Rest in Peace,Margaret Price

She left us too soon...A wonderful voice. I saw her Desdemona and Figaro Countess...Wonderful!!!


P.S. A few new glitches in the podcasts..Please be patient..Love Charlie

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Marcello Giordani

The happiest of birthdays (Jan.25) to dear Marcello Giordani, one of our great tenors...He is also as nice and natural a guy one could know....Bravo,maestro..Now try this:

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Happy Birthday to Dear Joseph Calleja

  As long as this weekend marks the birthdays of 2 1/2 artists, we should celebrate number 33 of the beloved Joseph Calleja (Jan.22), who will be singing in the matinee Met Rigoletto on his special day. If you go to facebook, you will behold a man who has endeared himself to so many of us off as well as on the stage. I have met many artists in my life, and they are as nice as can be, but Joe is something extraordinary!

  May I wish this magnificent tenor all my love for a happy birthday and many,many more.

                               Love   Charlie

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NO PUEDE SER!! Placido is 70 and the voice is still superb!!!

FELIZ CUMPLEANOS  to Maestro Placido Domingo, who turns 70 on Jan.21. How amazing to still sound wonderful, despite some lessening of range (well...whatyawant??) after over 50 years of singing onstage, rehearsing, practicing, not to mention running around the universe..

       May he enjoy many more years, just like that other lesser star (also Jan.21) who,compared to him, is on food stamps.(gg)

                                      Un abrazo al Maestro

                                                          Carlitos el Viejo

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Manon 1951

A 1951 Manon w.Licia Albanese, Giuseppe Di Stefano,Martial Singher, Jerome Hines, and Allesio de Paolis under Fausto Cleva   (70 min.)

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Walkure Highlights from 1951

A stunning (stereophonic) performance by Kirsten Flagstad(age 56) with Astrid Varnay,Ferdinand Frantz,Blanche Thebom, and Gunther Treptow, conducted by Fritz Stiedry  (70 min.)

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The Evening Star

Compilation of 15 baritones singing the Tannhauser Evening Star aria. They are,in order:

Ramon Blanchart, Giuseppe de Luca, Mattia Battistini, Joel Berglund, Sigurd Bjoerling, Michael Bohnen, Joseph Schwarz, Eberhard Waechter, Thomas Tipton, Heinrich Schlusnus, Alexander Sved, Herbert Janssen, Gerhard Huesch, Lawrence Tibbett, and George London.   (68 min.)

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