Dec.15, 1910..(Some say May 15),is the birthday of the SENSATIONAl Giulietta Simionato, who,in this clip, shows why she is revered as one of the greatest singers of all time. Sorry she did not make it to 100.

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Angelo Lo Forese at 90!!!!  IN KEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Crabby jaded Charlie found a marvelous new soprano at Aida last night.She is Liudmyla Monastryska, possessor of a gorgeous and rich voice, with a brilliant top range and lovely pianissimi. I bravoed all night, and I think she was truly superb. Here is a sample.

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Not a good day for divas. Gallina was a very famous artist and we hear her last scene of Onegin with Benjamin Luxon. Some straight tones,but a very great star!!!!!!   Never to be forgotten!!!!

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  When she entered in Rosenkavalier act Three, the stage GLITTERED. It was a gorgeous ethereal voice and we remember her for what she did for all of us as a great artist.  Rest in Peace!

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 Born Dec.11, 1892, Giacomo Lauri-Volpi sings a "Nessun Dorma' that is as thrilling as one could expect!!!!! I wish we had one tenor like this today.

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Remember that lovable film about Verdi's "Casa di riposo" for old singers, some of whom can still sing? Sarah Scuderi was the STAR of the film, and she was born on Dec.11, 1906. What a loving tribute to singers of the past who might not have the finances to live a luxurious retiremen t. This is so gorgeous!!!!

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The marvelous Sondra Radvanovsky is singing the Met Ballo today; she possess one of the most brilliant voices I ever heard, but you MUST hear her live, because she has a kind of resonance in the house that sounds like a "mike is in her throat." I once told her some tones were "Isolde tones." Here is a clip rom her Chicago Ballo.

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Carmen with Shirley Verrett

 The late Shirley Verrett, one of my all-time favorite artists, appears as Carmen in this Rome 1967 performance under Georges Pretre. The superb Australian tenor, Albert Lance, is the Don Jose, with Robert Massard as Escamillo.  (70 min.)

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Tosca With Zeani,Domingo

Highlights from a 1975 Barcelona Tosca under Giuseppe Morelli, with Virginia Zeani, Placido Domingo, and Piero Francia. Why don't more people realize how great she is?? Well,you've heard this before.  (70 min.)k

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