Nadine Weissmann, a gorgeous voice.   Hi all,
       I just watched the Weimar Ring, and mezzo Nadine Weissmann, the Erda and the Waltraute, possesses a superb,rich,luscious voice. I urge you to watch her:

I know I can pick them!!!!!!!!!!
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Verdi in Deutsch
Many great singers sang Verdi in German, and we do not wish to neglect them, even if the vocal line is not what we usually expect. Here are some of the great artists singing Verdi in German:

Margarete Klose, Martha Moedl, Carla Martinis, Helge Roswaenge (pictured),Heinrich Schlusnus, Birgit Nilsson, Sebastian Feiersinger, Georg Hann, Gottlob Frick, and Leonie Rysanek   (68 min.)
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Attila from Venice, 1987
 Highlights from an exciting performance of Verdi's "Attila," featuring Sam Ramey, Linda Strummer,​ William Stone, and VerianoLuchetti from Venice, 1987 under  Gabriele Ferro.     (72 min.)
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Happy Birthday to Rise Stevens  On Friday, June 11, Rise Stevens, the first singer I ever met..and the kindest and most lovable human being one could know, turns 97. She brought me and thousands of others to opera.We went to her home every year when the club existed.Bless her forever in my heart!!!
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  A thrilling Cavalleria (excerpts) with Marisa Galvany, Placido Domingo, and Signore Ciminelli under Anton Guadagno from 1973 in Hartford,Ct.
   I also​ added a Galvany bonus (What else is new?) with scenes from Macbeth,Medea,Traviata and Nabucco.    (60 min.)   After Marisa

 did Mayr's "Medea in Corinto" we posed for the photo you see.

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   Listen to highlights from an exciting live performance of Zandonai's thrilling opera "Francesca da Rimini from 1973 under Eve Queler. It features Placido Domingo, Raina Kabaiwanska, and Matteo Manuguerra. I know you will enjoy it!!!

  (65 min.)

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