Together forever!!!!!!!!!!!

She said, "Dammi il braccio,mio PICCINO, and even at 19, I knew to answer, "Obbedisco,SignorA!!!!!!


 So happy to have this memory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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In 1970, the last time I saw Renata, we went crazy over this scene. The utterance,"Tre assi e un paio" echoed through the Met like a cannon. (I would not have wanted to play poker with HER!).

   Bless our beloved birthday lady!!!!!!

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  This week I have been posting and sending clips of the beloved Renata Tebaldi, whose birthday is Feb.1 (1922). I also said (I think) that we met her coincidentally on her birthday 60 years ago,after the Met debut on 1/31/55.No one knew this...and we would have sung!!!!
   Anyone of any vintage recognizes the LEGEND of this lady, whose performances were "events," always ending with all the fun outside, and screaming (out of the limo) "Ciao"up 40th St., and us running after her....
    Tomorrow I will be thinking of all the great experiences we had with her,onstage and off.One example is seeing off on a train to Philly, and saying to the baggage handler by the door, "Spoletta,chiudi!!!" This was Renata, someone who made us so happy and who will remain forever in our hearts.
   One beautful element of the Internet is that all generations can partake to some extent of the careers of great singers. How many have been exposed to singers whom even we crazy collectors never heard of. (Meta Seinemeyer was one BIGGIE for me.).This is one of my make sure no "flame" dies, so Renata's marvelous career and personality will be remembered forever.
       Grazie, mia cara Renata, per tutto che hai fatto per opera, e per me.

                                             Carlos (She could not speak English in 1957 and I had not learned operatic Italian,so I spoke in espanol..hence the "CarloS"

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