In memory of divas who left us too early

In loving memory of divas who passed away too early. They are as follows:

Meta Seinemeyer (1895-1929)
Conchita Supervia (1895-1936)
Claudia Muzio (1889-1936)
Maria Cebotari  (1910-1949)
Kathleen Ferrier  (1912-1953)
Lorraine Hunt Lieberson (1954-1996)
Mado Robin  (1918-1960)
Arlene Auger  (1940-1993)
Lucia Popp  (1939-1993)
Tatiana Troyanos (In photo) (1938-1993)
Maria Callas  (1924-1977)
                                           ( 71min.)

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Zinka Milanov as Santuzza

Zinka Milanov as Santuzza:

  Cavalleria exc. 1957 w.Tucker,Valentino,Elias,Votipka (Cleva)

   Voi lo sapete from 1951
    Voi lo sapete, duets w.Giuseppe Gismondo and Benjamin Rayson from 1963 (Her last Santuzza)                   (71 min.)


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Tribute to Dear Sam Ramey

Cari amici,

About 40 long years ago, I attended the first rehearsal of Donizetti's "Anna Bolena," at the home of our illustrious maestro and one of my mentors in life, Armen Boyajian. Marisa Galvany (one of her many phony names) was the Bolena (and I loved looking down her throat to see where those phenomenal E flats came from). Then there was this young dude named Sam Ramey, who opened his mouth and out came some of the greatest sounds we ever heard.

Gee... maybe he will make it some day, we all exclaimed! Now, as we celebrate Sam's 25th anniversary at the Met, and a 40 year professional career, singing an incredible range of roles and becoming one of the opera icons of our time, we feel so fortunate that he left Kansas to find an "Oz" of magic all over the opera world.

I therefore wish to celebrate with you Sam's Met anniversary, and a fabulous career. I still relish those old tapes of our Bartolo/Basilio and am so fortunate I was able to be in on a tiny part of an illustrious career.

I recall Sam once telling us about that skinny chain-smoking guy with the enormous voice by the name of Norman Treigle, and how he admired him. Well, they did so many of the same roles (Mefistofele, Boris,Blitch,Escamillo,

The Hoffmann villains,Don Giovanni, Figaro,etc.). Happily, Sam Ramey has been able to follow along in this tradition, with so many great performances of a huge number of roles,a remarkable number of recordings, and engagements in every important opera theatre in the opera world.

So..a happy 25th Met anniversary to a dear sweet and brilliantly talented guy and all my best to him and to his lovely wife and son (who also has a high F#...and more!)

With my sincerest best wishes       Charlie


Excerpts are from  Italiana,Lombardi,Rinaldo,Attila, Mefistofele, Comte D'Ory, Semiramide,Susannah, South Pacific.

                             (65 min.)

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Casta Diva (repeated in error)

Norma  Podcast   Repeated in error(Who know why??)   

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Una Furtiva Lagrima

16 tenors sing the great "Una furtiva lagrima" from Donizetti's "L'Elisir D'Amore."  They are as follows (in exact order on podcast)

Giuseppe Anselmi, Enrico Caruso, John McCormack, Hipolito Lazaro,
Alessandro Bonci, Beniamino Gigli, Tito Schipa, Aureliano Pertile,
Andre D'Arkor, Dino Borgioli, Ferruccio Tagliavini, Josef Schmidt,
Giuseppe Di Stefano, Jussi Bjoerling, Carlo Bergonzi, Piotr Beczala.
                                        (71 min.)

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The Great Caruso, Part Three.

The third podcast dedicated to the great Enrico Caruso, a true vocal "God." No words are ever adequate to describe the emotional charge yours truly derives from this man and what he has meant to the world of opera. I hope you enjoy the podcast.

Featured are songs, and arias from Otello,Germania,Samson et Delilah, Mme.Butterfly, Andrea Chenier, Pagliacci, and Martha.
                                         (73 min.)

