I Puritani w.Sills, Pavarotti

 Highlights from a fine performance of Bellini's "I Puritani" from Phil.1972 under Anton Guadagno. It features Luciano Pavarotti, Beverly Sills,  Paul Plishka, and Louis Quilico. (70 min.)

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The happiest of birthdays (Dec.28) to Piotr Beczala, one of opera's greatest artists.

Here are arias from Aleko,Rusalka,Rigoletto,Hoffmann, and Romeo.

A big "BRAVO" to one of the great singers of today, and ANY opera era

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"Ti voglio tanto bene."

Three songs from dear Marcello Giordani's new Italian song album, "Ti voglio tanto bene." They are:

"Senza Nisciuno," "L'alba separa dalla luce l'ombra" and "I'te vurria.vasa."

          I sincerely hope you enjoy them. (I do not get a commission)

                                             HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!

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Pagliacci From La Scala 1987

Highlights from a fine performance of Leoncavallo's "I Pagliacci" from La Scala, 1987. This was one of the last performances of Jose Carreras prior to his illness. Diana Soviero is the Nedda, John Rawnsley is Tonio, Angelo Romero is Silvio, and William Matteuzzi is Beppe. The conductor is Giuseppe Patane  (60 min.)

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A wonderful new tenor

Just saw Lee in Met Don Carlo...he was SPECIAL!!! Loved him....as did everyone else...



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Tenors of Today

Selections from the cd's of 13 of our wonderful present-day tenors. We are so lucky to have them performing in the world of opera. In order, they are:

           Ben Heppner, Johan Botha, Roberto Alagna, Marcelo Alvarez, Rolando Villazon, Salvatore Licitra, Ramon Vargas, Vittorio Grigolo, Jonas Kaufmann, Juan Diego Flores, Joseph Calleja, Marcelo Giordani, and Piotr Beczala.   (60 min.)

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Romeo et Juliette Act 2 Finale

 A compilation of 9 tenors singing the finale of act two of Romeo et Juliette, ending with a high C.

The tenors (in correct order) are: Augustinello Afre, Georges Nore, Raoul Jobin, Franco Corelli, Stephen Costello, Alfredo Kraus, Ramon Vargas, Joseph Calleja, and Jussi Bjoerling. (37 min.)

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Verdi on Cetra-Soria

An exciting compilation of material from various Verdi operas, as issued in 1951 on Cetra-Soria, for the Verdi year. Included are scenes (in correct order) from:

Otello, Ballo in Maschera, La Battaglia di Legnano,Ernani, I Due Foscari, Il Trovatore, Luisa Miller, I Lombardi, Nabucco, Don Carlo, and Aida (casts are announced)  (66 min.)

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Die Tote Stadt

Highlights from a live 1975 performance of Erich Wolfgang Korngold's "Die Tote Stadt," featuring Carol Neblett, John Alexander, and Dominic Cossa, conducted by Jules Rudel.   (55 min.).

 Note:This is a live perf.so there is some distance in the recording.

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I know you will have some kind of fun...



BUT do not eat or drink or fool around while you listen....CH

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Early Puccini Recordings of Giuseppe di Stefano

  Here are some scenes (live and recorded) of the great tenor, Giuseppe "Pippo" Di Stefano. They are from Tosca,Turandot, Mme.Butterfly, La Boheme and Il Tabarro. Leonard Warren, Renata Tebaldi and Maria Callas also appear in these excerpts.

    I have announced all the selections on the podcast.     (56 min.)

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Le Coq D'Or

  A superb performance (exc.) from a City Opera 1971 performance of Rimsky-Korsakov's "Le Coq D'Or" featuring Beverly Sills, Norman Treigle, Enrico di Giuseppe, and Muriel Greenspon.    (50 min.)

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Get the DEPENDS ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1



Nice if the tenor knew the words...Nice if the chorus did not sing LULU.....

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Don Carlo From Vienna, 1961

A beautiful performance of Don Carlo (exc.) featuring Antonietta Stella,Flaviano Labo, Giulietta Simionato,Eberhard Waechter, and Walter Kreppel, conducted by Fausto Cleva. 73 min.)

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