A most exciting live performance of Verdi's Attila, (Charlie's favorite early Verdi opera) from Il Teatro Verdi di Trieste, 2000. It is conducted by Donato Renzetti and features the magnificent Ferruccio Furlanetto, Dimitra Theodossiou, Carlo Ventre, and Alberto Gazale (Ezio). (73 min.)

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RECITAR!!!!!     As I told you, I am not listing the 15 tenors because you would PEEK. See how many you can get.   My best   Charlie  (55 min.)

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La Forza del Destino 1953

A fabulous cast in this 1953 Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Forza under Dimitri Mitropolous.The cast includes:

Renata Tebaldi, Mario Del Monaco, Cesare Siepi, Aldo Protti, Fedora Barbieri, and Silvio Maionica. (72 min.)

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JUST YOU WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS IS PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

We always said that Maria was stubborn and her diction needed work!!!!

  If link does not work, go to Youtube and type in "Gobbi My Fair Lady"

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A Fabulous Walkure

  A fabulous cast in highlights from a Met 1968 Walkure (just released on Sony) under Berislav Klobucar. The cast is:

Birgit Nilsson,Leonie Rysanek, Jon Vickers,Thomas Stewart, Christa Ludwig, Karl Ridderbusch.

                               Don't tell me they make them like this anymore!!!!!     (72 min.)

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La Rondine With Diana Soviero

 Highlights from Puccini's "La Rondine" from a 1982 Philadelphia performance conducted by Angelo Campori. In the cast we have:

Diana Soviero,Giuliano Cianella, Silvia Baleani,James Hoback, Renato Capecchi, and Donald Collup.      (60 min.)


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Fernando Portari in La Rondine

I just discovered this fine tenor from Brazil. I am so glad to have still another superb tenor in our midst. I strongly suggest you buy the DVD Rondine (regular or Blue Ray).

He is also on Facebook (Who isn't???)

  The link below is to the "Nessun dorma" on Youtube.

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I suggest you buy DEPENDS before you see this...

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The Great Giulietta Simionato

Tribute to the late great Giulietta Simionato with scenes from Aida,Adriana,Carmen,Cavalleria,Italiana,Nozze di Figaro,Trovatore,Don Carlo,Cenerentola

                                                               (57 min.)

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An amazing Young Man

This is an amazing young man, son of my friend Justin Hayward. The world would be a better place if we had more like him.   Not opera...but I wanted to share this.....having taught so many wonderful students, I appreciate this so much.


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 Scenes from the ENOC Gotterdamerung (In English,if you can understand it) under Reginald Goodall. The cast is as follows:

  Rita Hunter, Alberto Remedios, Aage Haugland,Katherine Pring, Norman Welsby

                                         (72 min.)

(Photo of Hunter,Remedios, Goodall)

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Michael Bohnen

  The wonderful baritone, Michael Bohnen, was born on May 2, 1887. We celebrate his birthday with highlights from:

       Barber of Bagdad, Der Freischutz, Rigoletto, Tosca, Parsifal, Walkure, Das Rheingold, Bartered Bride,Meistersinger, and a Kol Nidre.        (60 min.)

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