The Beloved Olive Middleton in Adriana Lecouvreur

What true opera lover can resist our darling Olive Middleton,
a cult figure at New York's (in)famous La Puma Opera in the 60's.( the 1960's).   So what if she sang about three tones flat and had no teeth? She was adored,as you will hear on this brief (Thank GOD) podcast

 (15 glorious minutes)

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Dorothy Kirsten Tribute. She was born on July 6, 1910

  When Dorothy Kirsten passed away in 1992, we learned
  she was actually about 9 years older than originally believed.
   This is even more amazing,considering how fresh and clear
   she sounded in 1974 and beyond.

The selections are from:  Thais, Fanciulla, Rondine, Butterfly,
 Louise, Tosca,La Rondine and she also sings Gershwin's
 "Someone To Watch Over  Me." Kirsten had an uncanny
  ability NOT to sound 'operatic' in pop music!

   (38 minutes)


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Twelve Wonderful Baritones


Selections by 12 famous baritones:

Robert Merrill, Hugo Hasslo, Gabriel Bacquier,
Theodore Uppman, Heinrich Schlusnus,
Giuseppe Danise, Ettore Bastianini,Igor Gorin,
Mattia Battistini, John Charles Thomas,
Riccardo Stracciari, Pavel Lisitsian (in photo)
(50 minutes)

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Some famous Divas

Arias sung by 15 famous divas of the recent past:

Montserrat Caballe, Arlene Auger, Maria Callas,
Kiri Te Kanawa, Virginia Zeani, Eda Moser,
Maria Chiara, Regine Crespin, Renata Scotto,
Catherine Malfitano, Margaret Price,Rene Fleming,
Anita Cerquetti, Pilar Lorengar,Ileana Cotrubas 

(73 minutes)


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A Birthday Tribute to Luisa Tetrazzini,born June 29,1871

 Arias as sung by one of the greatest divas in opera history.

  Included are arias from Traviata, Ballo, Sonnambula,
  Les Huguenots, La Perle du Bresil, Semiramide, Vespri,
  Rosalinda (Veracini), and the Proch Variations.

                                   (37 minutes)

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The Great Diva, Martha Moedl

   Opera Scenes featuring the great Martha Moedl,a lady
    who could "read the Dresden Telephone Directory" and
     still captivate audiences!!!!

 Scenes from : Macbeth, Parsifal, Walkure, Gotterdamerung,
    Pirates of Penzance, Elektra, Tristan und Isolde, and songs.


Also see Youtube Pique dame Clip at:

                                  (53 minutes)

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I Luvs You,Porgy!!!!!

Scenes from  George Gershwin's "Porgy & Bess,"
   featuring many wonderful artists such as:

 Todd Duncan, Anne Brown, Camilla Williams, Avon Long,
Helen Jepson, Lawrence Tibbett, Robert Merrill, Inez Matthews,
Cynthia Clarey, Willard White, Leontyne Price, Renee Fleming,
Kiri Te Kanawa, and Paul Robeson

 (52 minutes)

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Tribute to Lotte Lehmann


     Songs, scenes, and arias as sung by Lotte Lehmann, one of
     the greatest artists in opera history. A tribute to a great lady!

(55 minutes)

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Great French Tenors-part One

    A magnificent array of fifteen tenors of the French school.
     Included in this collection are:

Georges Thill, Paul Franz, Giuseppe Lugo, Jose Luccioni,
Leon Escalais, Cesar Vezzani, Leon Campagnola,,
Marius Corpait, Jose de Trevi, Charles Friant,
Gaston Micheletti, Rene LaPelletrie, Rene Verdiere,
Josef Rogatchewsky, and Emile Marcellin

(62 minutes)

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Twenty Marvelous Tenors of the Past

A collection of arias sung by 20 of the greatest tenors
in opera history. Included are:

Caruso, Gigli, Martinelli, Slezak, McCormack, Pertile,
Tamagno, Escalais, Jadlowker, Roswaenge, Ershov,
Lemeshev, Sobinov, Widdop, Tauber, Schmidt,
Bonci, De Muro, Cortis, Piccaver.

                            (60 Minutes)

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