Faust Jewel Song and Trio

 Comparison of various versions of the Jewel Song and the
final trio from Gounod's "Faust

   Photo: Renata Tebaldi as Marguerite

    (75 minutes)

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Italian Opera Live in Vienna

Live highlights from great performances in Vienna in the 1930's and 1940's. Artists include:

Bjoerling, Roswaenge,Mazaroff, Gigli, Jeritza, Lehmann, Nemeth,Schumann, Kipnis, Nikolaidi, Kiepura, Piccaver,
Sved, Runger, Nikolaidi, Voelker

                                   (58 minutes)

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American Opera Tribute

There was a glitch in the site and I could not corect my spelling of the word "sorry." I also forgot that Cheryl Studer, not Renee Fleming, is in the Susannah recording.

                                        Sincerely  Charlie

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    The memorial tribute to the late Regine Crespin.Selections from:

Parsifal, Aida, Walkure, Troyens, Cavalleria, Dutchman, and
                                 Les Nuits d'ete.

                             (64 minutes)


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Beverly Sills:In Memoriam

  In loving memory of the late Beverly Sills, I present a tribute to her magnificent career. Selections are from:

Norma,Aida,Semele,Roberto Devereux,Coq D'Or, Maria Stuarda,
Lucia,Assedio di Corinto,Ballad of Baby Doe, Fille du Reggiment,
and Louise.

(84 minutes)

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