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"Pourquoi me reveiller?" (21 tenors)

A comparison of 21 tenors singing the great Werther aria. The order is as follows:
Emile Marcellin, Giuseppe Lugo, Andre D'Arkor, Gaston Micheletti, Jose Luccioni, Fernand Ansseau, Alfred Piccaver, Ferruccio Tagliavini, Carlo Bergonzi, Alain Vanzo, Fernando de la Mora, Alfredo Kraus, Nicolai Gedda, Tito Schipa, Franco Corelli, Giuseppe Di Stefano, Joseph Calleja, Ramon Vargas, Roberto Alagna, Rolando Villazon, Piotr Beczala.                     (57 min.)

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The Arabella Duets

The two beautiful duets from Richard Strauss' "Arabella." In most cases I have included both act one and act two duets;in a few cases, I have only the act one duet. These are the artists, in order of appearance:

Viorica Ursuleac/Margarit Bokor/ Alfred Jerger  (the 1933 creators of their roles.)
Lotte Lehmann Kate Heidersbach (Act One duet only.)
Karita Mattila/Barbara Bonney ( Act One duet only.)
Kiri Te Kanawa/Gabrielle Fontana/Franz Grundheber
Lisa Della Casa/Elfride Trotschel/Herman Uhde
Lisa della Casa/ Hilde Gueden/George London
Montserrat Caballe/Oliviera Miljakovic/Siegmund Nimsgern
Eleanor Steber/Hilde Gueden/George London In English)
                            (63 min.)

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  The great aria from Giordano's "Andrea Chenier."

Riccardo Stracciari, Giuseppe Danise, Paolo Silveri, Heinrich Schlusnus,
Mario Sereni, Aldo Protti, Richard Paul Fink, Renato Bruson,
Giuseppe Taddei, Cornell MacNeil, Piero Cappuccilli,
Ettore Bastianini, and Leonard Warren In photo).
                                        (70 min.)

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Clara Butt, a great contralto.

Many selections sung by Clara Butt, a very great artist:

1.Softly and gently  (Elgar:The Dream of Gerontius)
2. Where corals lie   (Elgar:Sea Pictures)
3.The Enchantress (Hatton)
4.The Leaves and the Wind (Cooper)
5.The Sweetest flower that blows (Hawley)
6. Barbara Allen (Traditional)
7. Kathleen Mavourneen (Crouch)
8. Ye Banks and braes (Scottish air)
9.The Promise of life (Cowen)
10.En priere (Faure)
11.The Birth of the flowers(Lehmann)
12. Lusinghe piu care (Handel:Alessandro)
13. Rend'il sereno (Handel:Sosarme)
14. Ombra mai fu (Handel:Serse)
15, In questa tomba oscura (Bethoven)
16.Mon coeur s'ouvre a ta voix (Samson et Delilah)
17. Che faro senza Euridice (Orfeo)
18.  Brindisi from Lucrezia Borgia (Donizetti)
                       ( 66 min.)


Clara Butt was born in Southwick, Sussex. Her father was Henry Albert Butt who was a sea captain and who was born in 1848 in Saint Martin, Jersey, Channel Islands. He married Clara Hook in 1869, who was born in Shoreham, the daughter of Joseph Hook, mariner (1861 and 1871 census, in 1881 in New Shoreham workhouse). In 1880 the family moved to Bristol and Clara was educated at South Bristol High School, where her singing talent was recognised and encouraged. At the request of her headmistress, she was trained by the bass Daniel Rootham and joined the Bristol Festival Chorus, of which he was musical director. In January 1890 she won a scholarship to the Royal College of Music. In her fourth year she spent three months studying in Paris at the expense of Queen Victoria. She also studied in Berlin and Italy.

She made her professional début at the Royal Albert Hall in London in Sir Arthur Sullivan’s The Golden Legend on 7 December 1892. Three days later she appeared as Orfeo in Gluck’s Orfeo ed Euridice at the Lyceum Theatre. Bernard Shaw wrote in The World that she ‘far surpassed the utmost expectations that could reasonably be entertained’ (14 December 1892).

She returned to Paris and made further studies with Jacques Bouhy (the teacher of Louise Homer and Louise Kirkby Lunn) and later with the soprano Etelka Gerster in Berlin.

Camille Saint-Saëns wanted her to study Dalila, but due to laws then extant forbidding the representation of biblical subjects on the British stage, nothing came of it.

