Diana Soviero in Opera News

       It was the greatest delight for me this evening to open up Opera News and read this article about Diana Soviero, who has been a friend since 1977, when I was astounded at her Mimi, and felt she was a rare throwback to the days of Albanese,Tebaldi,De Los Angeles,etc. When I asked her something like, "Who are you?" and mentioned that I had not heard a soprano who combined the finest elements of both Stimme and Kunst divas, and who made me think of Tebaldi, she told me how Tebaldi has kissed her when she was a young lady. THAT FIGURED!!
       All you need to do is go to Youtube and watch her final scene from Suor Angelica and you will best understand, as it mentions in the article, that she falls into the Zeani,Scotto, Olivero, Freni mold. I know people who have told me that a regular sized hanky is not enough for them, and they needed more of a large towel to catch the tears!
           I have always believed that it is a rare trait of Diana to be able to sing so beautifully, with lush tone, great range, and CHEST VOICE (which practically no one uses today) and at the same time emote with the kind of depth that more often a "flawed" diva possesses, but she also sings so flawlessly, and does not have to "compensate' in any way.
          In the article she speaks of singing sick, and that reminds me of the "Bronchial Violetta" at City opera, where I did not know she was ill, and we were literally banging on the proscenium to witness a Violetta for the ages.
            Another very special element in Diana's art is the way she uses even one WORD to express a certain emotion, as for example the "Lui" in act one Tosca in the phrase, "Ed io veniva a LUI tutto dogliosa." It is an example of how she uses a single word to bring out the depth of emotion. (cf.Magda Olivero's career.)
         I am so happy for her, and for all of her many students who will be able to learn so much of what she has to offer, but as you well know, I am still waiting for another such diva, but perhaps she can produce some as a result of her amazing ability to convey emotion,while improving vocal technique.
          So tell us,O Charlie, what you think of her?       Best always, Charlie      

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