This is the REAL Moedl fach, and it is just so moving, but you had to see her live to derive all the pleasure. Just something in my life that never fades.

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I probably have mentioned singers with flaws who can "read the telephone book" and be thrilling. Such was Mme.Moedl, singing a scene from "Bluthochzeit," by Wolfgang Fortner, which is based on Lorca's "Bodas de Sangre"(Blood Wedding), I taught Lorca so I appreciate the concepts.

Gwyneth Jones is also a soprano you sometimes feel is in serious trouble, and yet she is often more amazing than a soprano with better technique.</strong></span></p>

I saw Moedl in the Ring in 1957, and still see her on the stage as the most riveting singer in my life.

Olivia Stapp told me that she saw an Isolde once where she was "voiceless," and yet everyone went crazy!!!!!

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Lucrezia Bori

Hope this works!! Have had computer disasters!!!


Lucrezia Bori was a very famous singer. Her name I think was Borgia, and I would not have wanted to eat at her house!

 Here are live scenes from La Rondine w.Mario Chamlee (1934 Chicago), and Manon (1936 Met) with Richard Crooks.   

Hope I can do many more podcasts,before you get frustrated!

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