Soon she had acquired an excellent reputation, aided by her physical presence - she was 6 feet 2 inches tall. She made many gramophone recordings, often accompanied by the (uncredited) pianist Miss Lillian Bryant. She was primarily a concert singer and only ever appeared in two opera productions, both of Gluck's Orfeo ed Euridice, in 1892 and 1920.

Edward Elgar composed his Sea Pictures for contralto and orchestra with Clara Butt in mind as the soloist, and she sang at the first performance at the Norwich Festival on 5 October 1899, with the composer conducting.

In 1900 she married the baritone Kennerly Rumford, and thenceforth often appeared with him in concerts. The couple eventually had three children two sons and a daughter. Besides singing in many important festivals and concerts, she was honoured with royal commands from Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, and King George V. She made tours to Australia, Japan, Canada, the United States and to many European cities.

During the First World War she organised and sang in many concerts for service charities, and for this she was appointed Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE) in the 1920 civilian war honours. That year she sang four performances of Gluck's Orphee at Covent Garden under the baton of Sir Thomas Beecham. According to The Times she 'played fast and loose with the time and spoilt the phrasing' and it appears not to have been a success.

Butt's three sisters were also singers. One of them, Ethel Hook, became a famous artist in her own right and made some superb solo recordings.

In later life Clara Butt was dogged by tragedies. Her elder son died of meningitis while still at school, and the younger committed suicide. During the 1920s she became seriously ill of cancer of the spine, but her faith gave her the strength to continue working. She made many of her later records seated in a wheelchair. She died in 1936 at the age of 63 at her home in North Stoke, Oxfordshire, as a result of an accident she suffered in 1931.

Sir Thomas Beecham once said, jokingly, that "on a clear day, you could have heard her across the English Channel".

Not all serious musicians admired her booming contralto, which can be mistaken for a man's voice on some recordings, or her rather 'populist' approach to her art.


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Tosca Act Two Scene, Volume Three

The third volume of great artists in the act two scene from Puccini's Tosca. The artists are:

Zinka Milanov(in photo),Giangiacomo Guelfi,Franco Corelli
Renata Tebaldi, Tito Gobbi, Ferruccio Tagliavini
Renata Tebaldi, Ettore Bastianini, Giuseppe Di Stefano
Renata Tebaldi, Leonard Warren, Richard Tucker
Diana Soviero, Tony De Paolo, Harry Dworchak
Olive Middleton, Ed Watts, Chi Sa??

                        (73 minutes)


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Tosca Act Two Scene, Volume 2

Part Two of the great Scarpia/Tosca scene compilation. The artists are:

Birgit Nilsson, Ramon Vinay, Franco Tagliavini
Virginia Zeani, Piero Francia, Placido Domingo
Maria Callas, Robert Weede, Mario Filippeschi
Maria Callas (Return to Met),Tito Gobbi, Franco Corelli
Magda Olivero(Met debut),Ingvar Wixell, James King
Dorothy Kirsten, Tito Gobbi, Franco Corelli
                        (74 min.)

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Tosca Act Two Scene,Volume One

The first of three exciting podcasts that feature the dramatic scene between Tosca and Scarpia in Act two, followed by the "Vittoria."
             The order is as follows:

Pilar Lorengar,Ingvar Wixell, Franco Tagliavini
Johanna Meier, Richard Fredricks, Herman Malamood
Eleanor Steber, George London, Carlo Bergonzi
Raina Kabaiwanska (in photo), Mario Zanasi, Placido Domingo
Leontyne Price, Josh Wheeler, David Poleri (In English)
Leonie Rysanek, Cornell MacNeil, Richard Tucker
Gallina Vishnevskaya,Vladimir Valaitis, Virgilius Noreika (In Russian)
                              (74 min.)

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Manon Lescaut Act Two Duet-Part Two

Volume Two of the Manon Lescaut Act Two duet compilation:

Maria Zamboni/Francesco Merli
Licia Albanese(Met farewell)/Richard Tucker
Berthe Montmart/Alain Vanzo
Adriana Guerrini/Beniamino Gigli (at 60)
Raina Kabaiwanska/Giuseppe Giacomini
Renata Tebaldi/Placido Domingo
Magda Olivero/Richard Tucker

   (Photo: Daniela Dessi and Fabio Armiliato)

                                      (63 min.)

