updating my Windows system, so please bear with me until I am ready for new podcasts.

                                 My best    Charlie

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Roberto Devereux with Leyla Gencer

 In my extremely unhumble opinion, I have long considered Leyla Gencer, despite the scoops and the "camp chest" one of the greatest singers. Not every artist possesses a "pure" voice, and  many of us have understood that a Moedl, a Kabaiwanska, an Olivero, a Callas, etc. can excite us as much,or even more than an artist known more for beauty of tone.

 This Roberto Devereux, from Naples 1964 under Mario Rossi should illustrate that point. In the cast are also Piero Cappuccilli, the great legendary baritone, Ruggero Bondino, and Anna Maria Rota.(69 min.)

   In 1972, following a Gencer Attila, we had a party for her;my friend made sure no other diva's photos were on the wall; a few months later, at another party, in walked Raina Kabaiwanska, who exclaimed, "What is this,a SHRINE?"   (It was!!!)

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 I will soon present highlights, with Magda Olivero, of this beautiful Mascagni Opera, Iris. In this scene you hear the beautiful voice of Yohihisha Yamaji, who sadly passed away in his 30's. This scene is presented to give you some idea of the beautiy of the work ahead of presenting the podcast.

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  Sept. 2, 1896.Birthday of another great verismo soprano..WHY? WHY? This is a lost art.I have bored you to death with my critique of today's lack of this Italian style. After Muzio,Favero,Zeani, Scotto, is GONE!!  Georghiu has it, but the voice is just too small in the opera house. I miss singers like Pampanini so much.

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Adriana Lecouvreur w.Olivero and Domingo

 Presenting the great (age 63) Magda Olivero in an Adriana from Newark,New Jersey in 1973 under Alfredo Silipigni. She is joined by Placido Domingo,Maria Luisa Nave, and Enzo Sordello (71 min.)

As we have always known by her recordings, Olivero is a miracle of style and emotion. I am so happy to have seen her live in Tosca and Fedora. She is now 104 and we hope she goes on forever, and she will always be "forever" in our hearts.

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