Little by little, I will

catch up on many

birthdays of artists.

Two of them I just called

send love to all those

who never forget them.

How could anyone forget

I am the unpaid nostalgia

agent for Zeani and Soviero,

plus join my new Milanov and

Resnik forums!!!!!!

   Avec amour!! Charlie


Diva Day I just wanted you all to know that Zeani and Soviero both send love to you.They know,as their unpaid agent, that I never let you rest when I rant and rave over them. Diana teaches like mad, and I told her and Virginia that they need to come back to the Met!! Diana was upset especially, since she knew Rolandi, and you know I was talking to a friend about City opera divas..Diana,Rolandi,Welting,Putnam,and others who were so wonderful and others we know who put opera today to SHAME!!! Diana,still with a voice, has been my second Tebaldi, vocally and personally. Lucky me to have heard these great artists who were the joys of my opera life.

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