Werther Exc. W.Corelli/Kraus

 Act Three exc.from Werther with Crespin,Corelli,Readon, from a non-broadcast in 1972, followed by exc.from act three with Zeani and Kraus (In Italian).  Enjoy!!   (70 min.)

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Diana Soviero's Met Debut

On November 13, 1986, Diana Soviero made her Met debut as Juliette, conducted by Placido Domingo, and featuring Alfredo Kraus and Paul Plishka. I know you will love it!!!! (58 min.)

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Samson et Delilah, a Tribute to Shirley Verrett

In memory of the late wonderful Shirley Verrett, we present highlights from a live La Scala performance of Samson et Delilah, from 1970 under Georges Pretre. Richard Cassilly, Robert Massard, and Leonardo Monreale complete the cast.

As a bonus, Shirley Verrett sings the Death of Dido from a Troyens perf. in 1969 in Rome.  (72 min.)  When they leave us, a part of us breaks away,but our memories stay with us forever.


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I wanted to remind you of my Google Videos, in addition to my Mrfriendofopera videos on youtube.


I will take care of the Propaganda interruptions soon.


As ever   Charlie (going gaga over this Met Don Carlo on Sirius)

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Piotr Beczala Sings Slavic Arias

Hiya all,


     You know I have become acquainted with this glorious Polish tenor, Piotr Beczala, and I will be seeing  him soon at the Met in Boheme and Romeo (I ordered tickets for THREE Romeos...I rarely do anything like that.). From Piotr's new album on the Orfeo label, I present arias from Prince Igor, Janek (Zelenski), and Eugen Onegin. I heartily recommend this album to you and hope these three selections give you a sampling of the album.

                                                       Thanks for your patience


P.S.  I re-installed Propaganda and will fix those interruptions..They think I am NEW!!!!!!                                                                  Charlie



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Grigolo sings Luisa Miller

Hi everyone.  I'm back - hopefully.  This is a test to make sure everything is working.  Please enjoy Vittorio Grigolo singing from Luisa Miller.  More later....Charlie

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 I adored Verrett and always placed her way up there with the greatest mezzos (sopranos also, since she did both mezzo and soprano roles.) When they leave us, a piece of us gets ripped away, since these "bigger-than-life" personalities have been so endearing to us,


  As ever Charlie

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