When we did Anna Bolena in Paterson,New Jersey in 1970....did I think someday Sam Ramey and Marisa Galvany would be doing it at City Opera (but without me). Just to stand there (as Rochefort) and hear that final D....wow!!!! Our maestro,Armen Boyajian makes the piano sound like an orchestra!!!

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 I wish all the mommies out there a Happy Mothers' Day, hoping it does not resemble what Marisa Galvany did.

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  Sayao, born may 11, 1902, DEFINED the word "beloved." She did not have to have a huge voice...but what she did (including using chest voice), was just a miracle of style and love of the phrase. She once delighted us by spening an entire Met intermission with us, answering questions, etc. She was adored!!!!

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Die Meistersinger under Arturo Toscanini

From Salzburg, 1937, Arturo Toscanini conducts the Vienna Philharmonic in scenes from Die Meistersinger with Hans Herman Nissen, Maria Reining, Kerstin Thorborg, Herbert Alsen (Pogner), Hermann Wiedemann (Beckmesser), Henk Noort (Walther), and Richard Sallaba (David.)  (72 min.)

Direct download: Meist.1937.mp3
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  I am glad my mommy never was like this.Otherwise, I might have turned out to be abnormal, when you all KNOW I am totally together....Right??????

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Which one would you love for your mommy????????????????

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  Nothing like the Roberto Devereux finale............

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  Watching this gorgeous DVD of Tchaikowsky's "Iolantha" today and discovering yet another marvelous artist. Look,there are so many out there. Ekaterina Scherbachenko has a rich,luscious voice and I hope you enjoy the Onegin sample here.

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  Boy,are we LUCKY that the great George Gershwin's estate included the provision that ONLY Afro-Americans could appear in "Porgy and Bess."  One thing I will say, is that Gershwin might have liked Mari Lynn's wonderful jazzy interpolation, but I guess it is just as well, because Catfish Row would never be the same with Mari......You know, I love to listen to Mari, because it makes me feel so normal..YEAH!!!!

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BUY the new Tchaikowsky Iolantha on DVD (paired with Stravinsky's "Persephone.") This is a great performance from Madrid with Ekaterina Scherbachenko and this wonderful Pavel Cernoch, seen here with my great love,Kristine Opolais.  This was a glorious afternoon for me,seeing the Iolantha!!!!

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