The Old Met Closes, Part 3

The finale of the closing  of the old Met. "Auld Lang Syne" gets to me every time. Remember, I lived my youth on the old standee line, and the joys of friendship with so many other opera lovers, the fun we had, the great performances we saw (after freezing outside the Met for so many hours.) will remain in my heart forever.

Aida  Triumphal Scene:  Verna,Madeira, Baum, Sereni,Macurdy, Scott.

Cosi Fan Tutte:  Trio with Stratas, Miller, Guarrera

Magic Flute: Quintet with Pracht, Grillo, Kriese, Shirley, Uppmann

Vanessa: Quintet  with Steber, Thebom, Dunn, Alexander, Harvuot

Rosenkavalier Final Trio with Caballe, Raskin, Elias

Andrea Chenier: Final Duet with Milanov, Tucker (Zinka's very last Met appearance.)

Faust (the opera that opened the Met in 1883) Trio with Tucci, Gedda, Hines

Auld Lang Syne  (and many,many tears)          (56 min.)

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 The Old Met Closes, Part Two.

 Here is part two of the Met closing of April 16, 1966:

Osie Hawkins first announces some cancellations, and then the following are sung:

Forza final trio:  Rigal,Peerce,Tozzi

Gioconda Act 2 duet:  Crespin, Cvejic

Trovatore: D'amor sul'alli rosee:   Price

Manon Lescaut Act 2 Love Duet:  Tebaldi, Corelli

Die Meistersinger  Prize Song:  Sandor Konya.

Gotterdamerung Immolation Scene;  Nilsson         (48 min.)

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A Sad Farewell to the Old Met, April 16,1966. Part 1

 Part one of the closing of the Old Met.Contents as follows:

Nat.Anthem;Lauder Greenway greeting; Tannhauser Entrance of Guests (Stokowski) and introduction of honored guests;Rudolf Bing Greeting.

Lucia Sextet: Moffo, Sergi,Walker, Diaz, Ordassy,Anthony

Ballo: Eri tu:  Merrill     Otello duet: McCracken,Colzani

Don Carlo aria: Siepi     Louise Depuis le jour: Kirsten

Carmen Quintet:  Resnik, Votipka, Baldwin, Franke, Cehanovsky

Butterfly Un Bel di:Albanese (and she kissed the stage)

Walkure: Wintersturme: Vickers

Barber of Bagdad: Heil,diesem Hause   Corena

Barbiere: Una voce poco fa    Peters

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