Just to know these podcasts make you happy all year round, it is one of the joys of my life, and at this time may I wish you all,from Angola to Zanzibar (I cannot find the Angolese or Zanzibarese translations, but you get the idea.)

                                                               Your buddy   Charlie


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A Superb Arabella

Rudolf Kempe leads an Arabella from Covent Garden, 1953, starring Lisa della Casa and Herman Uhde in the leading roles, with Elfriede Trotschel as Zdenka, Lorenz Fehenberger as Matteo, Ira Milaniuk as Adelaide, and Max Probstl as Count Waldner  (67 min.)

Note: at the request of one of our loyal listeners, I will limit the time on podcasts to 80 minutes. I hope this is all right;if not, let me know!!!

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Andrea Chenier from Naples, 1958

A glorious cast in a 1958 Naples Andrea Chenier under Franco Capuana. Antonietta Stella, Franco Corelli, and Ettore Bastianini head a cast that also includes Loretta Di Lelio (Mrs.Corelli) as Bersi, Vito de Taranto as Mathieu, Antonio Pirino as the Spy, and Antonio Cassinelli as Roucher. (70 min.)

My computer geniuses tell me I may extend the podcasts as to length, but still feel it is easier for you to download if the time is not excessive, but the podcasts can be longer. I am not sure about this, so I need your feedback (to Placido21@aol.com). If you wish me to stay with the 74 min.maximum, I will, but I can go much higher. Let me know if I can extend the time.

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Lauritz Melchior Tribute

 The remarkable Lauritz Melchior sings highlights from Siegfried, Tannhauser, Tristan (w.Frida Leider),Pagliacci,Otello, Walkure (w.Lotte Lehmann), Meistersinger, Gotterdamerung (with Kirsten Flagstad), plus the live "Walse" from the 1940 broadcast of Walkure, where you need a stopwatch!!!!

(72 min.)

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Mado Robin was amazing...Dec.29, 1919...Died of cancer so young!!! It was not a freak voice..she could really sing well,other than the high K over T..

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