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Manon Lescaut Act Two Duet-part one

Part one of a compilation of the duet from Manon Lescaut Act Two. The pairs are as follows:

Renata Tebaldi.Mario Del Monaco
Virginia Zeani/Richard Tucker
Pilar Lorengar/James King
Raina Kabaiwanska/Placido Domingo
Dorothy Kirsten/Carlo Bergonzi
Hoerdis Schymberg/Jussi Bjoerling
Renata Tebaldi/Richard Tucker
                                       (The photo is from the Met,featuring Marcello Giordani and Karita Mattila.)                (69 min.)

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Recordings from the St.Petersburg State Museum

A series of recordings that were discovered at the St.Petersburg State Museum in Russia. The Russian artists,in order of presentation on the podcast are:

 Tenors:  Boris Slovstov, Yvgenyi Vitting, Lev Klement'yev,
     Vasily Damayev, David Yuzhin(and wife), Dmitri Smirnov (in photo), Leonid Sobinoff.

Baritones:Nikolai Shevelyov, Oscar Kamionsky, Maximian Maksakov

    The International artists are:
Emile Scaramberg, Giuseppe de Luca, Antonio Magini-Coletti
(with Giannina Russ), Adamo Didur, Francesco Vignas, and
Leon Escalais.               ( 66 min.)

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Casta Diva, Volume Two

The second volume of "Casta Diva," featuring:

Beverly Sills, Gina Cigna, Montserrat Caballe, Joan Sutherland,
Zinka Milanov, and Maria Callas.

                                    (74 min.)

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Exciting Verdi Ensembles

A collection of ensembles from 14 Verdi operas. Some of the world's most famous artists are included.The operas,in this order are:

Nabucco, Giovanna D'Arco, Attila, Ernani, Ballo in Maschera,
Macbeth, Simon Boccanegra, La Traviata, Il Trovatore,
Don Carlo, Luisa Miller, Vespri Siciliani, Aida, and Falstaff.

                                     (74 min.)

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The Beloved Alfredo Kraus

A tribute to one of the greatest all-time tenors, Alfredo Kraus (1927-1999).The live selections are from the following operas:

Lucia,Traviata,Barbiere,Werther, Manon, Rigoletto, La Favorita,
Romeo et Juliette, Don Giovanni, and Faust.
                                 (73 min.)

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The Magic of Carlo Bergonzi

   I have waited far too long to present a podcast that features one of the great artists of all time, Carlo Bergonzi. There is so much material, but at least this is a good start. Included are arias and songs from his earlier days, up to his singing at age 67, and when I saw a New York recital at around age 77, there was still plenty of voice!
        The selections are from:

    Werther, Luisa Miller, Le Roi D'Ys, Forza Del Destino (original version), Elisir D'amore, L'Arlesiana, Martha, Mefistofele, the Verdi Requiem, and several songs.
     Bergonzi always ended his recitals with "Non ti scordar di me," and that is appropriate because he will NEVER be forgotten!

                                (73 min.)

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I Lombardi/Jerusalem

A compilation of scenes from Giuseppe Verdi's "I Lombardi"(1843)
and the revised Paris version (1847) which was called "Jerusalem," and in Italian productions it is known as "Gerusalemme." Featured are:

 Aprile Millo, Maria Vitale, Katya Ricciarelli, Leyla Gencer,
 Renata Scotto, Frances Alda, Maria Callas, Paul Plishka,
 Samuel Ramey, Marcel Journet, Luciano Pavarotti,
 Piotr Beczala, Ferruccio Tagliavini, Jose Carreras, Marcello Giordani, and Enrico Caruso.               (70 min.)

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The Liebestod

Ten versions of the great "Liebestod" from Wagner's "Tristan und Isolde."
                    The order is as follows:

Astrid Varnay,Helen Traubel, Lotte Lehmann, Nanny Larsen-Todsen,
Rita Hunter, Johanna Meier, Margaret Harshaw, Martha Moedl,
Birgit Nilsson, and Kirsten Flagstad.
                                             (73 min.)


