I just discovered the tenor whom I will see in "La Sonnambula" at the Met, This is Javier Camarena, still another of the huge array of present-day tenors who make life so happy! (However there are no Radameses or Manricos.)

   The guy is GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  Did you think I would ever let you forget  "the note"? Nothing compared to this moment, at which I used to "collapse' over the railing in the old Met standing room !!!

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 Hi all,

     When I started this podcast site, there was the ability to add comments by you;sadly, I realized that all kinds of ads...many many of them, intruded, and i had to cut out this feature.   I do like to get your feedback so I can learn if things are to your liking and if you have special requests. If you would be so kind as to send me some feedback (Placido21@aol.com), I would appreciate it. You may write in Spanish,French, or Italian if you wish (I had Latin,but they do not write it any more since they knocked off Caesar.).

    I hope to get the regular podcasts running soon,but for now,I can send the videos.

                                                    Your friend  Charlie

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 This unfortunate lady, related to the Del Monaco family, had consumed too many tranquilizers prior to this performance. I know it is funny, but so tragic. They really should have halted the proceedings, because this is so sad, even in the hilarity it produced all over Youtube.

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  Just listen to Schipa saying,"Suzel,buon di" and you know what elegance of style means. The Favero/Schipa Fritz duet is an example of a style long gone from our opera scene;they are too busy giving us a "show," and I am sorry..I say this always, but I would like to know if there is ONE TEACHER who understands this brand of artistry.(Probably Soviero does.)

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  In the temporary absence of my podcasts, I can analyze some material the way I do on my podcasts. Here is a perfect example of how Maria Callas, despite vocal imperfections (although this is in her prime), could thrill us to no end by her knowldge of Italian style and remarkable phrasing. This is an example of what she was as a great artist. I always marvel at what she does with
"small moments"
in the opera repertory;as much as I love Anna Netrebko, her new Verdi album is lacking in this kind of detailed approach to phrasing.

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