...because it makes my life so treasurable...A world without the Ring for me would not be the same.Here is the great finale of the Valencia Gotterdamerung under Zubin Mehta. The entire Ring has so many wonderful effects..I recommend it...just go on food stamps like me!!!

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Suor Angelica with Kristine Opolais

  I have previously posted,from Youtube, some material of the Latvian soprano,Kristine Opolais. I wish to present the final portion of her Suor Angelica, under Andris Nelsons, with Lloba Braun as the Zia Principessa. By now, you know I have spoken of all the great divas I have heard for over 60 years, and you do understand that when I rave, it is because I have found someone very special. New York audiences will be treated next season to her Mme.Butterfly.(You will excerpts on Youtube.)  What a revelation for the usually jaded Charlie to find such an artist among us.   (29 min.)

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Il Flauto Magico

   The Magic Flute (in Italian) from RAI Rome 1953 under Herbert Von Karajan. In the cast are:

Nicolai Gedda,Elizabeth Schwarzkopf, Giuseppe Taddei, Mario Petri, Rita Streich, and Alda Noni (Papagena)       (64 min.)

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