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Olive Middleton as Adriana Lecouvreur

   In the 1960's, New York opera lovers who attended the La Puma Opera Company "adopted" the diva Olive Middleton whose prime years (including singing at Covent Garden) were in the 1920's. Olive was around 80, and of course the notes were rather "approximate," but she had great feeling for the music, and the spoken material really sounds like a legitimate singer, even at her advanced age.
     Unless you are a total "purist" you might have some fun with this podcast. We met her once at the Met and treated her like a real diva;she ate it up. She passed away in 1974 at age 93,so do the math!
      At present she is coaching with Zinka Milanov, Adelina Patti, and Ethel Merman.                          Enjoy(maybe) !!!   Charlie

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Adriana Lecouvreur-Two Scenes

A comparison of famous divas performing the Phedre Recitative and the "Poveri Fiori" from Cilea's "Adriana Lecouvreur." Who is your favorite?

Magda Olivero,Renata Tebaldi, Aprile Millo, Diana Soviero, Montserrat Caballe,Mafalda Favero,Renata Scotto,Leyla Gencer(Phedre only), and
Nelly Miricioiu (Phedre only.).

                                 70 min.)

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Mimi and Marcello

A compilation of various Mimi/Marcello scenes from act three of La Boheme. In the following order, the singers are:

Renata Scotto/Frank Guarrera
Luisa Maragliano/Giangiacomo Guelfi
Mirella Freni/Calvin Marsh
Victoria de los Angeles/Robert Merrill
Victoria de los Angeles/Renato Capecchi
Trude Eipperle/Karl Kronenberg(In German)
Raina Kabaiwanska/Matteo Manuguerra
Bidu Sayao/Giuseppe Valdengo
Renata Tebaldi/Frank Guarrera
Diana Soviero/Allan Monk
Rosetta Pampanini/Gino Vanelli
Licia Albanese/Afro Poli
Rosanna Carteri/Giuseppe Taddei
                             (70 min.)


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The Great Artists of Spanish/Hispanic Origin

  The opera world has been enriched by the presence of so many artists of Spanish/Hispanic origin. I hope you enjoy this compilation of material featuring many of the wonderful performers from various Spanish-speaking lands:

Victoria de los Angeles, Montserrat Caballe, Conchita Supervia, Maria Barrientos, Hina Spani, Maria Galvany, Mercedes Capsir, Pilar Lorengar, Oralia Dominguez, Ramon Vinay, Miguel Fleta, Placido Domingo, Jose Palet, Hipolito Lazaro, Emile Vendrell, Antonio Cortis, Francisco Vinas, and Jose Mardones.

                               (73 minutos)

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"Pop" goes the opera star!!!

Some opera stars really can "crossover" into superb renditions of "Pop" music.(Well,most of them,anyway). Here are some examples featuring:

Thomas Hampson,Bryn Terfel, Kip Wilborn, Dorothy Kirsten, Rise Stevens, Sumi Jo, Maureen Forrester, Dorothy Bishop, Thomas Quasthoff, Rene Fleming, Federica Von Stade, Placido Domingo,
Diana Soviero (at 17), Regina Resnik, Renata Tebaldi,Cesare Siepi, and the famous Burnette/Horne/Farrell trio.

                       (72 min.)


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The "Verismo" Divas

A podcast dedicated to the "lost art" of verismo soprano style. Included are arias by:

         Magda Olivero,Virginia Zeani, Maria Farnetti, Rosetta Pampanini,
         Pia Tassinari, Claudia Muzio, Maria Zamboni,
          Bianca Sciacciati, Hina Spani, Mafalda Favero, Rosanna Carteri,
          Licia Albanese, Angela Gheorghiu, Renata Scotto, and Diana 
          Soviero.   (64 min.)


Direct download: 2009-02-06-11-54-23.mp3
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Controversial Singers (????)

