Roberto Devereux with Leyla Gencer

 In my extremely unhumble opinion, I have long considered Leyla Gencer, despite the scoops and the "camp chest" one of the greatest singers. Not every artist possesses a "pure" voice, and  many of us have understood that a Moedl, a Kabaiwanska, an Olivero, a Callas, etc. can excite us as much,or even more than an artist known more for beauty of tone.

 This Roberto Devereux, from Naples 1964 under Mario Rossi should illustrate that point. In the cast are also Piero Cappuccilli, the great legendary baritone, Ruggero Bondino, and Anna Maria Rota.(69 min.)

   In 1972, following a Gencer Attila, we had a party for her;my friend made sure no other diva's photos were on the wall; a few months later, at another party, in walked Raina Kabaiwanska, who exclaimed, "What is this,a SHRINE?"   (It was!!!)

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 I will soon present highlights, with Magda Olivero, of this beautiful Mascagni Opera, Iris. In this scene you hear the beautiful voice of Yohihisha Yamaji, who sadly passed away in his 30's. This scene is presented to give you some idea of the beautiy of the work ahead of presenting the podcast.

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