Rise Stevens' Birthday

  Sad day for me, remembering dear Rise and that she would have turned 100 today. The photo you see is a young me with Rise at our last music club gathering, and I feel so fortunate to have known her for those years. She is the first singer I ever met, and to this day,I can "feel" the handshake and the greasepaint when I first met her after a Met Carmen. I was 16, but the memories are so vivid.

    As we go on in life, there are some people who will forever remain in our hearts, and Rise was one of them

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Hello, WORLD!!!!!

   After all these years, I just noticed that I can trace your downloads in some countries to the extent that I can see,for example, what individual provinces of China (my second most popular nation for downloads). I therefore LEARN the names of the various areas of certain countries..not all. This is very interesting, and as always I am so happy to see that these podcasts go to so many parts of the world.(nothing yet in Greenland..why?)

   As always,I thank you for your support.We are at about one million two hundred thousand "hits" in six years. What did I do when I was teaching and there was no internet?

   I thank you for your continued support. So far I have not run out of material. Again,if you have any special requests, e-mail me at Placido21@aol.com. Placido..oh yeah..he is singing all the unborn kids in Frau next season!! (Just kidding...i think.)

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