I knew Regina 55 yrs...and her

son Michael is so happy to

see mom spread all over.

Come join us.Next new

forum will be called

"Singers who never have

should have quit their

day job!!!!!"






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I know more about her than anyone,

plus the crazy rumors..and you

get great photos and of course

Charlie at 19 looking in the limo.

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Little by little, I will

catch up on many

birthdays of artists.

Two of them I just called

send love to all those

who never forget them.

How could anyone forget

I am the unpaid nostalgia

agent for Zeani and Soviero,

plus join my new Milanov and

Resnik forums!!!!!!

   Avec amour!! Charlie


Diva Day I just wanted you all to know that Zeani and Soviero both send love to you.They know,as their unpaid agent, that I never let you rest when I rant and rave over them. Diana teaches like mad, and I told her and Virginia that they need to come back to the Met!! Diana was upset especially, since she knew Rolandi, and you know I was talking to a friend about City opera divas..Diana,Rolandi,Welting,Putnam,and others who were so wonderful and others we know who put opera today to SHAME!!! Diana,still with a voice, has been my second Tebaldi, vocally and personally. Lucky me to have heard these great artists who were the joys of my opera life.

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