One can love Cesare Valletti or Irmgard Seefried, but what is wrong with also loving a BIG VOICE???? Some crabs frown on my saying that a certain voice "blew the roof off the theatre." Maybe they want to have everyone sound as if they are singing the Dichterliebe instead of Norma?
    What singers knocked you out in your life?  For ancient me, it was Nilsson,Tebaldi,Verrett,Corelli,MacNeil,Del Monaco..and other "provincial"(doity woid) singers like Lando Bartolini, Nicola Martinucci,Gino Penno,Caterina Mancini (I assume Mancini) who thrilled the hell out of us.
    Recently a singer said to me, "They don't like SQUILLO." Well, tough!!!!
No one should ever have to be apologetic for loving singers who made you feel as if the roof was shaking. In contrast, some voices cannot project at all,and despite their artistry and perhaps nice vocal quality, they cannot get the voice over the orchestra (and I assume not even with water running in my bathroom.)
       Just sit back and revel in the BIG NOISES...do we have any today???? Zajick is a rarity....I guess teachers are afraid to produce Nilssons and Corellis, and that is why a  lot of the dramatic moments in opera go for naught. Also, you could turn up a Niilsson or a Corelli recording to ear-splitting volume, and you still would not know what the artist sounded live...but you are all young and will have to accept what is there.
                                                                                    Charlie  (Guleghina fan)

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