  I have selected some artists I feel belong in my "controversial" category. I love most of them,but some I never could grasp...that is the way of things in life. One person exits a film and raves;the other one is totally negative. Same with opera, so PLEASE do not send me too much hate mail, because after all, I am a fairly nice guy.
    The artists are:
        Martha Moedl, Leonie Rysanek, Theresa Stitch-Randall, Boris Christoff, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Conchita Supervia, Lily Pons, Christina Deutekom, Ivan Koslovsky, Giovanni Martinelli, Maria Callas, Renata Scotto, Magda Olivero, and Leyla Gencer.
                                 (71 minutes)

Direct download: 2009-02-03-22-21-03.mp3
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   Do you like the idea of my sending you to some sites to sample some of the great clips tht exist? Let me know,because it is a nice feature, and you get to become jealous of what I saw live!!!!
    Mario del Monaco had a "bronze column of sound" that in my view was unmatched by any tenor I ever heard. Bottom to middle to top...the man was a phenomenon;he never faked it, gave 1000%, and remains one of the great tenors of my generation.


P.S. He once almost deafened me for life when he came out the stage door and said, "Hello,boys!" Imagine what it was like to rehearse with him (without earplugs.)

Category:general -- posted at: 10:36am EDT

Singers of the Wagner Ring from the 1920's.

Commercial Recordings from the 1920's of some of the marvelous artists who sang in the Wagner Ring. Included are:

Frieda Leider, Lauritz Melchior, Friedrich Schorr, Emil Schipper, Margarete Klose, Florence Austral, Florence Easton, Walter Widdop, Germaine Lubin, Charles Rousseliere, Andre Verdiere, Ludwig Hoffmann, Ludwig Weber, Maria Olzsewska .
                               (69 min.)

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Fanciulla Poker Scene (Redone!)

The redone Fanciulla Poker Scene with the following selections:

1. Arlene Saunders/Gianpiero Mastromei
2. Olivia Stapp/Mastromei
3.Johanna Meier/Cornelius Opthof
4 .Eleanor Steber/Giangiacomo Guelfi
5. Marilyn Zschau/John Shaw
6. Magda Olivero/Guelfi
7. Aprile Millo/Marco Chingari
8. Gigliola Frazzoni/Tito Gobbi
9. Renata Tebaldi/Guelfi  (RAI)
10.Renata Tebaldi/Anselmo Colzani

Link to the Youtube video featuring Irina Rindzuner:

                   (59 min.)



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Reminder of my videos

A reminder of my video site for those who have not visited it.

                          As ever   Charlie

Category:general -- posted at: 2:40am EDT

Handelman's Three Great Tenors.

A comparison of three tenors who thrilled us in our opera-going days from 1951-1975.

     DelMonaco  1951-1960
     Corelli          1961-1976
     Tucker         1951-1975
    They sing in Tosca,Fanciulla,Trovatore,Turandot,and Pagliacci

                I saw them a total of about 150 times, and my memories are vivid and clear. I will tell you that audiences were astounded by their brilliant voices, and as much as I like many tenors of today, no one has come along with this "brand" of squillo!!!!!    (70 min.)

Direct download: 2009-01-16-14-27-31.mp3
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The Three Tenors-Back- to Back -To Back

A comparison of arias as sung by our renowned three tenors, Carreras,Domingo, and Pavarotti. We were lucky to have had these fellows among us.

  The operas represented are:
     Werther,Luisa Miller, Rigoletto, La Boheme, Tosca.
                                    (71 min.)

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The Wonderful Mezzo, Margarete Klose

 The wonderful Margarete Klose is presented in arias and scenes from:

Orfeo,Tristan und Isolde, Alceste, Samson et Delilah, Don Carlo, Gotterdamerung, Il Trovatore, Un Ballo in Maschera, Lohengrin, Elektra, Die Walkure     (64 min.)

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The Lady Macbeth Letter Aria

An exciting comparison of various singers in the Macbeth Letter Aria from Act One. Included are:

Leonie Rysanek, Birgit Nilsson, Regina Resnik, Christa Ludwig,
Leyla Gencer, Shirley Verrett, Maria Callas, Rita Hunter, and
if you go to the following link, you can see the CBC video of this scene with Marisa Galvany.    (71 min.)

P.S. On the Marisa Galvany page,you will hear some excerpts from the soprano Maria Galvany, whose rapid-fire staccati are legendary, if also rather strange.

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